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  1. Coffeeandshoes

    Addison's Disease

    Old Thread but wondering if you did the AIP? I struggle, with the AIP. And Whole 30 for that matter, I do the 30 days and then get lost in the reintroductions. I have the beginning stages of Addisons, why do I say that? the autio immune test and the cortisol tests both off, and I dont' want to admit i'll be on HC for the rest fo my life. --So I was fine two years ago, or so I thought until I figured out the bouts with what I thought were flu were actually Addison's ;(
  2. Coffeeandshoes

    Problem with prescription Vitamin D

    What he said about the prescription D and you want your levels at 50-- 60- or even 100. I found a good over the counter d3 that didn't have fillers, that has helped slowly bring my levels up. = magnesium and K also help with D levels.
  3. Coffeeandshoes

    AIP and the Holidays?

    See I was thinking it was three months, and not sure if I would "feel" any different
  4. Coffeeandshoes

    AIP and the Holidays?

    Exactly, because you need to do AIP for at least 3 months before adding things back in? my condition is "not serious" in that it was caught pretty early. I'm trying to sort through thyroid vs adrenal fatigue. And one thing I know for sure, without gluten I don't hurt and I am so much more flexible. and seasonal allergies gone. Also, there is never a "good time" it's always someone's birthday. I'm going to make my own birthday cake/dessert so it is compliant.
  5. I've been trying to decide if I want to do AIP now, or wait until January, I'm better doing whole30, but not great and not really weight loss. If it takes 90 days before reintroduction, that would take up my birthday and Christmas. Keeping whole30 compliant when eating out, etc, isn't always easy so I'm thinking it might be easier to wait til January?
  6. Coffeeandshoes

    elevated thyroid antibodies?

    Itchy, how are you now? I didn't mind the gluten free after all. Its been since July, but I have had beer three times. so that's not 100 percent compliant. I feel better and that makes it easier. My results weren't "that bad" and after adding in vitamin d and iron and no gluten, I feel a ton better. I have only been "exhausted" like twice this year as opposed to almost once a week last year. I added in a ton of herbs to help the adrenals. I need to get labs again and will be doing that next month.
  7. Coffeeandshoes

    elevated thyroid antibodies?

    I want to do the autoimmune protocol but right now I just can't. I'm going camping for two weeks and doing paleo in the car/camping without electricity is a challenge enough
  8. Coffeeandshoes

    elevated thyroid antibodies?

    sorry, I didn't see this until now. there were several things, the labs are at home, I got a copy for my records. I went crazy, anger, denial, etc, and ate CRAP I haven't eaten in years. Pulled it together, got some supplements, one for adrenals first, then after a couple weeks, selenium, Cod Liver Oil, (vitamin d and A) Vitamins C and B group, and Thyro-gold after about a month of that. Added things in slowly, found out my temperature was around 92-95. And full circle, back to whole30 last week. My temps are now 94-96 so they are better. I predict after about a month of whole30 they will get higher. (I'm also going to add in some coconut oil after the cod liver oil is done) I'll be doing mostly whole30 for at least 90 days. And gluten free ;( it sucks. But I'm lucky really. it's not that bad. just doing that stuff I feel a million times better than last year. and hopefully with getting the gluten out of my system I'll feel better still.
  9. Coffeeandshoes

    Vitamin D Deficiency

    I had great results with Cod Liver Oil with a and d in it. as in within three days I didn't want to cry and punch people and I could walk without hurting. I was very low vitamin D, which can be caused by autoimmune issues. (your body not digesting properly) you owe it to your self to give it time. Give it 30 days, if you still crave dairy, give it 30 more. You know it's said what you crave the most is probably what you are allergic too. And its very common for things to get WORSE before they get better. The pain, the runny noise, the swollen glands, as the body clears itself.
  10. Coffeeandshoes

    Whole30 AIP

    I am considering this except for a couple of things. "How hard is this to do and eat in a restaurant?" I am going to be doing two road trips, one for a week in July and one for 10-12 days in August. I'm good at Paleo camping and its just a lot of planning, but the whole eating in a restaurant drives me c.r.a.z.y. I've just been diagnosed with autoimmune disease and putting some things in place to cope with that..
  11. Coffeeandshoes

    Hashimoto's and autoimmune protocol

    I'd love to talk with some of you, and get your experiences .I just got hashimotos diagnosis. but its "not bad enough to treat" according to my doctor. They will just watch my labs until the labs are bad enough for thyroid medicine. That's not a good plan as far as I'm concerned. I have been doing research for months because I suspected this for a while. I have done tons of research and listened to the thyroid summit, and made a game plan. I started working that plan for better sleep, less stress, only decaf coffee, ;( which was depressing and some gentle supplements to start. My head feels better, just my body feels like crap. And I know I have to do this whole30 long term, and maybe even go farther with eggs and the AIP. I know logically that it takes time for repair of body tissue, maybe months or years. but. I have been angry the last two weeks at the thought of never eating gluten again. I have a pretty good diet normally like mostly natural and unprocessed, and probably 80 to 90 percent paleo. but it's not good enough. So I've been eating gluten and I feel gross and bloated. I've avoided telling anyone. I don't want advice, sympathy or anything. I want to feel not crappy. And the last two weeks? really busy at work and eating in restaurants, poor choices, gluten more than I ever would normally. It's like I'm "acting out" because of this thing. I took some positive steps to get back on the "whole30 wagon" (planning, buying groceries, cooking healthy choices) But it sucks to just go out with friends. that is the hardest. And today I wanted ice cream, just to buy some stupid ice cream from the store. They didn't even have the coconut kind which I would have eaten. only milk based. And sherbet? is just sugar. I ended up making my own with coconut milk and mango. (I know it's not whole30, I just wanted comfort food, because of all the "I can't haves) I love cheese, it used to be my thing. A whole30 a few years back broke my cheese addiction, same for peanut butter. Now, I've given up regular coffee. And gluten. My joke is I can only have bread and water, but not bread. For the record, I now understand how angry my type 2 diabetes mom felt and she wasn't even giving up gluten, she just wanted to be able to eat whatever she wanted. I kept telling her "no one can eat whatever they want." The truth is, anyone can eat whatever they want, they just have to pay for it later.
  12. Coffeeandshoes

    Reintroduction scares me - grains? Italian?

    it scared me for good reason. It didn't go as planned and I'm back on whole 30 -- because of course it could be dairy, wheat gluten or sugar. Or all three, because I ate all three Saturday, and corn and dairy on Monday, and corn yesterday. And today had symptoms.
  13. Coffeeandshoes

    elevated thyroid antibodies?

    Problem with that is? There is ONE in the state of Arkansas and I'm not sure they take my insurance. They are a three hour drive from here. I don't need hormones it's "not bad enough yet" per the doctor, what conventional medicine does is wait til it's irreversible then sticks you on a pill. I will be working to "fix it" with diet and supplements the same as always.
  14. Coffeeandshoes

    What's the root of my poor choices post whole30?

    It happends to me too, as in I was gonna eat one thing to reintroduce and wham, it all happened at once.
  15. Coffeeandshoes

    I suck at reintroduction

    That is my point. I've done whole30 many times, I just suck at reintroduction.