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  1. 4Donna

    Starting WHOLE30 Sept 10

    Sorry I haven't posted anything since Monday. Crazy work schedule right now and I actually DID take a walk at lunch yesterday. It was perfect weather outside for it. I too usually eat pretty healthy during the week, BUT - getting home from work late and tired ....it has been so easy to order a pizza or grab a sub and call it a night. Planning ahead and sticking to my plan is the only way I don't cave when I am tired and hungry! So far I have stuck with the plan and very happy I have. I don't remember who posted about not focusing on activity right now and I appreciate that. I think after next week I will have breathing room to try to pick that up too. Hope everyone is doing GREAT! Had chicken salad I made from rotisserie chicken over spinach salad and added avocado for my lunch today...
  2. 4Donna

    Starting WHOLE30 Sept 10

    Happy First day of Whole 30! I started today too and was hoping to find a few others. I have completed two whole 30's and had a false start a couple of times too :( I am 64....live in Indy and really trying to focus on ME! I basically have been following Paleo since 2009 and KNOW when I eat clean I feel my very best. At this point in my life the only way I can lose weight it to eat clean and incorporate activity - which has been missing. I have a busy work life and I am finally to a place where I am not stressing about that and I believe I can focus on ME....eating and feeling stronger and becoming stronger physically too. I started back to my yoga class and have now gone once a week for 3 weeks....so I hope that is also getting me to a point of getting back to the gym. I too love bread and it does not sit well with me at all. I'm pretty sure I have some type of wheat and/or gluten intolerance. I have several food allergies/intolerances so I know I need to do this! Elizabeth I too want to be compliant and increase my physical activity. Miriam I too am very grateful for the potatoes!...and Jenny - yes for me on back to basics. I pack my breakfast and lunch as I leave by 6am for work. My goal today is to eat only what I have planned for and get at last 20 minutes of physical activity. We can do this! Looking forward to getting to know you all better!