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  1. Best Tasting Light Olive Oils?

    Thank you for your comments. Avocado oil was also recommended and I tried that last night.... Incredible mayo! I appreciate having somewhere to go with questions. This is Day 4 for my husband and I. So far, so good. And I do mean Good! The recipes are delicious!
  2. Best Tasting Light Olive Oils?

    Thanks for the recommendation. I found the Chosen foods avocado oil at my grocery store and made mayo with. So much YUM! Great consistency and taste. I'll definitely get to Costco though. I'm sure the price will be much better.
  3. Is sunflower oil compliant?

    Thanks, I got a reply to another post specifically asking about mayo and avocado oil was recommended. Since I bought the sunflower oil I'll use it for the first 1/4 cup when making mayo.
  4. Best Tasting Light Olive Oils?

    Yes! Costco is the bomb. I will try Chosen Foods avocado oil. I've been on my own trying to figure this out. Glad to find this forum. Thank you so much for the quick response!
  5. Is sunflower oil compliant?

    I tried Bertolli extra light tasting olive oil for my first batch of mayo. Besides the newbie mistake of not having everything room temp (the lemon was straight out of the fridg), the taste was not quite right. I saw a recipe by "The healthy home economist" and they recommended sunflower oil. I see sunflower seeds are ok, but don't see the oil specified.
  6. Best Tasting Light Olive Oils?

    Help! I need the name of a good tasting oil for Whole30 mayo.