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  1. Good morning! I’m starting today! This will be my 4th time completing the Whole30 with several failed attempts in between. I am prepped and ready to go!

    Meal 1: eggs, spinach, roasted potatoes

    Meal 2: Chicken Cacciatore with Zoodles from the Whole30 Slowcooker cookbook

    Meal 3: Asian Pot Roast with Shiirakes and Snow Peas from the Slowcooker Cookbook

    I bought a gallon water jug to make sure I’m hydrated. My workout will be a 45min Peloton ride before work and a 45 min walk after work to get fresh air. I live in Clearwater, FL so I have 0 excuses to get outside daily. I’m also doing a daily devotion. This is my year to focus on self-care. 

    I started a thing 3 years ago called No Planuary. It’s where I make 0 plans in January and just focus on myself. 

    can’t wait to see everyone’s progress and support each other!

  2. Good morning! Today I’m starting the Whole30 with a bunch of friends all in different states. 

    My name is Emily. I live in Clearwater, FL. I’m 37. I will also be working out on my Peloton that I just bought. I’m all in on changing my health and caring about myself in 2021.

    Who else is starting today?