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  1. KJT

    Calcium for Broken Arm?

    I'm so glad you posted this! I've been having a lot of pain in my foot for many months, and after x-rays and two separate MRIs, my podiatrist finally found a stress fracture that had been getting gradually worse from the running, etc. (so much for "work through the pain"!) and put me in the Boot of Doom. I've been looking for a way to help it heal so that I can not only exercise again but get my slightly more attractive footwear back as soon as possible. As it happens I have bone broth in the refrigerator right now, and enough beef and lamb bones in the freezer to make two more batches. Not to mention the bunch of bananas that I pretend I eat for the potassium (when really I'm just addicted). I'll be looking up sources for the other nutrients listed right away.
  2. I've actually been having this argument with some friends who think I'm courting disaster. In my house, cooked foods (meat, veg, what have you) last until they're eaten. However long that takes. I cook on Sunday, and sometimes if I make a large roast or something, or eat out a lot during the week, it will last eight or nine days. I have never been sick from it. My brother, who is in the food service business, assures me that the health & safety standards are ten days. Twelve in South Dakota. (Don't ask me why...!)
  3. KJT

    Avocado Alfredo Sauce

    This is brilliant! I thought I'd never have alfredo again. And anything with avocados has to be good!
  4. KJT


    I've found that eliminating caffeine also helps, though the first few days after stopping I thought my head would fall off from the pain.
  5. After reading the article, my response was - Huh? Saying someone is perfectly healthy because he eats everything with joy is...well, not anything vaguely resembling scientific. It completely ignores any other factors that might be present. It might well be that he is perfectly healthy DESPITE eating Oreos. Or he looks perfectly healthy, but there are underlying problems that will surface at a later date and cause him to regret all the Oreos. On the other hand, maybe if I achieve the right mindset, I can get perfectly healthy eating a big bar of chocolate every day.
  6. Strangely, I'm starting to think that the older you get, the more you weigh, even if your shape hasn't changed. I'm at a size 10 now, for the first time since 1991, but I weigh probably 20-30 pounds more than I did then. I don't know, maybe we get denser as we age. And all that loose stuff hanging unattractively (okay, speaking of myself here...) may not even be fat that can be removed. It could also be partly skin that has loosened and isn't keeping everything as nicely tucked in as you'd like. I don't have any ideas on how to fix that, unfortunately. That being said, I would kill to be a size 6.
  7. KJT

    The crazy things people say

    Just got this one: "Beer is healthy. They say it's the best thing you can have if you're doing heavy training." There's just nothing I can say to that. Really.
  8. KJT

    Green Plantains

    I don't do the smooshing step--I slice them, thin if I'm taking my time, thicker if I'm impatient, sprinkle with a mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, and fry in coconut oil over medium heat for several minutes on each side. The riper plantains work better, because I like them soft and gooey inside. There is an outside chance of having leftovers if I cook two plantains, absolutely no chance if I've only cooked one. They keep for several days in the refrigerator (maybe longer, but I can't leave them alone that long!), but when reheated they're no longer crisp on the outside.
  9. KJT

    Soup for breakfast

    These two recipes from Melissa Joulwan (Well Fed) are great: http://www.theclothesmakethegirl.com/2012/11/05/silky-gingered-zucchini-soup/ http://www.theclothesmakethegirl.com/2012/10/24/golden-cauliflower-soup/ You do have to add a protein, though. I like to throw whatever meat I have leftover into the bowl of soup, stick it in the microwave, and in two minutes I have my breakfast!
  10. I wouldn't want to eat them three times a day, for the entire 30 days. But I do my entire week's cooking on Sunday, and sometimes I underestimate how much I need (or run out of time or energy), and I find myself with an empty refrigerator on Friday. It would be lovely to just be able to pull something out of the freezer and toss it in the microwave on those days. Or to have a couple of them stored in the freezer at work, for days when I can't manage to throw together my lunch before running for the bus.
  11. KJT

    A paleo dietician comments on smoothies

    Currently trying to think of a tactful way to send this around to certain of my co-workers who think they're being healthy and aiding their diets by drinking green smoothies. Thanks, Tom!
  12. I've found that when negative emotions start to overwhelm, a brisk walk helps to work it off. The exercise alleviates that jittery "I can't take any more of this, I need comfort" feeling, and it gives you time to think about something more constructive that you can do.
  13. KJT

    Bacon Fat with cooking

    And on a similar note...I cooked up some compliant bacon and poured off the fat into a jar. How long will it keep in the refrigerator?
  14. KJT

    Brand Spanking New To This...Anyone Else??

    I did my whole30 in the month leading up to Christmas--possibly not the best timing, but I'd just finished the book and was very enthusiastic. Before I started, I sent an e-mail to all my friends, explaining and saying, "If, in the coming weeks, you offer me food and I say No, thank you, then please just accept it and let it drop." They were all very good about it. In fact, when one friend invited me to his place for brunch, he checked with me beforehand about what I could and couldn't have, and made the brunch nearly all compliant (I passed on the biscuits). So, even if not everyone you know understands why you want to do this, you can still head off potential difficulties in advance, and even get unexpected support!
  15. I tried using boneless chicken thighs when I started my Whole30, but I just don't like the taste. Chicken breasts tend to dry out, and sometimes they seem a bit tasteless, but they're easier for me to choke down. On the whole, I wish it was feasible for me to eat beef and pork all the time.