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  1. LeeAnn2017

    What symptoms did you feel with which foods?

    Maybe I just had a stressful day and just couldn't wind down or something. Yesterday I was SO tired. I reintroduced dairy and I had some AWFUL dreams (like multiple family members died). Could dairy (I'm thinking hormones) cause restless nights and weird dreams?
  2. LeeAnn2017

    FODMAPS Questions

    Thank you!!! That is very helpful @ShannonM816 ! Haha, I definitely know if I eat something and it makes me feel better, it's not because of that new food but because my gut is feeling better. I'm not under any illusions that ice cream is "good" for my gut nor do I have emotional or physical attachments to really any foods (which is what made most of the 30 days pretty easy). It's really good to know that, done cautiously, I can do both at the same time. Those links are great! I've been looking at one ibsdiets.org but the graphic you provided is helpful in distinguishing the NO and YES with the CAUTION. I need to do some more research but I did hit up the grocery store today to get stocked and ready to prep more gut-friendly foods. Good to know @Katie Caraway that it won't take but about the same time as reintroduction.
  3. LeeAnn2017

    FODMAPS Questions

    Hey all! I appreciate any answers to these questions that anyone can offer... I have never been officially diagnosed with IBS, but when I was younger (middle school age), I described some of my digestive issues to my doctor and he said it sounded like it could be IBS. I cut down on my processed and greasy foods per my doctor's advice and my issues greatly decreased. Since I have been working on my health over the last six or so years, I have practically eliminated all issues I've had before. I would maybe have a bathroom episode once a month or maybe even once every other month (and I could usually tell it was going to happen because I overdid it somehow). However, since doing the Whole30, I found that I haven't noticed any difference in my body, no increased energy, no easier sleep patterns...nothing. In fact, I have been having awful gas the entire 30 days (I've just eaten meal #3 for day 30 and plan to start reintroduction tomorrow). It's embarrassing. I had friends who also had gas for quite a bit into the 30 days so I kept thinking it would just go away soon if I just waited it out. I kept waiting and nothing happened. You can read my thread I created a couple of days ago hoping to get some answers (about not feeling any different) but didn't get any responses for more info about my habits: After that thread, I cut out eggs and all nuts for a few days to see if anything would improve and nothing did. I feel like my last resort is to assume that even though I didn't have much issue with my gut before the Whole30, that somehow the increase in veggies has set it off? I am planning on trying to do reintroduction with low FODMAPS. Maybe it's a tad counter-productive, but I'm so emotionally exhausted from working my behind off for 30 days and stressing over the fact that nothing has changed that I don't think I could simply extend the Whole30 without something else to focus on like a FODMAPS-approved reintroduction. So I'm planning on picking foods to reintroduce that are ok on the FODMAPS and see how things go. First of all, is that stupid? Will the fact that I'm doing reintroduction mess with trying to do low FODMAPS? Is it going to be a waste of time? How long does it really take to notice a difference? Could I see a difference in a few days? Or would it take a week? Or weeks? Months?? It's just gross gas. I don't have any pain or bloating that I can tell. If you are restricted to FODMAPS, does that mean you'll be restricted to them forever? Or does your gut heal enough that you can eat some/most again? If I know which ones do bother me, can I just avoid them? Or do I have to avoid ALL of them? I have a pretty good idea which ones have been bothering me the most. Any other nuggets of wisdom and encouragement would be greatly appreciated. I am so frustrated and upset by this. I really wanted to reset my body, feel better, and have even some of the amazing results my friends and family have been having. This has been a really hard thing for me to do (I'm not huge at cooking and don't have much experience with a wide variety of foods). I'm proud I did it. I was really scared to when I started. I just want to feel good. I'm feeling hopeless that I should just go back to how I was eating because I didn't have really issues before this. It was easier, cheaper, and less mentally exhausting. I don't want to think that. Sorry. Now I'm rambling.