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  1. I am enjoying your blog Rory! Joey - in terms of obstructions I am living with a stricture caused by scar tissue - it is managed with daily Miralax (which I optimistically stopped when eating strict Paleo, as I had symptom improvement but had to go back on it again though at a lower dose). I have had x-rays and CT's in the past to check for obstructions. Mine is not considered bad enough for surgery, so diet and medication are the way forward, my GP supervises my care primarily and I see the GI unit every 6 months. I can vouch for keeping up fluid intake, avoiding very bulky fibrous veg, and lots and lots of bone broth! I am having some success also with high strength fish oil, glutamine and ensuring that I have plenty of fat in my diet like coconut oil. Seems to somehow make things run smoother. I think though I will have to accept that the Miralax is probably here to stay - ugh. The Whole30 unearthed a lactose intolerance for me which was really useful to know as well. This can really help discover trigger foods and allergens.
  2. pandagirl

    Whole 30 and not enough calories

    I know, I know. MFP is addictive. But you have to get off it love, it's bad news. And I don't think it's particularly accurate either. I got some good ol' tough lovin from the guys and gals on here, and I quit doing it. I'm anxious about weight gain, sure, but on the other hand, I'm not anxious about how many calories I'm eating or how much is in it or will I have a "red" day or a green day and stay within calories. There's enough stress in life without stressing over every calorie. I do a bit of both I guess. I try and make sure that I have three decent meals a day and don't snack except for pre-workout, but I don't really stress about the timing. If I'm not hungry, I'll wait another hour, if I can do that around my work schedule.
  3. Azathioprine sucks, but nowhere near as much as steroids for me. Those things blow me up, make me sick and I have to then take a bunch of medications to sort out the side effects! The stuff they tell you to eat when flaring - man alive it's a sugar and simple carb fest for those nasty bacteria. My GP is a gem. It's the GI doctors at the hospital I have the problem with, they are completely closed minded and they HATE patients who do their own research. One of them rolled his eyes at me and said "Oh, we have a Googler" to his colleague. I can't stand their arrogant, superior attitude - like they are members of an exclusive club and nobody else can decipher articles in medical journals or the results of research studies I would have thought that patients who want to take responsibility for their own health would be a dream, especially for the NHS where our medical care is paid for by the state, but all they seem to want to do is throw drugs at me and tell me off like a little kid if I dare ask questions about what the hell is in it and what it might do to my body. One of them flat out denied there was any evidence for low carb diets improving Crohns, luckily I had come armed with three different studies showing the opposite! Thankfully, my GP is more supportive, with the caveat that if I begin to flare I need to go back to her quickly so I don't end up in the GI ward again! Surprised I haven't been kicked out of my GI unit by now really
  4. pandagirl

    TMI POST...Constipation. Help!

    I do have a go to solution which works for me - my yoga teacher got me to try it, and it works. I have it as a drink - not compliant exactly, but I have a bowel stricture, which means that if I get constipation I'm at risk of a blockage, so if I am getting that way I take it in liquid form, but if you want to stay strictly compliant then don't blend it. Ingredients: 5 organic preservative-free prunes (I used Crazy Jacks) and here's the important part - SOAKED IN BOILED WATER. I soaked them for 2 hours in a covered bowl, then heated them gently and simmered them for about an hour, until the prunes become rehydrated and soft. 1/2 can of coconut milk pinch of cinnamon 1 tsp raw cacao powder (ensure no added sugar/sweeteners, must be 100% cacao) I blend it for the reasons outlined above, but if you don't want to do that (and I'm definitely not encouraging non compliant eating, just that in my case I can't cope with solids if I get, ahem, a blockage) add the coconut milk to the prunes with the cinnamon and cacao powder and I guess you could eat it a bit like a porridge. It works better if it's warm, and I also drink a glass of warm water and lemon juice after it. Some reason the combination of the soaked prunes and the coconut milk just works - and I'd rather that than taking laxatives, which I used to be dependent on until going Paleo.
  5. pandagirl

    Stomach pains and bloating

    I'd suggest probiotics as well - they work quite well for me in conjunction with enzymes.
  6. Sigh. Coeliac disease is an autoimmune condition and it can't be caused by abstaining from gluten and then eating it again. It's much more likely you were coeliac before and that just brought it to a head, your gut would have started to heal when you were off the gluten and then when you went back on it, the gluten caused damage again and the symptoms started to show. Coeliacs can be asymptomatic for a long time, some people never find out. The ignorance of the medical profession at times boggles the mind! Have your kids been tested? It can (but doesn't always) run in families. I have heard you can create intolerance (as opposed to full blown coeliac) by abstaining from a certain food from a period of time and then reintroducing it. Kinda happened to me with dairy after spending a year in Asia where I never ate it. But if you don't eat dairy your body stops producing lactase, which is the enzyme needed to digest it, I imagine a similar thing could happen with gluten. Both dairy and gluten are a) quite allergenic anyway and often adulterated and hyper refined with all sorts of crap. I can see where Robb Wolf is coming from on that one, but I can't imagine you'd get the same result if you abstained from, say, peaches, for a year, and then ate a bunch of them. Not much you can do about what your ex does in his house - if they eat paleo with you though they may lose the taste for some of those junky foods. Some foods I used to like now taste awful, so the tastes can change. However, if one or both kids turn out to be coeliac he will have to make changes.
  7. pandagirl

    Stomach pains and bloating

    Raw veg, yup that can cause the bloating! I'm usually ok with spinach, but raw tomatoes cause terrible problems for me, as does broccoli, cooked or raw. If you weren't used to eating many veggies before, and have suddenly upped the intake, it could take a while for the body to get used to it. Upping the fat intake will help as well.
  8. I reckon pretty normal. It takes time for our bodies to get used to a new way of eating. Your sugar demon is calling, and bingeing on junk will only feed it. But I'm sure you know this! I gave in to cravings after 10 days, so I absolutely know how this feels, but trust me you will not feel better for it, it will not make your diet better in any way shape or form, and it will not make it easier to eat paleo long term. I was getting cravings I think because I needed to eat more - I wasn't feeling satisfied because I was still calorie restricting. Maybe you need to eat a bit more at meal times, or include some more carbs like sweet potatoes or root veg? I do know how much it can suck though to feel like this. But keep going. Honestly, you will feel better for it in the end.
  9. Hi, I'm 30 and have been dx with Crohns for 5 years. Paleo is the only diet that's ever come close to getting me med free. Best of luck - I'll keep up with your blog, loving the sweet potato hash!
  10. pandagirl

    Binge ruined my Whole30

    Brilliant! That's so good to hear. I'm doing ok not logging, just anxious about weight gain. But it is quite something not to be thinking about food all the time - I feel like a weight has gone. And I don't snack nearly as much - I reckon it is that "calories over" mentality. I probably do eat more at meal times, but I'm definitely not grazing as much at all. I generally only eat outside of meal times if I am going to work out. Definitely developing better habits without MFP and hoping to give W30 another crack in a few weeks time.
  11. pandagirl

    Slim Rice

    I figured as much. I did struggle to see the point of it, and I definitely wasn't sure about the whole "eaten in Asia for centuries" claim....not sure where in Asia, having spent a lot of time in South East Asia and Japan and travelled in China, and never seen anything like it. They ate, shock horror, real rice. and I rarely saw anyone overweight, let alone obese. I just kinda wondered if anyone here had heard of it. Seems new over here (UK). I've heard of the cauliflower rice thing, unfortunately it's one of those veggies that has a really bad effect on me (Crohns) so I have to pass on that one, though it does sound nice.
  12. pandagirl

    Slim Rice

    Not tried the stuff yet, but I'm curious. It seems to be made of some kind of vegetable fibre called Moyu. Ingredients are water, Moyu, and calcium hydroxide. I think the point of it is to make you feel full on few calories....I guess for Whole30 purposes it would fit with being a kind of "junk imitation food" and therefore would be out. I'm not really down with "diet foods" in general but it did grab my attention, being gluten and grain free and ostensibly not made from anything rubbish.
  13. pandagirl

    TMI POST...Constipation. Help!

    Cauliflower can be quite irritating on the digestive system, ditto raw onions. And eggs are notorious for, ahem, blocking the pipes, so I'd go easy on those if you're having trouble with constipation. I also wonder if you're getting enough fat there?
  14. Oh man, dried fruit is food crack to me. I'd rather have that than sweets. But they definitely do feed that sugar demon. I know I'll have to leave them out of my whole30. I'd suggest switching to fresh fruit instead and then cutting that down day by day if you're finding it tough.
  15. gin, thats good you're managing and getting good results. I used to live on rice if I had a flare, but I'm pretty sure that was contributing to the problems. I've now been diagnosed with small intestine bacterial overgrowth as well, so I will be re-starting Whole30 again to try and address that, along with probiotics and vitamins/supplements. I can't take antibiotics for it (the conventional treatment option), because of the azathioprine which messes with the immune system, and the last time I took antibiotics I ended up with recurring thrush and a nasty rash, which I think was probably a systemic candida infection. Oh the joys. I'm pretty sure the bacterial overgrowth has been caused by the PPI's I took for gastric ulcers, which have now caused an insufficiency of stomach acid so I can't digest certain things well at all. So, doctor has suggested low carbohydrate diet, no sugar, no alcohol, (so basically whole30 then!!) and high strength probiotics. Have done a bit of research into natural remedies for it and it also suggests glutamine and digestive enzymes may be helpful too so will look into that.