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  1. Jsunshine87

    What if I'm not hungry?

    You would be correct to assume that my last meal was hours ago, but it was pretty substantial. It did take me a while to eat however (I'm at work). I've had a problem with eating enough in the past and have been more prone to eating a little bit at a time from a meal or snacking. I have tried to get down some of the food I made for dinner tonight and feel like I'm just not interested in it. So would you recommend that I keep trying to eat it?
  2. Jsunshine87

    What if I'm not hungry?

    It's day 1, I'm currently sitting at work at the end of my night shift and I have dinner to eat soon... But I'm not hungry. Do you HAVE to eat 3 full meals? Should I focus on getting the protein down if I am able to eat?
  3. Jsunshine87

    Started today!

    Aha! A fellow night shift nurse starting the same time as me! What kind of setting do you work in?
  4. Well I still have a couple minutes before the clock turns over here so I guess I'm not technically late yet. This is my first Whole30 that I've ever done and I am so nervous! I did NOT prepare this last week since I was down with the flu since before Christmas. I DID, however, manage to go through my kitchen today with my very loving and supportive boyfriend today and got rid of all the junk. He's doing the Whole30 with me! I'm so excited to have his support and to go through this together. His diet is a lot better than mine so I'm guessing that he will have an easier time taming his carb dragon. I nearly panicked today though when I had to prepare meals for work and was trying to make mayo and my vitamix kept creating this watery weird stuff that looked NOTHING like mayo. I ended up attempting it with my regular blender and got it to work. I have so many questions and nervousness that I'm bringing to the table today. I'm a night shift ER nurse who has fallen off the wagon when it comes to taking care of my body. Last year in February I had a personal trainer who wrote an awesome nutrition plan and exercise program complete with a super complicated supplement regimen. I was in the gym pretty much every day, eating small meals four times a day, and taking handfuls of supplements with every meal. Then my car was broken into at the gym. I had been going so hard that when that happened it totally took the wind out of my sails and I have been struggling ever since. I've put on 20 lbs in the last 10 months, I have no energy, my depression is worse than it has been in years... Basically I'm ready for change. My biggest concern is that I'm a night shift nurse in an ER, where there seems to always be junk food and caffeine a plenty. Do any of you have any tips for night shifters or nurses specifically? It's also hard to get breaks some times but this program isn't so strict that I can't just eat when I have a minute to sit. Also, my boyfriend and I did not do any measurements on day 0 and I ran out of time today. Is it going to be a big deal to do the measurements (we did weigh ourselves yesterday) and take the pictures? Looking forward to sharing with all of you on this journey.