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  1. OHMaryF

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    I have been feeling more calm and settled with my eating this Whole 30. I have my go to items and dishes and have tried some new ones. I am definitely feeling some good affects. Our daughter's birthday was this past Monday. I took store bought cupcakes for her class and was not tempted at the bakery. We took her out to eat and the thoughts of the deserts did enter my mind, but none of them looked worth it to stop my Whole 30. This weekend we are going out of town and I have almost all of my food packed. We will be going to my home town and there will be some challenges. We have a favorite donut and ice cream place so I will take our daughter, but get nothing for myself. We also have a birthday party and my brother makes his children's cake and he is a good baker/cook. I am going to stay focused on what I want to accomplish.
  2. OHMaryF

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    I found Wellshire no sugar turkey bacon at Whole Foods and a couple of weeks later, they got the no sugar pork bacon. If your local store does not carry it and you ask, they can probably order it.
  3. OHMaryF

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    How is everyone doing? I am doing pretty good and tried some new dishes due to the vegetables that were in the Hungry Harvest box we tried last week. Hungry Harvest delivers boxes that have "ugly" or excess fruits and vegetables that would be thrown away as they can't be sold in stores. I has bok choi and cauliflower, so I made the chicken with bok choi and lemon grass with cauliflower rice from the Quick and Easy book. It was really good and our daughter and my husband also liked it. I am officially a fan of cauliflower rice. It has been good getting back into W-30. Our daughter's birthday is Monday and we are taking her out to eat. I will just have to ignore her desert!
  4. OHMaryF

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    Outstanding! That is such good news.
  5. OHMaryF

    Ingrid Woodbridge

    Welcome to both of you. Since it sounds as if both of you are newbies, feel free to check out one of the threads for people who have already started. I did the January 2018 Whole 30 (my second), then did about 10 days of reintroduction, and started another Whole 30 last Wednesday. I am a part of this thread, but you don't have to have started or be doing Whole 30 for Lent. It is a larger group so you might get some good support. You can also just look for other threads. I noticed this one of people who started yesterday and there were a few posts from others just starting.
  6. OHMaryF

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    I often eat "non breakfast" food for breakfast. This morning I had potato-leek soup and shepherds pie for breakfast. Tomorrow, I will likely have butternut squash soup and a pork chop for breakfast.
  7. OHMaryF

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    I hope everyone is doing well and had a good weekend. I had signed up for a vegetable and fruit basket by Hungry Harvest. They take vegetables and fruits that are fine, but cannot be sold at stores often because they are not the standard size (carrots with extra legs), peppers, and cucumbers a bit too small etc. We received our first basket last Thursday. Among the items were celery, carrots, leeks, and two heads of cauliflower, sweet potatoes, and baby bok choi. I wanted to make certain nothing went to waste,so I cooked a lot this weekend. I made a Whole 30 potato-leek soup and shepherd's pie using the celery, carrots and sweet potatoes as the potato topping. I used some of the carrots in the tomato sauce I made from the Whole 30 book (along with turkey meatballs from the Fast and Easy book). I also made sausage patties, spaghetti squash, and butternut squash soup. I will likely make a stir fry with the bok choi for Wednesday along with riced cauliflower.
  8. OHMaryF

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    i second the thank you. I think I will make both this weekend.
  9. OHMaryF

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    THIS! It can be little things. If my oven is on cooking anything, I will put in a few potatoes to bake. If I am cooking some chicken, i will go ahead an cook some pork chops or salmon. This helps me always have some things to pack for my breakfast and lunch that have some variety.
  10. OHMaryF

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    Yes! You most definitely can do it!
  11. OHMaryF

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    I forgot to note that your activity level is also a factor. If you work out, run, swim, etc. you may need more. The meal template is very helpful to know how much a portion is of food. https://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf Also, if you feel hungry, the book talks about thinking about if something with protein (some tuna, a piece of chicken) would satisfy you. If so, then you are probably hungry. If not, then it may be just a craving. Also, if you do need to snack it should not just be a piece of fruit but preferably something with protein or at least something with a healthy fat. So a piece of fruit with some nuts. I have tried the RX bars and I like them and the compliant ones have fruit and protein. I try to bring an extra avocado to work and some veggies so if I am working late or get hungry, I can snack on a healthy fat and some veggies.
  12. OHMaryF

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    Hello and welcome. Generally you should not get hungry an hour after eating unless you are fasting. Since I was fasting (smaller meals) for Ash Wednesday, I did get hungry earlier than I would on a regular Whole 30 day. If you are getting hungry an hour after you eat, your portion sizes may not be big enough or your are not getting enough healthy fat and or protein in your meal. I know people can differ, but I tend to get hungry about 4 hours after my meal. I work out first thing in morning, so I usually get my breakfast about 8:30am, I am ready for lunch about 12:30pm-1pm and am ready for dinner by 5:30-6pm.
  13. OHMaryF

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    I did the January Whole 30 (my second) and then did partial reintroduction. There was an event at our daughter's school this past Saturday, so I ate off plan Friday-yesterday. That was also helpful. I had decided I wanted to do another Whole 30 for Lent as I need to continue to work on quelling my sugar dragon. The challenges will be our daughter's birthday and my nephews (and my brother is an amazing cook and always makes he cupcakes). I know it will be good for me and a good penance. I also run and will have at least one race, possibly two during the month. Almost all races have banana, bagels or some baked good and granola bars as post race food. I found I like RX Bars so I will be packing my own post race fuel.
  14. OHMaryF

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    If this is your first Whole 30, I definitely recommend following the meal template for the first week. If you have Aldi grocery stores in your area, they are great for produce and they have compliant canned Salmon and canned skipjack tuna. My local store also carries grass fed ground beef and their frozen salmon is good. I get my coconut milk and olive oil at regular grocery stores or Trader Joes. The Day by Day book is great if you like journals and are good at taking time every day to reflect as that is the format.
  15. OHMaryF

    January 2nd Starter's Reintro thread

    I tried gluten over the weekend in bread. I went ok but I may have had some effects. I am trying dairy today. I know it has some effect, but I am trying to decide how "worth it" for dairy. I am definitely going to take a couple of days to reintroduce after my Whole Lent, so I can really figure out any effects.