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  1. Hungry & Losing Too Much Weight

    I'll see if I can get more specifics - she's kind of hard to pin down! But she used to dance and is very slim like a dancer. At her age (in her 60s) they are more concerned about rapid weight loss like that and she felt like she was losing muscle.
  2. Hungry & Losing Too Much Weight

    I am posting this on behalf of my aunt (who does not use the internet). She has always had a very fast metabolism and has lost weight on her Whole30 and feels very hungry. She is following the recommendations but with her high metabolism it isn't enough. Would you recommend more fat? more protein? More starchy carbs like sweet potatoes & root vegetables? An extra meal? She started eating quinoa after she lost the weight and she's afraid to give that up and try again. She suffers from a lot of inflammation and arthritis so I know the Whole30 will benefit her if she can stick with it.