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  1. guestdvp

    Holiday Sugar Issues!

    thanks for the support & ideas!!
  2. guestdvp

    snack/mini-meal recommendations?

    thanks for all of your ideas and feedback! today i packed some chicken and tomatoes mixed with olive oil, vinegar, walnuts and stuffed in lettuce. feeling better without the munchies. keep the ideas coming!
  3. I know we're not supposed to snack on the Whole30, but I normally eat breakfast at 6am and lunch not till noon or 1, so i need a snack or mini-meal to tide me over in the late morning. I know that usually protein/fat is recommended. I'm getting a little burnt out though on my standard few bites of rotisserie chicken, carrots, and mayo with frank's hot sauce. Anyone have other creative quick/easy go-tos? Don't want to get too bored and grab something unhealthy. Thanks!
  4. guestdvp

    Holiday Sugar Issues!

    thanks for your responses! i do like the idea of weaning myself off...but i'm not sure that i'm strong enough for that. one cookie makes me want three. but when i go cold turkey, like i've been trying to do since yesterday, i get so low - exhausted, depressed, unmotivated - and when i can white knuckle it through, you're right - i get to the other side...but today is one of those days were i'm losing my grip. it does help to talk with others about it though - so thanks for your feedback. and i welcome any additional input on coping strategies for the first few days of grieving the loss of my comfort crutches!!!
  5. guestdvp

    Food Freedom & Resets

    thanks for these recommendations. i really liked the last one - get me back on the road. appreciate your support!
  6. guestdvp

    Holiday Sugar Issues!

    I'm struggling with the same things as you Nira81. I was feeling absolutely FABULOUS on christmas eve...and then a couple of bites of sugar turned in to 9 days of a tailspin. I feel so's very frustrating!! i haven't quite figured out how to have a food freedom moment and get right back on the horse. and when i do get back to my plan, which i started yesterday, it's such a rotten week of going through withdrawl. i'd love to hear from others how you avoid a few bites turning in to day of bad eating, any tricks for quickly motivating to get back on track, and how long it takes for your sugar dragon to tame once it's roaring. i really do want to live "food freedom" and not have to do a full reset every few months. would love to learn from others who are walking the path!!
  7. Tom - this really hit me what you said about developing and committing to a personal meal plan. can you share a little more what your process looked like for reintroduction and getting to a place where you knew your plan and haven't deviated back to the need for another whole 30? did it take you a lot of trial and error as you were testing, or did you just go whole 30 and never look back?
  8. guestdvp

    I'm at a loss (or lack thereof) ...

    I'm very intrigued by what you said about getting hungry every 4-5 hours. So if I wake at 5am, eat breakfast by 6, then I'm going to be hungry again by 10 or 11, which is before the typical lunch hour. Is your recommendation to eat four meals per day, or to sit with hunger an hour or two till lunch and dinner? Thanks!
  9. this is a REALLY helpful thread and EXACTLY what i'm struggling with at the moment too. i'd been feeling amazing...then one slip and it definitely wasn't a slow roll reintroduction! there a place on this forum to discuss the Food Freedom Forever plan as well...or is that topic covered in this section of the forum?
  10. guestdvp

    Enough excuses! Starting 11/21!!

    Congrats on pushing through and completing meal prep! Can you share your recipe for buffalo chicken salad? And what's dump ranch?
  11. guestdvp

    11/28...Ready to Start!

    Hang in there guys!! I'm on day 8 and it's DRAMATIC how much better i feel than a week ago. And probably the biggest part is the mental/emotional gain. I was feeling so low I didn't even want to look in the mirror. And today I'm feeling confident, not bloated, and happy. I know it's a roller coaster of ups and downs. And I was worried about doing this during the holidays. But I am soooooo glad to be sticking with it. It's actually making my holiday season BETTER than indulging and feeling bad about myself. Get lots of rest, be kind to yourself, dive in to the support in the forum, subscribe to the daily emails, learn some new recipes, and believe me, it DOES get easier!!! Thanks all for sharing your recipes. Curious if you've discovered any new craving distraction techniques that have worked well for you? I drink tea, take a 10 min power nap, surf the internet, but am also looking for new tricks to starve off that sugar dragon when it hits!
  12. guestdvp

    11/28...Ready to Start!

    everyone's food ideas look great - thanks for sharing! one of my go-tos is the no-fuss salmon cakes from the w30 cookbook. a batch of those lasts me for three meals. i usually roast up some sweet potatoes and asparagus and toss it in the same container. then add some franks hot sauce to some of the homemade mayo and use that as a condiment for it. had it for breakfast today - yum!
  13. guestdvp

    11/28...Ready to Start!

    Shannon - another forum question for you...when i quote someone and post a reply, it puts me at the end of that thread. so then i have to scroll around for a while to figure out where i left off reading. is there a way to avoid this - to reply to someone and then quickly get back to where you stopped reading? thanks
  14. guestdvp

    11/28...Ready to Start!

    whole30 approved recommends tessamae's salad dressings. i've seen them at whole foods but haven't tried them yet. i really like the kale slaw from the cookbook - i think it's like kale, red cabbage, shredded carrots, bell peppers, sliced almonds. and they are hearty greens so it keeps for leftovers. goes with anything. you can do their cider dressing. or i just do evoo and a green apple flavored white balsamic vinegar that i get from a local vendor with salt and pepper. yum!
  15. guestdvp

    11/28...Ready to Start!

    10% of the way there...i like the way you think. that is very encouraging! especially since my pants are feeling tighter today...ugh... i know they said this would happen while our bodies adjust to burning fat instead of carbs and sugar for fuel. just need to push on through. glad to have you all here to help with the motivation!