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  1. Start date Tuesday September 5th

    I guess I am going to have to bow out this round and am super disappointed, but figure my reasons are valid. So, I did a couple of Whole30's a few years ago and never felt better. I've never gone back to gluten or dairy at all. Then, I had an appendectomy, and the surgeon screwed up, so I developed severe abdominal adhesions. Two years ago, I was rushed to the emergency room with a complete bowel obstruction due to those adhesions. I spent eight hours in the ER before anybody would even look at me, and then, after the surgery during which 6 ft. of necrotic small intestine was removed, the anesthesiologist told me, "You should have gotten here sooner! Your family was almost visiting you in the morgue instead of the hospital!" Five weeks after that, I was back in the ER with another obstruction, but that one was thankfully non-surgical. I have had trouble with digestion, and lots of pain ever since. For over a year I would have periods of time where I could not have anything but clear fluids for 3-4 days at a time. However, I have worked hard and thought I was ready for a Whole30 now. I still can't digest raw vegetables well but was not having so much restrictive pain. I thought I'd just cook my vegetables and be fine. However, the past few days I'm having a lot more restrictive pain, the same kind that signaled my first obstruction, so I'm not able to eat complete meals. I can't even take my vitamins right now. I definitely can't follow the template. Last night I was able to eat one meatball for dinner, and this morning breakfast was tea with collagen peptides. I'll keep doing the best I can, when I can, but I'm sad that I can't regain that Tiger Blood yet. I wish all of you the best!
  2. Start date Tuesday September 5th

    I'm starting today as well! I've done two Whole 30's before but need to work on how much sugar I am eating. :-/ Time to get my act together.
  3. What happened?

    I think kids just have bad days. Don't we all? I know I have days when I am just. not. agreeable. I have four kids, and I know that some days, even when they've been eating well and have apparently had enough sleep and are not sick, they are just...cranky. Devilish. My best friends always blame it on a cold/warm/damp front of some sort. Anyway, stick to your guns, know that you're doing a great job raising the healthiest human you can, and know that this, too, shall pass. :-)
  4. Chiaand biotin ... Good or bad?

    You can refer to this: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/9319-chiaand-biotin-good-or-bad/page__pid__93274#entry93274 And this: http://whole9life.com/2010/09/supplements-part-ii/ For what the Hartwigs think about supplementing while on the Whole30. All supplements have to be checked carefully...many contain fillers like soy and are automatically out. Breakfast smoothie? I'm sorry, that's going to be out. Your body doesn't recognize food in liquid form like it does in solid form, and since most smoothies are largely fruit-based, they also give you a pretty big hit of sugar first thing in the a.m. There are a LOT of good, easy, quick breakfast ideas on the forum that taste better, are more filling, and healthier than a smoothie, and take less time than whirling a bunch of stuff in a blender and having to wash the darn thing. Personally, I'd forego the chia, too, but I try to keep away from nuts and seeds as much as possible, except as a garnish. Best of luck to you!
  5. Penzey's - What's a Girl To Do??

    Ooh, I love Tsardust Memories! And their vanilla? Has a dadgum vanilla bean in it! I use Sunny Paris when I make Ranch Dressing and use Mural of Flavor on...hmm...everything. Loooooove Penzey's!
  6. How NOT to lose weight on W30

    Yeah, I didn't lose weight on my first one! I ate way too many fruits, nuts, and coconut products (coconut butter, especially) and actually gained a couple of pounds. But I looked hot. :-)
  7. Sweet Potato "Pancakes"

    I don't see how it's a lot different from Johnny's oh-my-god-good sweet potato fritters that he eats with breakfast and everybody loves, ingredient-wise. I'd say enjoy them...unless you're topping them with a bunch of maple syrup and butter.
  8. Thinking on doing this diet, but...

    Cristina--YAY! I am so, so happy for you, and imagine things will only get better for you from here on out. The next thing to worry about is, are you sure your veggies are being grown by happy, wild-caught farmers?
  9. I guess we just don't understand, exactly, what the problem is. You're in ketosis and don't want to be but want to continue with your Whole30. You can remedy that by eating more starchy carbs. It WILL knock you out of ketosis and will probably make you feel better. What do you have to lose by trying it? And there are a TON of options, most of which have already been mentioned. There are also so many ways to prepare them that surely you can find something that will work. How about stirring some pumpkin puree into a chili or a curry? You can't even taste that it's pumpkin...just gives it a nice creaminess. To stay in ketosis, you have to maintain a carb intake MUCH lower than anybody on the Whole30 has ever recommended. It kind of sounds like you're mourning the loss of your grains and wanting a valid reason to return to eating them, which is a normal part of this process, but it is entirely possible to get all the carbs you need without them. Best of luck to you!
  10. Bacon Fat with cooking

    Yes, as long as it has been rendered from compliant bacon ( no sugar in the ingredients list). There are better fat choices, but bacon is so yummy!
  11. Thinking on doing this diet, but...

    Aw, I like you too.
  12. avocados

    My kids and I like avocados cubed, sprinkled with lime juice, then sprinkled liberally with chili powder and salt. I also make a salad with avocado, minced onion, lime juice, and cilantro...think it's in Well Fed with the Machacado recipe, and it's killer with eggs or grilled meats. Or by itself. :-) I also like avocado in my "sandwiches," which are really just meat and veggies wrapped in a lettuce leaf. Mmm...if only I could find a decent avocado right now...
  13. Thinking on doing this diet, but...

    I'd just like to add that I, too, have fibromyalgia. One of the doctors who originally came up with the 18-tender-point diagnosis has a clinic in San Antonio and puts his patients on a diet that looks remarkably like a Whole30...high protein, lower carbohydrates from non-processed sources, no grains, etc. I've been following that type of diet (Paleo, really) since before I learned of Whole30 and my symptoms are GONE. Not reduced in intensity, GONE. If you have an ethical problem or even a taste problem with meat, no argument from me, but this diet has changed my life so much for the better as far as my fibro is concerned, I can't even begin to tell you. I feel like the dairy I was eating (that is allowed on the vegetarian plan) before Whole30 was holding me back from reaping all the benefits of my diet. Of course, everybody is different and all doctors prescribe different things for their patients. When I mentioned this to my doctor, I am lucky enough to have one who said, "Why not give it a try?" I hope for the same benefits for you, whichever plan you follow!
  14. Olive Oil Scandal

    Hmm...I had not heard this at all. I am dubious about some of the olive oil just based on my research of true Italian olive oil processing standards and practices, but am also HEALTHILY skeptical of most research. Thanks Amy!
  15. Thinking on doing this diet, but...

    That's great, that one of your goals is to nourish yourself! After I read your OP, my reaction was, oh, whoa. This isn't a diet, like South Beach or the Grapefruit Colon Cleanse Beating or whatever, but a way to heal yourself and your relationship with food. If you read ISWF you will get many of the answers you're looking for in a scientific context that will make you wonder why you ever ate a Standard American Diet! The only other thing I will add is that you need to check your ingredients on your almond milk (anything in the cardboard cartons is out...most contain carageenan, which will wreck your gut. I make my own) and tea (many contain soy). My first Whole30 was a month-long lesson in label reading. My salt contains sugar? My tuna, soy? And my dijon mustard, all kinds of stuff I don't want? Sheesh. Good luck, and we're all here when you need us!