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    Thank you; I do realize that, but for personal reasons I want to be as careful and compliant as I can. I already have a call in to my Dr asking if I can take any brand of Magnesium Citrate 1900 since that is the requirement or if it needs to be specifically the one prescribed.
  2. malamusa


    My Dr prescribed MagCitra which contains a trace amount of maltodextrin, yet the box states ‘no added sugar or salt’ and free from gluten, soy, etc. Am I still Whole30 compliant if I continue to take this?
  3. I successfully completed 3 Whole 30’s and a couple of 2 week resets over the past year and a half. I was comfortable with what I thought was true food freedom until about 6 weeks ago, when I left the country for a 6 week extended vacation. I started out making conscious choices to exercise my food freedom, but before I knew it, one more bagel and unfamiliar chocolates all became OK. My biggest disappointment in myself is that I started justifying again...”oh it’s OK, I’m on vacation...’I can’t pass this up’...’It’s my birthday’... ‘ but today’s the baby sprinkle’...’I don’t have the time to prep’...’one more won’t hurt’ ...’I haven’t seen them in sooo long’...etc, etc, etc. I thought I had conquered my sugar dragon and healed my relationship with food, but now I find myself back at square 1...maybe square 2 because I do know, understand, and believe in all the technical info and I understand and had been successful (for a time) in exercising my food freedom the right way. I am living outside of the US right now so hiring a Whole30 coach and finding many compliant prepared foods are out out of the question. (fortunately I brought 3 bottles of coconut aminos with me). Can anyone PLEASE give me some advise on how to come out of the woe is me, guilty failure mindset? I am starting a Whole30 on the 15th when I go back to work, jet lag gets better, and I can be fully prepped for success. Tired of feeling sorry for myself, malamusa
  4. malamusa

    Are you new here? Welcome!

    Thank you Shannon. It really helped to read that information again. I am definitely going to write down my non-scale victories which are considerable. I am trying...
  5. malamusa

    Are you new here? Welcome!

    Hi All, I am new to this forum; however, I just completed my first Whole30. I was feeling a lot better, but even though I wasn't supposed to focus on weight loss, it was always in the back of my mind. I decided a week ago, BTW, that I would be continuing for a Whole90! Anyway, I got on the scale this morning (day 31) to find that I had only lost 8 lbs. I am only 5 feet tall and was 205 pounds when I started-HUGE. I expected to lose at least 10 lbs and so I am very disappointed. I am trying to fight the feeling of disappointment, but I cannot seem to do that right now. I have always had a weight issue and in my lifetime of 58 years I have lost and gained at least 280 lbs. so I am sure this has had a negative impact on my metabolism. I cannot do high impact exercise due to arthritis in my knees and spine as well as disc herniation and degeneration at L4-L5 and L5-S1. I want to continue eating clean like this and I certainly have experienced other improvements in my health, but I cannot stop feeling this sense of defeat and disappointment. Is there any way I can continue on the Whole30 and continue to lose a substantial amount of weight weight? PLEASE help me...