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  1. BH13

    Jan 2 Start Date!! :D

    Amen to that!
  2. BH13

    Jan 2 Start Date!! :D

    Patti, I have also done every diet under the sun. I'm 54... age is starting to become felt. I so relate to your struggle. For whatever it's worth, this food plan (not diet- wink) will help your joint pain/arthritis. Keep that goal in mind. You will probably feel worse before you feel better, but that's just detox. Honestly- my first week was tough. Only time in my life I've ever been sugar free. So worth it! Excited to feel the tiger blood again. You've got this, Patti! Here's to health in 2017!
  3. BH13

    Jan 2 Start Date!! :D

    Hi Everyone! Thanks for posting. We are in good company. I remember when I did the Whole30 2 years ago, I felt amazing afterwards. I quickly went back to my old habits and now I'm back (actually, much worse than) to where I was before. I listened to Melissa's new book on tape last week and I decided it's time for a reset. For those of you who are new to Whole30, it's a great book. The first time I did this I thought I had to live this way and it just wasn't sustainable for me. Now I know it is a 30-90 day reset and I can bring foods back and see what foods I'm ok with and which I need to let go. My sister did a full Whole30 for 14 months. No cheats. But when she went off it was bye bye W30. I want to approach this with a healthier and more realistic mind set this time. I remember feeling happy, sharp minded, emotionally stable and full of energy by week 3. What we eat really does make a difference. Something I missed during my 1st whole 30 until the end were sauces and dips. Very important to include. It keeps it fun. In my opinion. I'm grateful for all of you doing this the same time I am. My hubby, Joe, is doing it with me too. He's a great sport. I'll be praying for you guys as you begin day 1. Tonight, I'm enjoying my Kombucha beer and prepping veggies for the week. I will miss my beer. Just sayin'.
  4. BH13

    Jan 2 Start Date!! :D

    I'm making broth and meal planning too. If you have any recipes that look especially great feel free to share them. Glad we're in this together. I'll need you all come day 8.
  5. BH13

    Jan 2 Start Date!! :D

    Yay! Thanks for reaching out. I was hoping for a live person to walk this through with. Is this your first Whole 30? It's my first in 2 years. Much needed.
  6. Is anyone else starting on Jan 2? If so, I'd love to be a support to you and also have some support too. Let me know.