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  1. Michaela Elmore Cogswell

    What types if olives can I have?

    Kalamata olives are my favorite and I find myself eating them almost every day. They are fine as long as the brand you bought hasn't added anything prohibited.
  2. Michaela Elmore Cogswell

    salmon cakes?

    I usually do some sweet potato, egg and almond or coconut flour to bind.
  3. Michaela Elmore Cogswell

    Whole Foods Hot Italian pork sausage

    The Aidell's Organic Chicken and Apple Sausage is compliant. We usually buy a pound of pork and season it up for the week for breakfast. This week I went Chorizo style (or my version of Chorizo style). Next week I'll probably go back to the Italian seasoning. I made a big batch of the Italian Seasoning from Well Fed and it is pretty close to typical Italian Sausages.
  4. Michaela Elmore Cogswell

    Maggiano's Little Italy --- Help! Please?

    Best thing to do is call ahead and talk to a manager or chef. The balsamic glaze could just be vinegar reduced or it could be there is sugar in some form added.
  5. Michaela Elmore Cogswell

    Your favorite tea

    I like the Numi teas a bunch. Roobios and Roobios Chai are the ones we drink the most but we did buy a sample box a few weeks back. Still have lots to try in there, but so far everything has been tasty.
  6. Michaela Elmore Cogswell

    Awesome Okra dishes???

    oh that does sound good. My mind always goes to fried okra. Haven't experimented with them yet with the flour options we have but that will come sometime this year. Probably will test with tapioca or arrowroot first.
  7. Michaela Elmore Cogswell

    leftover pulled pork

    I'd make up some guac and salsa, grab some butter lettuce for your mini tortilla shells and turn them into pork tacos.
  8. Michaela Elmore Cogswell

    so tired of cooking

    Sounds like you need to take everyone's advice and make some things that you can freeze or that will last you a few days. Start doubling or quadrupling those recipes you like so you have minimal work to do the next day. Also, you may need to vary things a bit. Skip the sweet potato for a few days and swap in some winter squashes or root vegetables instead. They'll still give you starchy veggie option and won't be what it sounds like you've had a bunch of. I cut my into small chunks and roast them for 30-45 min until they feel fork tender. Toss in salt pepper oil and I like to add cumin and smoked paprika but go with spices you like.
  9. Michaela Elmore Cogswell

    guacamole from Chipotle?

    Yes, we asked ours when we went a few weeks ago. The fajita veggies, aka bell pepper/onion, are cooked in the same soybean oil that all the others are. All the salsas were clear, except the corn and black bean one, obviously. I don't understand the "disappointed" comment. Sure, I'd love to be able to get my personal fav, the barbacoa, but they communicate clearly and are willing to let you know what is in your food. It might be worth remembering that they don't source their meat from factory farms, so you know you are getting a better quality pork.
  10. Michaela Elmore Cogswell

    Gastritis and GI problems

    As a very longtime user of PPIs (hiatal hernia and GERD), I definitely agree that anyone who is on them or having issues with GERD, reflux, gastritis take the time to read up on the Chris Kesser series on heartburn. I've been taking probiotics and enzyemes for about half of my first whole 30 and have started on the Betatine HCL and I'm using ACV in water when I still have a reflux flare up. I've been off the Prilosec for 5 days now and doing really well. It's pretty crazy that Apple Cider Vinegar, 2 tsp in some water actually alleviates any reflux in a few minutes.
  11. Michaela Elmore Cogswell

    The aliases of MSG

    Gelatin? Comes from the bones of cows and other animals. Care to elaborate?
  12. Michaela Elmore Cogswell


    yep, same works with orange juice too. I don't drink it much anymore (and wouldn't on a whole 30) but love Simply Orange. I usually add a splash of oj to my creamy balsamic dressing.
  13. Michaela Elmore Cogswell

    Carrageenan Extract in Hair Care

    This blog: http://www.crunchybetty.com/ has lots of natural hair/body things if you want to try it out.
  14. Michaela Elmore Cogswell

    Bye, bye back pain - hello, energy!

    fantastic! Love seeing PCOS success stories!
  15. Michaela Elmore Cogswell

    Reintroducing Maple Syrup for the non-sweet tooth

    If sweet potatoes were too sweet, I'm gonna bet that maple syrup will be too. My dad used to always make pancakes on Saturday mornings and waffles on Sundays. Good memories. Anyway, I had the thought that you could blend up a bunch of blueberries or other berries/fruit of your choice and that would make a syrup like concoction to put on your pancakes that wouldn't be quite as sweet as maple syrup. Or even mix some maple syrup in. Being post whole 30, it's all legal based on how it makes you feel, but we found wine that was never sweet before to taste sweet the last few days, so I'd recommend you proceed carefully so you don't ruin those yummy sounding pancakes. Good luck!