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  1. MommaMary

    Reintroduction Failure :( HELP

    Thank you so much for your honesty here!! I am on the evening of my 27th day and although I've done well I am SCARED to death to start reintroduction!! I'm Alana you craving candy, and popcorn!!! Good grief!! I am grateful to know I am not alone!
  2. MommaMary

    Can i have balsamic vinegar?

    What if it is infused Basalmic vinegars? Like cranberry pear? What about infused olive oils?
  3. MommaMary

    Start Date January 30th

    I started on January 14th.... I sorta started on the 9th but I had a few hiccups. Well I have a couple of friends who are doing this and they have been a God send! I am on my own as far as eating well, my husband is absolutely no help at all! He brings in candy, cookies and everything you can imagine! I don't have it all figured out but I am doing it! I have celiac so cutting out wheat was already a done deal! I thought I'd die without sugar and corn... I used to eat a LOT of tortilla chips! And a LOT of cheese! But so far success has been mine.