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  1. All set to start March 15th...

    We are 2/3 of the way there! Hope everyone is starting to have some NSV's. Would love to hear how everyone is doing. I'm still not sleeping thru the night, but the quality when I am sleeping is much better. I'm starting to plan my reintroductions. Last time all I could think of was finishing and didn't plan well. I'm not really craving anything other than wanting the rules to relax a bit. I think I will do the recommended 10 day intro. Anyone else thinking of reintroduction yet? I still eat too much fruit, but not every day. I focused on healthy fat each meal and that influenced me being satiated with smaller food portions in general. A huge win is a guy in my yoga class asked what I had been doing because I looked great and if I could talk to he and his girlfriend about it.
  2. All set to start March 15th...

    @Ready4Results I don't eat red meat, but I have had a lot of ground turkey, one of our favorites is from the first whole 30 book, it is the stuffed peppers and I put tons of other veggies in it. I don't stuff the peppers anymore just seasoned meat. Some times I have it on additional spinach and eggs in the morning. In Melissa Joulwan's well fed, there are many other ways to spice the ground meats. I need to be a bit more adventurous. I do a lot of sheet pan chicken thighs with roasted veggies. The internet is full of marinade options. At least once a week or twice a week I have shrimp or scallops. Looking online or in cookbooks for compliant recipes. I make the butternut squash soup and add langostino I get at Costco or Trader Joe's for protein. I will also bake chicken tenders and use a dipping sauce. Love the roasted red pepper, romanesco and sunshine sauce in whole 30 book. Not sure this was helpful, just sharing. My biggest struggle continues to be getting enough fat in every meal, and keeping to 1-2 servings of fruit. Someone said how much is habits and in our heads and that certainly applies to me too.
  3. All set to start March 15th...

    It isn't the link, since I haven't figured out how to do this, maybe this will help you find it. it is under the forum topic whole30 for athletes Pre/Post-Workout Meal Suggestions? Started by malie, May 22, 2013 Hope day 4 is going well.
  4. All set to start March 15th...

    Everyone is doing fabulously, already some great NSV's. I found an interesting thread on pre/post workout meals. I never really focused on that last round. I found it a little confusing. It is under the athletes topic and the title is pre/post-meal suggestions? If interested. It also talks about what type of workout warrants an extra meal. BB if you find some great crock pot recipes let us know. I don't eat read meat so what you did with turkey is interesting. And awesome results last time, What a nice mix of first timers and people on our second round. Happy day 3 all!
  5. All set to start March 15th...

    I should have mentioned this on the issue of weighing. After I depressed myself, I found a dress that used to fit and didn't any more. I would try it on when ever I needed some motivation. By the end of 30 days it zipped up and I could breathe in it. Still a bit tight to wear out to dinner. Maybe at the end of this round. Hope I wasn't too harsh before. Sorry if I was. I don't want to offend anyone
  6. All set to start March 15th...

    I'm not very good a responding to forums the official way, but I'll try to comment on questions. Welcome Maine girl, I grew up in Maine and still go back frequently to visit family. Ready4results, great job being compliant. How about next networking morning you eat a large compliant breakfast first, then just have coffee at the meeting. I found that starting with a much larger than I thought necessary meal 1 set me up for a much more successful day. Also make sure you are eating enough fat. This is an area I'm focusing on this round because I didn't last time. BB The headaches are coming, it will be different for everyone how long they last. Do you like herb teas? I found that when I thought I was hungry, I really just wanted something to do with myself. I drink them after dinner too instead of dessert. I wouldn't worry about working out just yet, I know it's cold and snowy there. Maybe some stretching or bundle up for a quick walk. Spend some time thinking of what type of exercise interests and excites you so you will be ready when you feel better. Also please don't weigh yourself. I thought I was one of those people too. And I did weigh myself, it didn't help and made me want to quit. I don't mean to depress anyone, but it took me until about the third week to really see much of a body change, but it WILL happen if you follow the meal template. I wouldn't be doing round 2 if it didn't. good luck everyone today, if you haven't yet look for the timeline on the whole 30 website, it is super helpful. Have a great day 2
  7. All set to start March 15th...

    BB congrats on saying no thanks today. The more you say it the easier it will get. Deborah hope you feel better tomorrow. Glad your here Debbie, another who is on round 2 for the same reason I am. I would make a suggestion for everyone. Take before and after pictures. I only lost 5 pounds last time, and then another 3, but the pictures were amazing in the difference. what is my motivation? I would love to be able to sleep thru the night, have more energy, no afternoon slump, and improve my mood, memory, and Brain fog on a daily basis. I was feeling aches in my joints and I need to lose another 10-15 pounds. Much of that improved during my 1st round. Now my motivation additionally is to get back to a clean state and do a proper reintroduction. Day 1 is in the bank for me. Night time nibbles were never my issue. how did everyone do?
  8. All set to start March 15th...

    Good morning, today is also my day 1. I just completed my first whole 30 on February 25th. Unfortunately I didn't plan very well and headed out of town immediately after for a week came home for 5 days and then left again. So I didn't properly do my reintroduction. I agree with BB I've read 2nd time is difficult. I didn't participate in the forum round 1 and would like to join you for support and I can give some thoughts on my first round if anyone has questions. hope everyone is having a good day
  9. Day 31; 2 questions

    Thank you so much for your prompt response. You provided some great suggestions and links to additional information. Very much appreciated
  10. Day 31; 2 questions

    I successfully made it to day 31 on my first whole 30. I have a number of NSV, but do not think my tiger blood is roaring as strong as I would like it to be and I'm still not sleeping thru the night. But is is SO much better than before. I ran into two people I hadn't seen in about 3 weeks yesterday and they both said how fabulous I looked and what had I been doing. I am very encouraged that I am heading in the right direction and nurishing my body with Whole Foods makes so much sense. I lost 5 pounds and 2% body fat. When I've evaluated my food log against the template, I had too many servings of fruit. 3-5 vs recommended 0-2. The fruit did not awaken my sugar dragon. She is asleep, Now for my 2 questions. 1. Should I reintroduce now or add on another 15-30 days? I would like to lose another 15 ish pounds, sleep thru the night and increase energy levels, eventually. Another option I thought about is only introducing "worth it" food when it crosses my path in the next 30-60 days and then do a full reintroduction. 2. Did the fact I had too many servings of fruit impact my weight loss, sleep and energy. I know everyone's body is different. I do power yoga 6 days a week. And ride my horse 5 days a week. I'm 55 if that matters. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Reintroduction is much harder than the first 30 days.