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  1. Started today! Feb 2nd

    Typical day: Wakeup 6:30 AM Workout 8-10 AM Teach class/workout 5:30-6:30 PM Occasionally I have an extra class in there or private client where I'm not doing the whole class, but have to demonstrate some of the movements so am doing some physical activity but not full on workout. Thanks for your help!
  2. Started today! Feb 2nd

    Day 5, I've normalized a bit & I figured out my post workout snack. Half a can of tuna & some kind of veg, usually celery, bell pepper slices, or sweet potatoes (those hold me the best). I am a fitness instructor so workout minimum of 2 hours/day, sometimes 4-6 hrs/day so I'm crazy hungry ALL the time. Kinda how I got myself in this mess of bad eating patterns. But my typical day now that I started Whole30: Breakfast: 2 eggs + 1/2 avocado + 1 grapefruit post workout snack: 1/2 can tuna + veggies lunch: big salad with protein mid-afternoon snack: apple + almond butter dinner: something from Whole30 or WellFed cookbooks bedtime snack: fruit + handful walnuts + handful shredded coconut + splash coconut milk & Kombucha I'm worried I'm eating too much fruit, the book said "occasional fruit". What do you think? Any other ideas? It also said don't snack all day?? Thanks!
  3. Started today! Feb 2nd

    It's bedtime & I'm wigging out for food! AHHH! I missed my post workout snack this AM because I didn't realize until too late it had soy in it. This set my whole day in a spiral. I found myself face first in a bowl of guacamole before lunch. I feel like I can't eat anything. HELP I need a private chef & shopper!!!