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  1. JoyByName

    Whole 30 with Migraines

    I had a migraine the first time i did Whole30 vegetarian from end of day 1 until about day 3-4. It was horrible and made be think about stopping, but i would say this is probably not uncommon if you have been having a lot of sugar before you start. I used to have sugar in tea and coffee and there was probably a lot of added sugar in foods that i didn't realise because i wasn't used to checking what ingredients were in the food i was eating. I'm on my 3rd Whole30 at the moment and i haven't had a headache related to Whole30 since the 1st time, maybe because my baseline sugar is reduced when i start? Also def drink plenty of water regularly during the day and eat regularly. I always have something in my bag rather than find i'm out and can't find anything compliant and then have to go hours until i'm home again.
  2. I know what you mean, just searching for a Chinese recipe tonight and loads of honey etc!!!! You certainly do have to check and sub
  3. JoyByName

    Vegan... Just starting out!

    I'd go easy on the lentils, esp as i understand they can contribute to inflammatory processes. Tofu is good and offers variety but be careful of any flavoured ones, they often have sugar added. That said i've found quite a few tasty ones. I do eat a handful of nuts each day too, probably more than would be good for a Whole30 but you do have to be a bit adaptive when doing Whole 30 as a vegetarian. This is the 3rd time i've done it and i definitely saw the best weight loss when i gave all legumes a miss the first time around.
  4. I've found loads of ideas on Pinterest too, you can do Whole 30 or paleo searches, check the ingredients are compliant or just sub them for ones that are. Some of the recipes are still my favourites even when i'm not doing Whole 30, esp for sauces. Then you can just change up your veg and enjoy the different flavours.
  5. JoyByName

    Day 30 done, lost 11.2 lbs!!!!

    I weighed myself when i did Whole30 last year and thought that it wouldn't matter as i only weigh myself occasionally and am not normally hung up on it as my scales aren't accurate. But i found that i got a bit obsessed with the weighing and then was hopping on the scales really often and was feeling good or bad depending on what i saw which wasn't helpful to me, so i can see why they advise not weighing yourself. I can't offer any advice on doing it with meat as am vegetarian and this is the vegetarian forum, may be post into the main Forum for tips as that is checked more often and they can offer advice about the amount of meat protein you are getting etc. I can only say that when i ate just fruit, veg, eggs and tofu i did see amazing weight loss, this time round i've added beans and this seems to have slowed the weight loss. Good luck with your Whole30 and hope you see the results you are after!
  6. JoyByName

    Day 30 done, lost 11.2 lbs!!!!

    Day 25 now, not going as good in terms of weight loss as last year. Still seem to have some bloating and not such a flat stomach as in Nov, but have added beans (chick peas and black eyed beans a couple of times a week this time around. Am planning on adding some cheese on 1st reintroduction as sons birthday on 20th and is pizza (i get cheese on my salad!!!) but am going to continue as Whole30 as is realistic in family life, to see if i can build on my gains so far. I think last week was a bit cheating in that i was eating too many nuts and having those paleo date and fruit bars and this might account for things. It is interesting to see how we can cheat ourselves with Whole30 acceptable foods and do a little pretend that we're doing it properly!!!! Have you guys added in beans and grains yet?
  7. JoyByName

    Day 30 done, lost 11.2 lbs!!!!

    Ohhh, quinoa? If thats a goer or is that part of your reintroductions? Day 4 and I'm salivating about all the food i cant have.
  8. JoyByName

    Day 30 done, lost 11.2 lbs!!!!

    I reintroduced everything, diary, grain, gluten, sugar, but due to the way i did that it was hard to see what impact they had. I think that bread is the worst for me but i do so love it! And of course sugar is in everything. I didn't particularly think that beans and grains (cous cous, rice etc) caused too much problem for me and i think i might use some beans for this Whole30 as a vegetarian variation and have it be more like my normal way of eating. I found it easier than i thought to follow Whole30 rules last time and hard to carry on eating well without that framework when i stopped. Re the rice, my guess is that some will have problems with rice and others won't. Just re-introduce on your grain day when you break from the Whole30 but make sure you have Whole 30 days before and after and take the time to notice how it affects you, that was my downfall, i didn't always have 2 days between reintroductions and didn't notice its affects enough to draw conclusions. Good luck, its so good when you get to the end and see all the benefits for your hard work,
  9. JoyByName

    Day 30 done, lost 11.2 lbs!!!!

    I'm Day 1 of my second vegetarian Whole 30, first one completed Nov-Dec '16. Do be careful about re-introduction. I was travelling overseas last time so had to rush some of the introductions and then it made it hard to see what affect they had. Also i have found that i've resumed old habits quite quickly, esp around bread and portions sizes being too big. I think you are spot on extending it and I'm hoping to complete 60 days this time, we shall see how that goes. I think that the longer period will just give you time to embed your healthy changes and if you do an extended re-introduction you will better see what your body can cope with and what you really need to avoid for wellbeing.
  10. There was 8 girls so they headed off into a nearby cafe in pairs or used a porter loo put on by the venue, which got progressing more disgusting as the day wore on. They amused themselves sitting on the pavement, doing each others make up and hair and chatting away. I amused myself sitting in the nearby cafe and reading and knitting, win win i'd say!
  11. JoyByName

    Whole30 Vegan meal ideas

    Lutje I shall be brave in the future and try tempeh again and def have a look at the recipe and others you've listed. I'm about to have some werid-y type baked beans for my first reintroduction meal and looking forward to a lentil curry tonight. I think i can guess some of the effects of this! I'm going to have to do the reintroduction as listed over 10 days due to my travels and getting access to to paleo type veg food while i'm away, but i can see that a slower reintroduction would give you more useable information. I'll be so bummed if i lose the good effects for xmas but i suppose that is an incentive to keep up with clean food choices. I'm really going to relish my first coffee. I'm uncertain about what i'll do with bread, i bet i should give it up. It is stranger than you think it will be to have to make food choices and not be so tightly guided by rules.
  12. JoyByName

    Whole30 Vegan meal ideas

    I'm on Day 30 today, yay. Completed as vegetarian so I've had a lot of eggs, which will be out for you, but there are a lot of recipes which will work with not that much adaptation if you look around. Some of the paleo sites were fine for good veg dishes and also sites like Jamie Oliver have good bases you can use (curry sauce, tomato sauce etc). I always cooked a big pan of roast veg on Sunday night and then had that for a couple of lunches with big salads. lutje is so right about making double batches, it was tiring having to cook all the time, but the plus side is that we have really expanded our repertoire of recipes and I have a new respect for the versatility of cauliflower. I cooked a Thai and an Indian veg curry most weeks with cauli rice. I tired tempeh but just didn't take to it so used tofu instead in the currys or nuts. I'm sure i had more nuts and fruit than i should've but that was my adjustment to doing Whole 30 as vegetarian. I found coffee horrible without milk and sugar so just ended up without the whole time, which was surprisingly less difficult than i imagined, same with alcohol. I've lost about 5kg (give or take) which i'm thrilled about but this was a slow starter. Just be aware that the headaches on day 1-2 are horrible and the first week can feel like nothing is happening, so much effort for so little gain. But then you get into a rhythm with the cooking and start to see the benefits and it really is all worthwhile. I'm starting reintroduction tomorrow as I'm flying across the world on wed and so can't carry it on, but think that i might do another month in Feb when I'm settled back home if i need to. It really is that good. I got stressy about eating out and finding suitable meals but had a couple of festive outings and found that restaurants were very accommodating and also that checking the menus ahead of time meant that i knew what i was asking for and any adaptations that i wanted. I also smuggled things in in my handbag! And if all else fails you can usually find a baked potato somewhere (i added my own veg toppings bought from home!). If i was in a cafe i just settled with a sparkling water or a herb tea. I don't think it seemed odd! I get the impression that there are less compliant sauces and emergency snack type food here in the UK than the USA so I really did have to make things from scratch and carry a days worth of food around with me. I used the coconut aminos which was fine, but not as a stand alone flavouring for a dish. I found an aubergine 'pesto' that was compliant and used that a lot. I had a mixed seed butter that i was thinking of using for satays but it was disgusting, i had confused it with a nut butter which i think would have been better (but not peanut of course). I didn't use lentils and have to say i've seen an improvement in some problem joint pain i was having. It probably is worth keeping it out of the month if you can. I also avoided all beans. It was hard at first but ok as time went on. I'm amazed i can still eat an egg without gagging but even that worked out fine. As i'm typing this i realise i feel proud of my achievement. It really is only for a month and you can do it. I hope you see the successes you're looking for.
  13. managed it fine in the end, took frittata and salad, and a protein bar and some fruit just in case. Managed to find some soup at a nearby cafe. No thermos as items like that were confiscated. Was a long cold day but no rain and the girls all ended up at the front of the stage so all good!
  14. I'm taking 7 teens to a concert on Saturday and they're planning on arriving early to get a good space in the venue, which means about 6 hours of queuing outside in the cold. I need to take at least 2 meals, i think i can take a thermos into the venue. i'll also need to take all drinks and any snacks, otherwise it's starve or there are some food stalls inside when the doors open in the evening. Any ideas or suggestions welcomed.
  15. JoyByName

    Vegetarian proteins - Tofu ok?

    tempeh taste good that is