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  1. Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    India Pale Ale (right?)
  2. Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    Hi! First of all: Yum - Larabars. I don't have a recipe, I just wait for them to go on sale. It doesn't look like they ship internationally, which sucks. So, as far as the reintro, I think I switched my days around, too - I don't remember the order they go in in ISWF. Dairy was yesterday and... didn't go as well as gluten did. About two hours after lunch and dinner (yogurt and sour cream, respectively), I had what I like to call "a bathroom event." Which SUCKS, because the yogurt and the sour cream tasted sooooooo good. I think straight up cheese is okay - which was my experience post-veganism, as well, although between then and the Whole 30 I was able to digest yogurt, sour cream, and other things, just not stright milk - and that makes sense scientifically because of how enzymes are broken down when cheese is made... I used to know more about it, but the make-up of cheese is different enough to be okay for some reason. It's still a "need to limit" food for me. I still need to do legumes and non-gluten grains... probably one tomorrow and one on Monday... I haven't decided which will be first. I don't miss those two groups as much as I missed bread and dairy, so it will be more of a scientific test than anything. I expect to be gassy with legumes... so maybe I should try those tomorrow so I can spend my gassy days at home!
  3. Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    Hershey's Unsweetened cocoa is just that: straight cocoa. That was the kind I already had in the cupboard, and I was thrilled it was compliant. Today is dairy day for me! So far so good - only had some cheese with breakfast. (Yum: cheese. ) Having yogurt with lunch and sour cream and more cheese with dinner tonight. Sour cream is my weakness... I can't wait. Am I the only one on here doing a structred reintroduction plan as outlined in ISWF? This was the part I've been looking forward to the whole time - the biggest reason I was doing the Whole 30 to start with: to figure out if I have allergies/aversions. Happy to rule out a problem with gluten so far, although I'll most likely continue to limit it in my diet for other reasons.
  4. Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    I made that last week before I got sick and only just got to eat some this weekend. You can't really taste the chocolate. Or, at least, it doesn't taste "chocolatey." I think the chocolate probably just adds a depth of flavor. Good chili, though!!
  5. Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    Hello, strangers! So I got the flu a week ago and spent three days (the last three days of the Whole 30 - I was robbed!) home sick, and the last three days recovering. I'm finally feeling better. I did go slightly non-W30 with some Oscillococcinum on day 29, but it seemed like a necessary sacrifice. Since ending, I have reintroduced wine and gluten (separately and together) and had no ill effects. I didn't go crazy like it sounds like some of you did, just had some paleo sausage with a whole wheat bun on Saturday, toast for breakfast on Sunday, etc. So far I've noticed nothing untoward with the reintroduction. The good news about my Whole 30: I lost 11.3 lbs! Holy moly! That was about my goal, but I didn't actually think I'd see it. Very exciting. Other than that and a leveling of my energy and hunger throughout my days (which I attribute to not pounding sugar all over the place), I saw no noticeable changes on the Whole 30. In fact, I've slept better since reintroducing gluten than I did (except that one night) on the Whole 30. Isn't that odd? Although maybe it's more my body recovering from the flu than anything else. Whatever it is, I'm glad to FINALLY be sleeping through the night again. I'm back to Paleo today, will be reintroducing dairy on Wednesday with some Greek yogurt and a Mexican food dinner. Legumes will probably happen on the weekend. As far as going forward, I'm not sure I'm sold on the Whole 30, but I do want to try another in the summer to see if I see a difference if I do it longer. I never stopped having cravings, I never saw a marked energy level difference (although I may have had too high of expectations on that one - as someone said earlier on here, I was expecting to be climbing mountains while solving quadratic equations and knitting a scarf, or whatever), I didn't sleep better, saw no improvements in my GI complaints (except when I first started the probitotic, but not again since then), etc etc. However, I still haven't had any sugar or gone off my reintro plan, so I haven't fallen all the way back down the rabbit hole. My boyfriend wants to remain mostly Paleo for strictly blood sugar reasons - his b.s. is super controlled when he eats that way, so we will probably maintain some semblance of a Paleo diet from here on out. I will tell you I am REALLY tired of everything tasting like coconut. I need to find some good go-to recipes that don't use coconut. It's starting to make me gag. Also - NatPatBen - we tried the jicama home fries, and I didn't like them, either. Congratulations on the Whole 30 completion, everyone! I'll be interested to see how we all do from here!! And I'll be checking out jtota's blog, too.
  6. Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    The label is Novella and it's a cabernet sauvignon - one of my favorite inexpensive labels. We get it at the Grocery Outlet for dirt cheap, and it rivals some of the more expensive wines I've had. I also have a bottle (from my grandparents when they were visiting the weekend before last) of unoaked Chardonnay, but I think I'll save that for warmer weather. Cheers! You are not alone, I am on Day 28 today and (despite the fact that I feel like I'm coming down with The Crud that's going around my office) I haven't noticed many remarkable differences in the last 30 days. I'm still not sleeping well consistently. I did buy Natural Calm and a probiotic (which may or may not have bad ingredients in it, I don't remember if I checked so will have to do that tonight after seeing someone on here got one with potato starch or something in it), and although the probiotic does seem to have helped, I didn't notice anything from Natural Calm. Side note - my Whole Foods had Natural Calm in little single serving packets, so I bought three of those to try it out before slapping down $23 for the whole bottle... and I'm glad I did because I then found the bottle for $3 less at Fred Meyer / Kroger in the Natural Foods supplement section. Anyway, I've also been wondering if maybe this diet for some reason doesn't work for me. I opened the link Torena posted and will go read that to see if it sheds any light, but my results so far (if you can call it that) are a little discouraging. I'm still trying to figure out what to do post-W30. I do need to inspect my spices tonight - I mostly buy McCormick... hope their chili powder is safe... On a happier note, has anyone eaten taro root? Because you can make some bomb-diggity jo-jos and "hashbrowns" with it. They taste kind of like water crackers once they're cooked, and they're delicious and filling.
  7. Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    I was just thinking about this today - I feel like Sarah at the end of Labyrinth. I'm going to miss you all!! So I'll probably keep coming around for awhile, at least - this support has been amazing, and I've enjoyed the little bit we've gotten to know about each other!
  8. Glad to see I'm not alone! I'm on Day 25, too, and not seeing a ton of benefits yet, kind of wondering whether this was worth it beyond just knowing I'm eating good, clean, healthy food (which is definitely beneficial by itself). Obviously I don't know if I've lost weight, but I'm not sleeping great (I've had maybe three good nights of sleep the whole time and they were all spread out), today I'm having crazy joint pain, I had a headache for three days earlier this week, and although my energy has stabilized, I wouldn't call it high. I've had digestive issues the entire 25 days. This weekend, I'm getting some Natural Calm and some super enzymes or a probiotic (depending on what's on sale, and according to one of the other threads about tummy troubles), and I'm doing a big cookup wherein I'll prep a bunch of my food in advance. I'll see if any of that helps. Good luck to the rest of you!! Solidarity!!
  9. Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    There are two Paleo Food Carts - they're called The Cultured Caveman, and we went there once - their chicken strips (breaded with coconut flour and fried in - I believe - beef fat) were soooo good, and the girl working was super friendly and chatty. There's one on Mississippi - maybe that's the one your friend goes to? Or is there another one I don't know about? That's exactly what I did with the chicken broth - I was just like, "Enough of this, I'll buy a whole chicken and do it myself." I am feeling much more homegrown lately - making my own mayo and broth - and I was always a make-it-from-scratch girl. Now I'm more like, first make the scratch, then build on that. It feels good, I just need to make it sustainable. Thanks for the veggie broth tip, I'll try that this weekend!
  10. Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    Yep, that's the kind of veg broth I bought, too. But the chicken broth I bought was, I think, store brand organic. "Simply Organic" or something - it was at Fred Meyer's, which the rest of you likely call Kroger. Tonight I do my last Whole30 grocery shopping! I don't know what the weeks following will look like (though I plan to do a strategic reintroduction of the things I've missed most to see their effect on me), but this will be my last official W30 trip to the stores. I'll also be picking up a bottle of wine, because - next Friday - that's the first thing I'm reintroducing.
  11. Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    Can you BELIEVE there's sugar in chicken broth??! When we saw that at the store, and could only find ONE brand that didn't include it, I was downright shocked. I made some of my own shortly thereafter because I knew for sure what was in that, and I keep the boxed cartons (sans sugar) in the cupboard for if I run out. I'm appalled at how many things contain sugar that don't need to.
  12. Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    Nat - I know I've gone over my usual budget, too, although I've been avoiding adding up my receipts just in case it's a big scary number. But maybe I'll get around to that this weekend. I know there's got to be a way to eat good food and not go broke, just need to figure it out. Today is my Day 24, and everything is going okay. My headache is just about gone, and Natural Calm is on my list to buy for the weekend. Along with super enzymes, because I visited part of the Troubleshooting forum to see about some things and it sounds like those might help with some digestive issues I'm still having. I have to say, even though the mods all say "this is why it's a Whole30 and not a Whole24" or whatever, I'm a little disappointed that I'm not feeling better by this stage. I sincerely hope the next week shows some improvement.
  13. Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    My copy of Well Fed arrived two days ago! So what I'm going to do is follow her instructions on prepping stuff on Sunday as much as possible, because I have yet to figure out how to maximize my efficiency, and I have a food processor, a stick blender, a Magic Bullet, a chopper (not the one Nat has, just a KitchenAid one), a mandolin, two crock pots, etc, etc, etc. I've got TONS of tools, and every night I'm beating my head against the kitchen counter because everything takes so darn long to prep and make. I'm going to have a Well Fed revolution this weekend. My headache is hiding in the corners of my mind right now. It's still there, barely hanging on. I read up on magnesium and guess what food has a ton? Spinach. Which I ate Monday night and Tuesday for lunch and both times were followed by a rather urgent trip to the bathroom because I can't handle raw spinach (which I had suspected pre-W30, as I mentioned before). So, not only did I not get that good magnesium, but I also dehydrated myself. My headache may have two mamas. I may be going to the Whole Foods tonight for some Natural Calm.
  14. Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    I've decided I think I am dehydrated. So I had salt pork with my eggs this morning and have some salted pistachios to munch on later if the headache does not abate (because, that's right, it's still here), and I'll continue drinking my water. I am going to see about Natural Calm, so thanks for the rec, Run4Fun (and Nat by proxy)! I think I was losing too much water, because I've confirmed a previously-only-suspected intolerance for raw spinach. We'll see if the increase in salt today helps. I hope so, because yesterday was awful.
  15. Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    I STILL have a headache. In fact, it's worse. I ate extra at lunch, just in case that helped. Now I'm light-sensitive and the headache is raging. I'm not prone to migraines, so I'm not sure what to make of this. I'm drinking water like a champ and I think I had some salt in my lunch to try and retain that fluid... this afternoon is going to be ROUGH at work if it continues like this. In potentially related news, my cycle surprised me today, which never happens because I'm on the pill. But I'm a day earlier than normal. Maybe the headache is related to that? Good work, NatPatBen! Solidarity!