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  1. I cut the sweet potato into little chunks. I melt some coconut oil and mix it through the sweet potato chunks and add plenty of black pepper and a pinch of salt and then roast in a roasting tin in the oven. Delicious! Also lovely with some chunks of parsnip mixed in with the sweet potato.
  2. Can I have tea?

    Welcome Freylah. As Lizzard says, tea is no problem. Coffee also fine as long as both without milk or sugar.
  3. can i have

    Cool, thanks for that Nadia. I love the sound of both those options. Will definitely give them a try!
  4. can i have

    Great, thanks Nadia. Do you cook the rhubarb down before adding other ingredients or use it raw?
  5. can i have

    Ooh sounds interesting Nadia. What do you do with it to make the salsa?
  6. Haemochromatosis, anyone?

    From my reading of the post, Kate actually has haemochromatosis (already diagnosed) and kitchenwhizz is wondering if this may have anything to do with the nausea her friend is experiencing.
  7. Tessemae's, Ah-mazing!

    Yeah, fingers crossed. I haven't heard anything yet.
  8. Tessemae's, Ah-mazing!

    Yikes! When I put my order through, no shipping cost came up. I hope I'm not charged $29.70. It would make for some very expensive dressing! I definitely wouldn't have gone ahead with the order if that amount had come up at the checkout. Maybe they'll work out a flat rate for overseas?
  9. Tessemae's, Ah-mazing!

    2 pack Lemon Chesapeake ordered Derval - we can do a trade as you suggested .
  10. Tessemae's, Ah-mazing!

    Is there a code for this Derval do you know? I went on to order but there's no mention of the 15% so thought I'd check back here before I put my order through in case I need a code?
  11. If you're having an allergic reaction call 911

    I think you need to get checked out at the ER to be honest,( or at the very least go to your doctor)-especially with the chest tightness and lip swelling. It sounds like a very strong allergic reaction, the type that needs medical attention. In some cases like this, people need to carry an Anapen in case of a further attack so you would need to talk it through with a medical professional to see what is appropriate in your case.
  12. Stupid Hard Boiled Eggs

    I boil them, then put them in a bowl of cold water for a while. Sometimes I refill the bowl with more cold water after about 10 mins. The shell always peels off fine.
  13. Paleo Breakfast

    Would smoked salmon and some sliced avocado appeal to you at all? Might be an option?
  14. Explaining Paleo to Skeptical Family/Friends

    Only thing I didn't like about the video was the way he kept stressing 'low starch vegetables'. I'm happy to include sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots and squashes. I won't be limiting my vegetables to just low starch ones.
  15. Tessemae's, Ah-mazing!

    Good thinking! I'll have a look. ETA had a look there....what about one of the Hot Sauce ones? Or the Cracked Pepper? Or have you any other preference? I like the sound of most of them tbh.