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  1. So I just finished my second whole 30. I finished my first back in January, and honestly I lost weight (I dont' really need to lose weight, so nice but not the point) but didn't have amazing energy, didn't feel great at the end, still had all my sugar cravings...although my skin looked amazing. I did pretty good for a few months being complaint-ish, then completely fell off the wagon. So I've completed my second one and I now know what everyone was talking about! I feel great, my head is clear, I have no desire for off plan foods really, like they look nice but I don't necessarily want them, I have much better energy throughout the day...I don't know what happened differently this time, because I did everything pretty much the same, including my bad habit of having apple with almond butter on a somewhat frequent basis. But I'll take it, I'm certainly not complaining! So now it's reintroduction day 1, and rather than introduce anything that I don't really want, since I have been through reintroduction before...I'm more interested in introducing some whole 30 ingredient compliant but spirit not complaint foods. For example, I was going to make some mango/coconut milk "ice cream" (just those two ingredients) today and have it as part of dinner. So if I find my sugar dragon goes nuts, or I have trouble controlling myself at least it's still compliant ingredients and not added sugar, and I can just go back to strict whole 30 for a while before I try to introduce something again. I'm going out of town this weekend, and I may end up wanting something, and if I do I'll try to make it just one food group. But I'm bringing food with me so I don't have to eat off plan unless I really want something. I guess what I'm wondering is, does anyone else do this? as part of FFF and staying on track so to speak you make ingredient compliant but otherwise not ok things, like "pancakes" or fries etc? I guess it's the only thing I feel comfortable with right now but I don't know if I'm just pretending like I'm being healthier while really not eating well. just looking for some perspective. Thanks!
  2. Timing for very long shifts

    Ok so should I be eating another meal at 10pm-12am and then another if I've still been up the whole time at 3am-5am? Occasionally I do get to sleep like an hour before I have to get up again to do more work, but I assume that should be considered like a nap instead of actual sleep. I try to sleep less than 4 hours once I get home and then stay awake until my normal bedtime so I can actually fall asleep at night since I have to be back at work by 5am the next day Does anyone have tips for how to eat more at meals when you aren't hungry? When I'm really tired my hunger center turns off I think and I get nauseous at most food. I can still eat but I know I'm not eating enough. Do you just have to force down as much as you can handle?
  3. So I have a question, I'm on R2D9, and I'm having a similar problem this time as I did last time and I don't know what I should do. I work 28-30hr shifts at least once a week, up to 4x a week at the hospital. Sometimes I actually get some sleep, but most of the time I'm up for 90% of the night working. When this happens, I've usually followed the template for my 3 meals, doing great, but then I will get really hungry around 2-3am, but then by the time I eat breakfast during team checkout at 7 I am basically nauseated. I'm just so tired by that point I will eat my breakfast, but I don't eat very much. Then I usually go home and try to be productive but end up crashing and sleeping through lunch and by the end of the day I've only had 1 decent meal. So here's my question, should I try to eat a meal around 2-3 am, since technically it's usually about 7-9 hours since my third meal and I've been awake working for almost all that time probably 90% of my calls. And then try to eat at 7am with the team again, but then just eat dinner at night, skip lunch while I'm sleeping and then start fresh the next day? Or should I just have a larabar at 2-3 and try to force myself to eat more on post call days at the right time? I know the schedule isn't ideal for hormones in general, but I have no control over that and I'm trying to figure out the best approach. I actually will be on a new rotation next month where I only take call on weekends so that will be much easier, only having 0-2 calls a week. But I still have 7 months total over the next two years at hospitals where I take q2-5 call, so I'd like to hear opinions on the best way to time things out in this situation. Thanks!!
  4. So, I completed my first whole 30 this past January. I loved how my skin looked and how my body shape changed (I'm already thinnish to begin with) but I never got that amazing energy everyone always talks about. I attribute that mostly to my job. I'm a surgery resident, which means I work 80 hours a week. I take 8 days of call a month, which means I'm in the hospital for a 28hr period of time, usually on these nights I'll get 0-4 hrs of sleep, but never consecutively. I have 4 days off a month, but that's it. So, I figured this was a good reason for tiredness and that maybe I would never have the tiger blood while this was my life (at least another 2 years, then I want to do fellowship for another year, then I will be an attending, who knows what my call schedule will be, it may be worse and after residency you don't go home after being post call). There's really nothing I can do about that schedule for at least 3 years. I have no choice in my working hours. I stuck closely to whole 30 for a few months after that, and tried to do another with my sister in March. However, I was on a very busy rotation, working 100 hours a week and I was so tired I stopped being able to meal prep well and since there was literally nothing compliant in the hospital except apples (no salad bar even) I would literally starve myself rather than eat something noncompliant. I realized this was just turning into ED eating for me, so I quit it halfway through. Since then I've pretty much gone off the wagon. This past weekend I meal prepped on a post call day and have enough food for maybe 7 days, more dinners than that but not breakfast. I'm officially on day 3 of a new whole 30. I am on a busy rotation but just 80 hrs a week so not too awful. The thing is, I'm so tired all the time. My meal prepping takes probably 4 hours once a week. This isn't awful, but on weeks where I'm working weekends it's often literally all of my free time for that entire week. When I get home on weekdays now I exercise, eat dinner, try to study (we still have yearly exams and I have to freaking rock it this year if I want to get into fellowship) but I usually fall asleep while studying. Wake up rinse repeat. On post call days I try to clean my house and do some laundry, but that's also the only days I have to do things like go to the bank, take my car in, take my cats to the vet, etc. I'm not even sure what the point of all of that was lol. I guess I'm just venting. I know I just have to suck it up and do it, I just want to hear from other people that it sucks too. This is going to sound horrible but there is very little "fun" in my life, and taking fun food away too (I'm sorry, no whole 30 food is going to be as delicious as chocolate cake) when I don't see a lot of the NSV, especially the energy, is just so depressing. I try to increase the amount of baths I take because I find those relaxing and they don't consume much time and they are cheap, but there's not much else I have time/energy to do. I guess my actual question is has anyone ever managed to reap the full benefits of whole 30 while having such a horrible schedule? My motivation is to be healthy, but it's hard to hold onto that when there's not a lot of tangible benefit, through no fault of whole 30's, but rather my schedule which is completely uncontrollable by myself. I'm just feeling kind of bummed and defeated I guess.
  5. This sounds similar to what I see in my future! except i'm going to have to limit fruit (sugar dragon) although my dragon doesn't seem to mind a little honey in sauces. And I love dairy, but don't really crave it or need it. And absolutely no gluten for me!!! Thanks everyone for their responses, it's nice to know it's a process and I'm not expected to just know everything right away!!
  6. So, I'm in the reintroduction phase, and technically I'm actually done with reintroduction. Interestingly the only thing that gave me huge issues was legumes (?) something that surprised me so much I'm reintroducing them again in a few days to see if it was really the legumes or something else. Other than tiredness and mild headaches from grains not gluten, and definitely headaches from anything with much sugar, I had no issues with reintroduction. I was SHOCKED to find that dairy and gluten did nothing to me. Legumes apparently make me super constipated and feel like death the next day, or at least they do if that day wasn't just some weird fluke. But anyway, I've also discovered gluten is just food without breaks for me. I just can't do them, so while I know they won't necessarily make me feel badly, they are no good to keep around the house. Although it is nice to know if I'm out for a special occasion or decide something is worth it it won't wreck my stomach or something. So, now I'm supposed to figure out how to eat regularly. I'm so...overwhelmed. I know that whole 30 did some great things for me. It honestly took me the whole 30 days to feel good, like not until day 30 did I start to think it was really going to be worth it, but it made concrete changes. So I know even if my reintroduction didn't show anything glaring, my body was happier without all that stuff. And I'm sold on not letting gluten back into my life until I'm better at controlling myself, or maybe never, who knows. But what do I do with everything else? Do I just eat it if I want it? Cause the truth is I want cheese all the time. Not in an unhealthy way, but it's delicious and I'd love to add it to meals...but now I feel guilty about eating anything not whole 30. And who knows maybe certain types of cheese, or certain quantities will end up bothering me, I know it's a process to figure all that out, but since I found cheese didn't seem to bother me do I get to add it to meals whenever I want now? Shouldn't I only have meals with cheese once a week? Only if I'm really craving it? Am I not supposed to crave/want/like any food? AHH I'm so confused about how to feel about noncompliant foods. I know I'm going to really limit non gluten grains because although they seem fine, I know I will just end up replacing veggies in a meal with a filler grain that is less nutritious and that it will make me sleepy later. While I love some quinoa sometimes, I'm not a grain lover by any means, so those will definitely be sparse. And what about sugar? Is a little honey ok in recipes, or should I keep being completely sugar and sweetener free? Or do I see what happens to my sugar dragon? Clearly I feel lost about how to go from here, I figured someone would at least have some words of encouragement, lol. Thanks!!
  7. I could be wrong, but I think the point of waiting is it may take some time to see negative effects. Like yesterday I ate legumes and felt great the whole day. But today I woke up feeling completely horrible, terrible headache all day, exhausted. Don't know if it's due to legumes or my job, but after a couple days and reintroducing other things I'm going to try legumes again and see if it makes me feel the same way.
  8. My running sucks now!

    I ran a half marathon today on day 28 and had a PR, so you can get your running back! Having said that, I only drank water, some coconut water and ate two apple slices during, while I obviously ran faster, I also felt pretty horrible afterwards, definitely looking forward to being able to maybe relax and drink some electrolyte replacement stuff for my next one. I had though I found a compliant one at earthfare, but it had stevia extract. But I think I'll allow it once I'm off whole 30, just on race days.
  9. Hardly eating because of hectic work

    Surgery resident here, totally get it. There are a lot of nurses on this forum who have the same problem. Honestly, there are plenty of days where I don't eat "lunch" until 2-4 pm because that's the first moment I have to go grab it. I agree, it messes with me and I don't like eating then, by then I'm not hungry, but I literally just force it in my face, lol. I actually was worried I'd lose too much weight otherwise, and I'm already slim, so I don't want to be wasting my muscle or something. I honestly don't have any tips or tricks, can just say that other people totally understand and we are here for you!
  10. Should I just keep going?

    I worry more that I'm eating things in the wrong proportion, sometimes I think I eat too much meat, I try to eat a pretty huge salad when I have salad (which is most lunches) and try to put all the compliant veggies from the salad bar in, like peppers and tomatoes and carrots...but that's usually all I trust, so maybe that's not enough. I find olive oil and salt is my new favorite dressing, I actually don't miss other dressings at all. I've sort of assumed if I'm not hungry between meals then I'm probably eating enough. I think what I'll have to try to do is just be much more strict about what I'm going to eat each day and make sure I get all my prep work done. It's just hard with only 4 days off a month to do it in. Next time I'll try to plan the whole month out at once so there's no questions. And I won't buy any extra "maybe I'll have that sometimes this week" food, and no almond butter, maybe even no fruit at home. Gosh the idea of planning even more extensively seems daunting, but if that's what it takes it'll have to happen. Maybe just having like 2 things a week and making a crap ton of them at once will cut down on time? Probably cheaper too! I can have like chicken and fish week, beef and turkey, lamb and shrimp. Or something. Whew, I wouldn't say eating like this is hard, but cooking like this sure is! Now I know why people get married lol
  11. Should I just keep going?

    I guess I'm confused about why it's not enough food? I get that meal 1 isn't enough, but for lunch and dinner I had 2 handfuls of protein, lots and lots of veggies, olive oil in the right amount of fat (my thumb) and no fruit or nuts. I'm definitely not hungry between meals and I find it hard to eat as much food as I'm eating, but since I'm not snacking I figure it's working. I thought this abided by the template pretty well? BTW not disagreeing that I need to do better with the template, because admittedly there have been days where I have eaten way less than this, usually when I'm post call, but I actually felt like except meal 1 I did pretty good today.
  12. So, I have a question, that I think I already know the answer to, but maybe I'm scare of it, lol. I'm 1 wk away from starting my reintroduction. I'm super excited about it because that's one of the biggest reasons I did a whole 30, was to see how different foods affected me, so I'm excited to try some stuff out and see what happens. But the other reason I did whole 30 was to get rid of my sugar dragon. I don't have a sweet dragon per se, I actually have never had much of a sweet tooth (although I will totally binge on sweet things occasionally, and I think I do emotionally eat sweet), but I totally have a salty carbs tooth, goldfish, cheezits, wheat thins, potato chips, bread, you name it. I feel like I still absolutely crave those things. I still crave those things. It has not gone away for me. And I don't want that food to have control over me and cause me to eat an entire bag of lay's potato chips at one sitting, seemingly without my say so, as if my hand has been possessed to stuff chips in my face as fast as I can chew. So. I have admittedly not had a perfect whole 30 (I know, there's no such thing) and it has been plagued by not following the meal template strictly for many (thought not most) meals, and I definitely have way too much stress and don't get enough sleep. I always have a pretty good amount of stress, but one of the most acute causes of stress is about to go away. And there's nothing I can do about not getting enough sleep, it's just part of my job. I'm a little worried that because of those two things I'll never see the amazing side effects everyone else does, like the tiger blood and energy and etc, which I admittedly would really, really, really like to find. Right now I don't really feel much better than before I started, and I know it's not over, but I'm trying to prepare myself for possibly not feeling those things. I'm wondering if after I do the slow reintroduction if I should just go straight back to eating 100% whole 30 and just keep eating that way until the cravings go away. I have a wedding at the end of February, so I would probably be noncompliant there since I don't plan on calling it a whole 30 anymore, but I'm wondering if except for special occasions every other month or so if I should just do it until the cravings go away. Is it impossible to feel good with stress and a doctor's call schedule ruining your sleep? Or do I just need to keep up the super strict lifestyle longer? I'm a pretty unhappy person right now, but I know a lot of that is due to my upcoming test, and probably not whole 30 related. Just so it's in here, this was my meals today and also what I eat when I'm trying to really follow the template: Today Meal 1: 3 hard boiled eggs and a handful of grapes Meal 2: large portion of bison sweet potato chili and large salad with olive oil and salt Meal 3: same as meal 2 (I'm on call, can't go home and cook, lol) More "perfect" day Meal 1: frittata with 2 eggs, 1/4 compliant sausage, peppers and spinach Meal 2: tuna salad made with celery, homemade mayo and compliant mustard over a large salad Meal 3: Chicken or beef with a bunch of sauteed veggies in some sort of cooking fat I'm not hungry between meals unless I'm on call, and I'm drinking an ungodly amount of water (at least for me, I've found water really does effect how I feels, drinking probably 72 oz a day)
  13. OMG me too, that's so strange! I thought headaches were gone but they're back. It's not horrible, but I had gotten to enjoy life without them
  14. Tired.Tired.Tired

    Day 21, I feel you on the pooped lol
  15. Blood in urine from excercise

    Dr here, you should go to a Dr, there are a few tests that need to be run, but you are correct, vigorous exercise and muscle breakdown can make you urine discolored. But there are other things it could be too, so it should be checked out.