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  1. Michaela Elmore Cogswell

    Pacific Brand Broth has autolyzed yeast extract, ok or not?

    made me giggle... I was thinking, what part of the world has grapefruit stores? Is this some new chain? Costco's organic chicken stock is compliant but making your own is a far better choice.
  2. Michaela Elmore Cogswell


    a little lemon or lime to you water can help. I found it took almost the Whole 30 to see improvement in my mouth feeling dry and myself being thirsty. I blame years of Coke Zero abuse. I think it's taken a while for my body to adjust. Adding Sea Salt to your food, not iodized, can help add minerals back that you may be missing as well, or so I've read. I should go hunt down my bottle of sea salt...
  3. Michaela Elmore Cogswell

    Where is the guidance on reintroducing Alcohol?

    We did a glass of red wine with dinner tonight. From the first sip I couldn't believe how different my palate was. It was a Bogle Old Vine Zin, which is a fairly cheap wine. I could taste more sweetness than I've ever noticed and the variety of spices I'd never picked up on was amazing. Enjoyed the one glass with my husband and we corked the bottle for another night. I have read from a number of people that your alcohol tolerance will be much lower and so we didn't want to push it. It turned out great but because more weight loss is our goal, it will only be a special occasion thing until we're done with the weight loss. Nice to know that we can handle it fine.
  4. Michaela Elmore Cogswell

    Bullet Proof Coffe During Whole30

    butter/ghee seems weird in coffee to me. How does it taste?
  5. Michaela Elmore Cogswell

    Coffee Creamer?

    Here's a link I bookmarked but haven't tried yet. http://followingmynose.com/2010/10/a-primal-non-dairy-coffee-creamer/
  6. Michaela Elmore Cogswell

    Compliant Chicken Broth

    Costco's Organic is sugar free, but it's also the weekest stock I've ever bought. Imagine at least produces a better product.