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  1. English teacher Kate

    FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    This morning, I proudly told my husband: Today is my last day of Whole 30! to which he responded, "wait, isn't Thursday your last day?" Oh. Yes. Yes, it is. Haha - my brain must be ready I am planning on doing the 10 day reintroduction. I think a good point that the W30 cookbook makes is that you must do the Whole 30 in order to do re-introductions - in my mind, don't waste all the hard work of Whole 30 by not carefully reintroducing. I am REALLY looking forward to a gluten free beer on Friday! But, other than that, I am really not missing anything in particular. Oh wait, I do miss things that I never really even ate when off the Whole 30: Krispy Kreme donuts, cupcakes, and petit-fours! I think I will keep pretty much to the plan in the future: I don't really miss rice, flour, chips, or even cheese. I feel like I am much more satisfied with the way I look in profile - funny! And I am also pleased that I've been able to deal, face on, with addiction issues that I have. Good luck and congratulations, everyone!
  2. English teacher Kate

    FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    Day 26! Big NSV for me last night: no beers at band practice! Guys are drinking the finest craft beers, and I'm drinking ginger tea.... It was challenging, but I also played better. My drumming was tighter, I could anticipate other members' directions, and I didn't get as tired. I went to bed happy and worn out after a handful of cashew nuts. Happy Sunday, all. Here's a photo of breakfast: sautéed spinach and bell pepper, fried eggs, and an avocado. Oh thank God for giving me an unwavering affection for eggs.
  3. English teacher Kate

    FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    Hi all, and day 20 here. I just want to chime in that this 30 days is hard for lots of reasons, and one of those reasons is that it has an effect on all parts of our lives. For instance, my husband is not doing the plan, and things are a little tense between us. We're used to commiserating about our days over a few beers. Of course, it's possible to still commiserate over Kombucha, but I get the distinct feeling that my new nutritional state isn't exactly giving him the warm fuzzies! I try to remember that this is my interest and my idea, and it's not fair or realistic to need an infinite amount of support from him or anyone else who is not along for the ride. So, I just want to say "hang in there" because these times are tough, but that's THE sign that something positive is happening - you're breaking through to a new version of yourself, and while that's not always a super comfortable transition, it is to be honored and trusted. So, cry (like me) over your scrambled eggs, but then give yourself a pat on the back for trying to conscientiously become a better version of yourself. A better version of yourself FOR yourself and for the ones you love. We all know in our heart of hearts that are bodies are thanking us for this focused and clean living, even if we haven't received a handwritten note from our waistlines. I am telling myself this as a booster because I'm struggling, too. I just wanted to reach out and give a internet-hug to all of us getting "emotional"; meaning, we're tuning in to our bodies and our realities and we're taking an honest look at habits, impulses, and the places where we go auto pilot. Our bodies appreciate the time we are spending on them! I know I feel it - at least here and there and more and more with every past hurdle that I leap. Let us keep fighting this good (and sometimes fun) fight
  4. English teacher Kate

    breaded fish

    Day 13 here! Feeling very sllooooowww in the brain... I am a pescaterian, and I wonder if I'm not getting enough fat/protein? 3-4 eggs in am with a green and sweet potato lunch is usually tuna or salmon salad and veggie/fruit dinner is another type of fish plus potato and a veggie. I do have cooking fat, usually olive oil, with each meal. Snacks are fruit or a handful of nuts. Any advice or feedback is very welcome. Happy Monday, all! PS: never did I think I'd be querying a forum on how to get more fat into my diet!
  5. English teacher Kate

    FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    HELP!! It's Day 10, and I accidentally ate a Spearmint Lifesaver!! Do y'all think I need to start over?! To treat myself for making it to the dreaded day 10, I scheduled an acupuncture treatment at our community clinic. To underscore my problem with habitual consumption, I popped a piece of candy in my mouth like I always do -when I'm there-. It did not even occur to me until I was finished with the darn thing!! So much for the "treat" acupuncture! I spent the next hour deciding whether I need to start over. I hope I can get moderator advice here. Darn it!! It was so unthinking. There's a billion things I would have rather cheated with. Just this morning, I was journaling that I'd never quit today or tomorrow and have to start all over. And here I am? Am I to have a Feb. 11 start date?
  6. English teacher Kate

    FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    Day 5 and yesterday I could-not-stop-crying. Today feels gloomy again in my interior landscape, but I had a great breakfast of leftover roasted sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts (see, just trying to spell Brussels put me in a grumpy funk!) with fried eggs on top and an avocado. I definitely don't feel hungry unless, like yesterday, I did not have lunch (sub cafe Americano while I cried on the phone to my bestie) and ate dinner late and then felt hungry before bed but didn't want to eat so close to sleepy time. I did some relaxing yoga and took a bath and fell into a restless sleep; hopefully my husband is a perfect gentleman today! Thank goodness that he has the Super Bowl. I will miss beer during the game, but I did purchase some Kombucha, so I plan to take others' advice and enjoy that over ice. Here's to my body being freed of false foods! Good luck all
  7. English teacher Kate

    FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    Ha! I won a CERTIFICATE that I printed on my home printer! I then posed for a selfie with it in front of me GREAT honors!
  8. English teacher Kate

    FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    Hello all! I am Kate from MD and I'm excited to start this program. I began today, February 1, with sautéed spinach, onion, and garlic with fried eggs on top. It was delicious! I am a pescatarian, so I am somewhat nervous about being starving all the time, but if today's first meal is any indication I think I'll be okay. Like many of you, I pulled most of the recipes for my week 1 from the book. I am looking forward to beets, oranges, sweet potato soup, roasted squash, grilled shrimp, and mahi-mahi! I also procured some glass tupperware to make a handful of the suggested sauces each week. I am also somewhat nervous about the gastronomical dearth that is the mid Atlantic region in February, especially since we don't eat land animals. However, I love to cook and eat and I am excited about trying something new. I find a month long experiment to be really fun! I recently completed National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November and I was able to "win" with 50,000 words written. While I heeded the advice of the authors and did not weigh myself before beginning, my husband did take "before" shots against a backdrop (which the authors do suggest) to compare with the "after" shots I'll take on March 2. He so kindly (and wisely) mentioned that he wanted to save the "before" pictures to his cell phone desktop! I am so thankful to have his support even while he is not doing it with me. I am going to MISS the goat cheese from Costco and, especially, BEER! Namely, India Pale Ales! My husband and I went out to eat last night and I had a goat cheese fondue and Suicide Blonde IPA from our local brewery Red Shedman! I said a long goodbye I wish the best of luck to us all!