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  1. StrivingToBeSteadfast

    To Sugar or not to sugar?

    Hey all! Just wondering if anyone has decided, during reintro, not to reintro added sugar? I gave w30 a shot in January, made it to day 19. Added sugar is my Food with no brakes, and I feel helpless around junkfood/sweetened foods/etc.; I've struggled with binge eating in the past too. I'm planning on doing a round 2, but want to plan ahead. I was wondering if anyone has had similar experiences & if they decided to continue to leave sugar out of their diet?? What are your experiences? Is it challenging?? Even if you dont have this experience, any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  2. StrivingToBeSteadfast

    Binge, Binge, Binge

    Hello all, I did Whole30 (er... Whole19) towards the beginning of the month, and fell of the bandwagon one week ago. By "fell off", I mean I fell off, got ran over, and certainly haven't gotten back up. haha. But in all seriousness, I had to bake last Saturday for a sale, and after slipping up, I went into full-force binge mode. I struggled with emotional eating/binge eating before the W30, so this wasn't necessarily new, but I was hoping to find Food Freedom (reading Food Freedom Forever) during the Whole30. I havent stopped binging since last saturday-- eating so. much. sugar., going out to ice cream, multiple brownies a day, eating whatever bread is in sight, midnight snacks... You name it. And my stomach is suffering because of it. It's been a rough road, but I just keep going down it. I know that the Whole30 isnt the end-all-be-all, complete health-fix and Food Freedom Gateway. But I do think it's going to be the best way (I hope) to help me reach food freedom. I'm just afraid if I start again (thinking either tomorrow or Monday) I'm going to go off the rails (hard) if I get the chance. (There are many special events in February. I honestly do not mind missing the food aspect of them- I focus way too much on food anyway- but I know there will be so many opportunities to slip). I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any strategies to get through?? I know I need to cut out nuts, Larabars, and plantains this time around. Those were not good news last round. I really just want to live in a way that my focal point in life is no longer on food. If I never eat sugar again, so be it. (easier said than done, huh?). But I just really want to get over this feeling of being out of control every moment of my life. I'm afraid it will never stop. Anyone else have similar experiences?
  3. StrivingToBeSteadfast

    January 2nd start date

    @JenHZ I've dedicated some time this morning to think about that. Here is my conclusion: Whole30 (er... Whole19?) has taught me amazing things: my relationship with food is a lot more whacked than I thought, food prep is extremely important, I actually love cooking, food is expensive, restrictive diets are not my thing (I know Whole30 is designed to be anything but restrictive, but for the mentality I have right now, it's been a really good learning tool to maneuver through that), food freedom is actually what I want, my emotional eating (along with generally poor eating habits) are a lot easier to recognize than I thought, eating "healthy" in todays society is kind of uncommon, food extremely (!!) impacts the way we feel, and lastly, I just want to eat. real. food. Those lessons, my friends, were worth the 19 days. I've learned that programs like this kind of put me in a hyper-attentive mode when it comes to food, but I don't necessarily want to live that way. Which is slightly contradicting, because it's hard for me to find balance without the solid black-and-white rules of this program. haha. I've realized I love having a plant/meat based diet, and meal planning really isn't as hard as I thought. So I've asked myself: Do I try another round of W30? Is that best for my relationship with food? For now, that answer is no. In the coming year, maybe that answer will change and I'll be able to give it another go! But I think I've got to focus on what might work best right now. Here's what I think that looks like for me: 1) Eat Mindfully. --- Everything that comes onto my plate or into my mouth, I want to make a conscious, deliberate decision to put it there. This is going to look like saying grace before each meal (in my head if I'm in public)- which I know isn't for everyone, but it will help me to focus on what's important and put gratitude into perspective for the food and nourishment I receive. In addition, I'm going to make a conscious effort to put my fork down between bites and eat slower, only eat if I'm hungry, and realize that there is always, always healthier options. On the same coin, if I choose to indulge, I want to enjoy it and ensure it's purposeful. 2) Eat. Real. Food. ---Eat to nourish and sustain your body. Do this diligently. Oh, this also doesn't mean that your food has to taste bad. (Whole30 taught me that real food is so, so good.) 3) Have a plan. --- Proper prior planning prevents poor performance, you know. Evaluate your day, and understand when you might be stressed/busy/put into a situation where you may not have time to evaluate your food choices. I'm going to plan on meal prepping each Sunday, but also knowing when I might have instances to troubleshoot in order to eat the way I want to live. 4) Continually understand your food habits. --- If you make a poor choice, chalk it up as a lesson and move on, but don't dwell. This life is made to be loved, savored, and enjoyed. So is food; use it mindfully. I plan on reading 1 book per month on nutrition/relationships with food/food habits, and hopefully I'll understand more of the phsychilogical aspects to it as well. Maybe this will be hard without the structure of W30, but for some reason I feel like I'm setting myself up for failure if I try it again. I just wanted to give each and every one of you another huge thank-you; you all are the best, and I truly cannot thank you enough for teaching me these lessons. Here's to the 19 days of structure and expanding my comfort zone, the 2 days of major messing up, the 1 day of re-evaluating, and the lifetime of learning. Wishing you all Food Freedom. <3
  4. StrivingToBeSteadfast

    January 2nd start date

    @sunnytropic Thanks for the insight I'll definitely start marking up my Food Freedom Forever book. Thank you. @JenHZ Thanks for looking out for me There's a ton of family stuff going on in my life right now; I think I just needed a break today from the overwhelming schedules and I just needed the reminder of what's actually important, you know? I've struggled with clinical depression before, but today is a bit different. I've decided to set aside the rest of the day for self-care and re-prioritizing my life a bit.
  5. StrivingToBeSteadfast

    January 2nd start date

    @MeadowLily, @Julzology, and @sunnytropic--- Thanks so, so much for your encouragement. When I read those last night, I cleaned my room, took a shower, and went to bed- hoping for a better outlook today. This morning, I woke up and I was feeling dreadful. Not so much physically, just emotionally and mentally. The only reason I got out of bed this morning was to go to McDonalds to get 2 McGriddles (something I had never even tried pre-W30) and a brownie. Called into work, and I'm staying home for the day. How pathetic am I?!?! I dont know if I just need a day off, but I really don't see myself being successful at this, and a different way of life just seems so far off. Any thoughts/strategies/encouragement would be extremely appreciated. I know this isn't very encouraging for those of you currently on W30; I really apologize. I want you to know that I am proud of you and am so grateful you are still by my side.
  6. StrivingToBeSteadfast

    January 2nd start date

    Hey friends. I come to you disheartened today, I lost the battle yesterday while baking and I've been spiraling (hardcore) since. I have such a messed up relationship with food. I am planning on continuing whole30, and I want to get back onto it this week hopefully because I cannot live like this. I am reading food freedom forever, but does anyone else have any good suggestions for books involving our emotional connection/stress relief involving food? Also, looking for some good coping mechanisms to think through my food decisions. I need help, y'all. I know I can't live like this, and I know it's going to be a (literally) painful road ahead because of the terrible food choices I made. Thanks guys, I appreciate you all, and I am so proud of how you're changing your life.
  7. StrivingToBeSteadfast

    January 2nd start date

    Thanks so much for your thoughts @JenHZ!! Friends! Huge NSV today!! I was super tired and (really) feeling like giving up. Went to the gym anyways- felt better, but even after a shower & P.W. food I still was dying for sweets/just wanted to give up. Paced a ton, and tried to get it off my mind. Meanwhile, I scrolled through pinterest to find a recipie for tomorrow (have to make some baked goods for a bake auction... planning on not even tasting it!), which just made it worse. I was pretty much moaping for awhile, then I decided: Look. If you don't get up & meal prep or cook something good to eat, you're going to continue to live like this forever. Lusting for future comfort & wanting something, but not having it due to sheer laziness. So I made a groccery list, went to the groccery store, came home & made an amazing *for real** sweet potato breakfast casserole (if you guys want to check it out, it's totally worth it & prob. a week's worth of breakfasts-- and ate some of that when it was done (already had dinner, but literally couldnt resist it looked so good. Something I havent really experienced with my meals thus far). Tomorrow more prep... and baking. Wish me luck & willpower!! Grateful for you all- it's one of the highlights of my day to read your progress!
  8. StrivingToBeSteadfast

    January 2nd start date

    Happy Day 19 everyone!! I really didn't think I would make it this far. A few things I'm trying to troubleshoot: -On-the-go snacks. Whether it be things I can prepare beforehand for when I'm at school longer than expected, or grab-n-go type snacks to keep stashed in my gym bag or vehicle. -Looking for more lunch options?? Or breakfast options in general. I wonder if you can eat too much starch-- If so, that's what I'm probably doing. I feel like I'm constantly eating potatoes (which I love), but I'm just feeling stuck in the food department. Favorite meals that are super easy to prep beforehand, anyone? Favorite spices to put on roasted veggies?? More flavor is really what I'm lacking, I think. -Not sure if I'm eating enough at meals. I feel like I'm snacking a lot, but I also don't know what else to add to my meals to make them more satisfying? -I am TIRED. Maybe it's the new meds that I'm on, but I've really felt like I'm going to fall asleep for the past few days (Specifically during the morning/afternoon). Breakfasts are usually eggs/chicken-apple sausage, and occasionally a sweet potato hash. Don't think that's it? Sorry for the rant! Any input you guys might have would be so, so, so appreciated! Thankful to be in this beside all of you
  9. StrivingToBeSteadfast


    Hey there! I'm on day 19 of my first W30, and I'm considering doing a Whole60 instead. I'm not completely sure though. Here's some specifics: -I am 18 years old, and not extremely concerned about loosing weight (would be nice), but more about destroying cravings and beating my sugar dragon (I'm terrified, really, that I'll get off of Whole30 and spiral out of control. Not sure how to set good guidelines for myself and trying to navigate Food Freedom) -Not sure if a Whole60 is worth it? There's lots of special events coming up in February for me, so I'm considering doing a whole60 because the structure will be extremely help keep me on track, but I also don't want to miss out on those special events. In addition though, I've always considered food a huge part of celebrations (I think because of an emotional attachment/bad relationship with food) and fixate on those things sometimes during events. I dont want to ruin those events by spiralling out of control, but I want to be a person in control of what I eat and enjoy those things in the process. Does anyone have any input? Still having cravings like crazy for sweets, (really have to lay off of the Larabars...), but I want to get the most out of this and live in Food Freedom. Thanks in advance
  10. StrivingToBeSteadfast

    January 2nd start date

    Happy Day 18 everyone!! I am so, so, so proud of us for not giving up on this. Looking for some input! Still struggling not to eat Larabars/Nuts (really looking for some easy, on-the-go options.. I dont know if I'm eating these to stop sugar cravings or actually nourish my body, but dont want to risk it). Still trying to be better about understanding my triggers and my feelings towards foods. Sometimes I'm kept up at night thinking about baked goods-- How silly is that?!? I can't seem to get them out of my brain. Only at night though. Trying to understand why, but it's so challenging when your body convinces you that they are a necessary part of life. Moderators, maybe you can step in here, but I'm considering doing a W60, and I was wondering if anyone has any input on the benefits of that? Yes, it may make February a bit more inconvenient, but I am concerned with all (!!!) of the "special events" and busy schedule, I will loose my control and my Food Freedom- which I want more than anything right now. If anyone has any good reintroduction strategies so that I dont get in over my head, or if you recommend doing a W60, any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated! Good work friends
  11. StrivingToBeSteadfast

    January 2nd start date

    Hey all! Day 16 is going well. Made some really great Chili and looking forward to eating the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Question for you all! I am trying to do the rest of W30 without LaraBars and nuts/dried fruit, only because I think I'm subconciously using them to satisfy cravings. Does anyone have any good on-the-go snack ideas to replace them?? LaraBars are a go-to for after workouts, and I often eat nuts during lunch. I feel like my diet is a bit on the light side without them, so I would really appreciate any recommendations! Keep up the good work, friends!
  12. StrivingToBeSteadfast

    January 2nd start date

    Hello all, Is anyone feeling unusually sluggish today?? I am taking new medicine, so it could certainly be that, but I am feeling exausted and frustrated with this thing. Wonder if it's just part of the plan, but I havent felt this way in a few days. Hope you all are having a better day than I am! So close to halfway.
  13. StrivingToBeSteadfast

    January 2nd start date

    Hey everyone!! Update from 2 weeks in: Standout NSV I'm noticing: Healthier skin, clothes being looser, confidence, less stomach aches (!!!), even energy levels (can I get an Amen!?), happier, more patient, handle stress better (x1,000), better sleep, more energy, feel like socializing more (!), look forward to eating healthy, occasionally daydream about food (but realize the negative, less-healthy side effects), really starting to understand my body, better understanding of emotions/using food as comfort, feeling the beginning food freedom. Running consistantly! Haven't been so consistent about anything in my life, I dont think. (Sad, I know, it's only been two weeks. Haha. But nonetheless, a big milestone for me). Learning to celebrate the tiny victories A few things I want to improve on: -No more Lara Bars/nuts for the rest of the time (I've been using them for comfort/cravings... Really dont want to have to rely on them when this is over.) -3 square meals a day, balanced. I feel like I am always scraping together what I can, and most often it probably isnt all that I need. Munch a lot during the day. Also, need to learn how to make better food. I've made a few recipies out of the W30 cookbook that I actually look forward to eating! Hoping to put more time/effort towards prepping meals. -Improve the way I talk about food. I don't like the fact that my dietary habits bring attention to me at virtually every meal I spend with others, so I'm trying to learn how to maneuver that better- without sounding snobby/"better than anyone else"/learn how to change the subject. That's what I've got for 2 weeks in I've decided I'm going to make it a Whole60!! My cravings are pretty bad, but even more of a reason is due to the fact that my Febuary is insane. I dont want to go into the reintroduction period with a crazy schedule, then loose control when I get stressed. Additionally, I can't afford to feel less than my best for the important events Feb. holds. Looking forward to it, I think I'm getting used to this. Two weeks in, everyone! Tomorrow is halfway. Proud of you all
  14. StrivingToBeSteadfast

    January 2nd start date

    Also, looking for recommendations! When I go out to eat, I feel like a "food snob or food diva" (my family doesn't really understand the W30, and isn't interested in having a conversation about it. They just think I'm being a picky eater or am being super-paranoid about the food I eat). I really, really, really want this lifestyle to last, but I dont want to continue the name "food diva"... Anyone experience anything similar/ways to improve the situation?? In addition, in mid-February, I am going through a weekend-long interview process at a hotel (meals provided, buffet style)... I'm considering extending my W30 (because my cravings are terrible sometimes, and I just want to be sure I am getting the most out of it.. We'll cross that bridge when we get there), and I'm afraid they wont have complaint ingredients! Even worse, if I don't extend W30, the reintroduction phase will be during that time, and I'm afraid I'll get sick if I eat something that will upset my stomach during the weekend. Thinking about calling the superintendent ahead of time, to request W30 compliant meals? I don't know if that would make the situation worse or better, but I dont want to draw too much attention to myself or be known as a "food snob" during the interview process. Any thoughts friends???
  15. StrivingToBeSteadfast

    January 2nd start date

    Wow wow wow. I love this thread. You all are insanely encouraging and I'm so glad we're on this road together. Today has been great (!!!). For the first time ever, I ran 2.5 miles on the treadmill (I started working out when I started w30) It's really cool to see them work hand-and-hand. Some days I'll really, really feel like quitting w30. But then I think of the success I've had with my running (At the beginning of the month, I could hardly run a mile. Even though my pace is still 5.2mph, I can run 2.5 miles now ) , and I think to myself "If you quit right now, you know you won't be properly fueled for your run tomorrow. You know if you miss a day of running, you would have an extremely hard time starting again. This is worth it, and you can do this." This is the most bittersweet thing I've ever done (saying goodbye to the old, bad habits- the old you- but becoming a new person along the way), but I can't get enough of this lifestyle (when I have days like today, of course). Went out to eat afterwards, and had salmon/veggies/baked potato. The old me would've scarfed it all down, even after I was full. But I realized I was no longer hungry and took the leftovers home for dinner. That's a NSV in and of itself. As I mentioned earlier, I bought the book "Food Freedom Forever" on Tuesday and I'm already 2/3 through. I keep telling myself, "I want food freedom. That's how I want to live". Someday, that'll be my reality. Today on the W30 instagram, they posted a photo that we should be seeing some NSV. Going to look back into the book tomorrow and see all of the NSV I currently have and write them all down. But for now, what are the NSV you all are seeing?!