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  1. Weight loss stuck at a plateau :(

    @SugarcubeOD I did Whole60 first then reintroductions for a week and then went back to Whole30 again, coz Whole30 makes me feel great! I have lost 16.6 lbs since Jan 2 and have lost 15 inches overall. Pls don't get me wrong, I am happy with all these change, my BP is normal all the time, my other lab works are all normal too. I guess I got obsessed with the weighing scale this time around. I guess I should put it away till I m done with 30 days again for now. I am a vegetarian, I don't eat eggs, any meat, fish or chicken. Dairy is fine.
  2. Hey All, My weight loss has hit a plateau now I am stuck on 154.4 lbs since 3 weeks now... The only relief is that my overall blood work reports are great and secondly, as per my Gym trainer I have lost inches all around, these results are keeping me sane right now. According to the blood work, I have Iron, B12 and Vitamin D deficiency, my doc got me started on supplements for those. She said that's expected, as I m on a diet and there's nothing to worry about it. I was wondering if anything like this is happening to anyone else as well? Do I need to get worried?!! (I m panicking though). If there is someone out here on this forum with this same issue, any help or suggestions or tips will be highly appreciated. I hope I move away from this plateau soon TIA
  3. Day 30 done, lost 11.2 lbs!!!!

    @michellenyc Same here! Like you said... I too am feeling so good I don't want to mess it up either I reintroduced dairy (cheese and paneer) but I keep it to least bit possible.
  4. Ketosis diet

    @kirkor I felt SO good after the first 30 days that I decided to do 30 more I'll start reintroductions next week. Ketosis is something I read about and a couple of people in my circle are doing it, I got curious
  5. Ketosis diet

    Hey all, Has anyone done the Ketosis diet? I have read about it and was wondering if I can do it after my 60 days... any insights?
  6. Day 30 done, lost 11.2 lbs!!!!

    @michellenyc Congratulations! 30 days done!
  7. Day 30 done, lost 11.2 lbs!!!!

    @JoyByName Thank you are your insights! After my first 30 days I felt great and it inspired me to continue till 60 My whole60 plan includes Dahl and beans ( in moderation) so I won't need any specific reintroduction for those as such. I plan on reintroducing dairy first and see how it goes... what are your thoughts about brown rice?
  8. Day 30 done, lost 11.2 lbs!!!!

    @SugarcubeOD The things you said make sense. Will read (a lot!) and plan accordingly. Thanks!
  9. Day 30 done, lost 11.2 lbs!!!!

    @SugarcubeOD I was 171 lbs when I started Whole30 and now I m at 157.4 lbs Weightloss was not the main reason though. I have blood pressure and a family history of diabetics. That's the main reason I started this plan, coz I realized how careless I had gotten over the years about my food Eversince I started Whole30 I found myself to be more energetic, less cranky and peaceful. And the cherry on top is the compliments I Hv been getting about myself from my family and friends I initially thought it will be difficult for me to do the first 30 days, but I managed and got inspired to do 60! I m still feeling better, except for the a bit more hungrier part, but my main fear is that, if I stop this plan I'll go back to all the negatives, like health and weight gain and overall stuff, I am working really hard to maintain this 'nirvana' kind of my mental and physical being, and m scared to lose it I had read about the reintroduction in the book, but it slipped my mind somehow! I'll go back and read It again. meanwhile, any advise on the thoughts I just mentioned above and the reintroduction, will be highly appreciated! Thanks.
  10. Day 30 done, lost 11.2 lbs!!!!

    @SugarcubeOD I m planning to do 60. Will take a break for a week and then start a new 30 cycle. What's reintroduction?
  11. Day 30 done, lost 11.2 lbs!!!!

    @SugarcubeOD I am on Day 45 and I realize that I m more hungrier now I m not sure if it's something normal around day 45... any insights will be highly appreciated!
  12. Day 30 done, lost 11.2 lbs!!!!

    @SugarcubeOD - I do! Today is my Day 45 and I Hv had tofu just 4 times in these last 45 days...
  13. Day 30 done, lost 11.2 lbs!!!!

    @malosa - Thanks! Yeah, I don't eat eggs at all. And I stopped all dairy products too since the time I started Whole30. Vegetarians don't Hv many option left after that, no eggs no meat no fish. I did some research and found out that beans and legumes are ok with vegetarian Whole30. So my food list included beans, Indian Dahl, tofu, nuts, lots of salads, zoodles with macadamia pesto, roasted butternut squash and sweet potatoes and some soup. I absolutely love this soup... it's too good! Try it out! http://www.theglowingfridge.com/spicy-vegan-black-bean-soup/ I hope this helps.
  14. Day 30 done, lost 11.2 lbs!!!!

    @michellenyc - Thanks! Sounds easy and likeable Will try is soon!
  15. Day 30 done, lost 11.2 lbs!!!!

    @SugarcubeOD Oh! But I don't add any additional sugar or sugar substitutes to my protein shake, which I take just once a day. Almond milk, hemp seed protein powder and a banana ( coz without banana I am sure I won't be able to drink it at all) I am a true vegetarian, no eggs at all. No meat, no fish, no chicken. Only veggies, beans, tofu. Is there another brand of hemp protein which is better than this one?