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  1. EmilyB456

    Your favorite tea

    I love Celestal Seasonings Bengal Spice tea...pretty cinnamony and spicy. My son likes Republic of Tea vanilla rooibos. It's sweet, but no sugar. I also like their breakfast blends (particularly the English and Irish) in the mornings instead of coffee.
  2. EmilyB456

    Solid can of coconut milk??

    Hi Catherine! 1. It is coconut cream! 2. Absolutely edible! 3. You dang skippy it's delicious! 4. You have several options. If you gently heat your can of coconut milk, you can then shake it and the cream will combine with the rest of the liquid to form what you probably had in mind to use in your coffee. You could also use the coconut cream on fruit if you need more fat in your meal. Oh, and it's good on sweet potatoes! You can dump a whole can, solids and all, into many soups and curries to add creaminess and good fats. Post Whole30, you can scoop out that delicious cream and whip it to make a "Paleo whipped cream." Dangerous food-with-no-brakes for me, but yummy! Lots of Paleo treat recipes call for it too. Hope that helps!