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  1. malamusa


    Thank you; I do realize that, but for personal reasons I want to be as careful and compliant as I can. I already have a call in to my Dr asking if I can take any brand of Magnesium Citrate 1900 since that is the requirement or if it needs to be specifically the one prescribed.
  2. malamusa


    My Dr prescribed MagCitra which contains a trace amount of maltodextrin, yet the box states ‘no added sugar or salt’ and free from gluten, soy, etc. Am I still Whole30 compliant if I continue to take this?
  3. I successfully completed 3 Whole 30’s and a couple of 2 week resets over the past year and a half. I was comfortable with what I thought was true food freedom until about 6 weeks ago, when I left the country for a 6 week extended vacation. I started out making conscious choices to exercise my food freedom, but before I knew it, one more bagel and unfamiliar chocolates all became OK. My biggest disappointment in myself is that I started justifying again...”oh it’s OK, I’m on vacation...’I can’t pass this up’...’It’s my birthday’... ‘ but today’s the baby sprinkle’...’I don’t have the time to prep’...’one more won’t hurt’ ...’I haven’t seen them in sooo long’...etc, etc, etc. I thought I had conquered my sugar dragon and healed my relationship with food, but now I find myself back at square 1...maybe square 2 because I do know, understand, and believe in all the technical info and I understand and had been successful (for a time) in exercising my food freedom the right way. I am living outside of the US right now so hiring a Whole30 coach and finding many compliant prepared foods are out out of the question. (fortunately I brought 3 bottles of coconut aminos with me). Can anyone PLEASE give me some advise on how to come out of the woe is me, guilty failure mindset? I am starting a Whole30 on the 15th when I go back to work, jet lag gets better, and I can be fully prepped for success. Tired of feeling sorry for myself, malamusa
  4. malamusa

    Guar Gum

    Just exercising my food freedom-I don't need it to be thick, but I LIKE it that way and adding guar gum seems like a safe way to thicken it and not risk awakening my sugar dragon or causing other food-related issues. Thanks
  5. malamusa

    Guar Gum

    Hi All, My question is a little strange, but I hope someone has the answer. I know that Guar Gum is an additive that is allowable as an ingredient on the Whole30. My question is would it be allowable to add a quarter of a teaspoon of the powder to the almond/coconut milk I froth up and put in my coffee in the morning? The Guar Gum has no taste so it isn't mimicking sweetness (like dates would)-it just thickens things up a bit. Curious...
  6. malamusa

    Trader Joe's Coconut Aminos?

  7. Can I have Trader Joe's brand of Coconut Aminos? It is half the price of Coconut Secret-even online. Thanks for checking, Jane
  8. malamusa

    HELP: Whole30 Lifestyle

    Thank you-I am starting again for sure! In retrospect-it was kind of a stupid post because I knew the answer all along-guess I just wanted to vent
  9. Hi, I have been following the Whole30 since January with some days (since June) of allowing foods I decide are 'worth it' in between (as presented in Food Freedom Forever). I am still feeling great and in addition to all the Whole30 benefits I have lost 55 lbs. My problem is that I just intentionally started a Whole30 reset on November 1st and today, November 2, I decided that 2 chocolate Kisses were 'worth it'. Hmmm-confusing ...I am not sure if I should restart my full Whole30 reset again or just continue as if I am "a post Whole30" person. Please advise.
  10. malamusa

    Let's get real...

    Thank you for your help and support!
  11. malamusa

    Let's get real...

    Thanks to all. I started my second Whole30 today. (I was mostly compliant during my week off too and did not reintroduce anything other than a piece of dried pineapple which may have had added sugar...) What I have decided to try is my usual compliant breakfast at 6, tuna or a hard boiled egg and salad at 10:30-11 with possibly a tangerine or berries (meal 2), and my usual meal 3 with hubby at 4 ish. If I get physically hungry between 4-7 I will have a salad. Does that sound good?
  12. malamusa

    Let's get real...

    I appreciate your replies but I was wondering if you noticed the timeframes. I come home from work between 3:30 and 4 and at that time my husband and I eat a full meal according to the template. I eat a template breakfast at 6am. I feel physically hungry between 6am and 4pm, so I feel that I need to eat something then, and I feel hungry around 7:30 pm. If I eat a template meal at 11-12, (I can incorporate hardboiled eggs or maybe tuna into my 11-12 'meal' as suggested), but then its only3-31/2 hours until I eat a full meal with my husband and that will not change. This still leaves me hungry when I go to bed at 9:30-10. What about the health issues and fruit? I am not trying to be difficult, but I really want this plan to work for me. Considering this schedule and these time concerns, any suggestions?
  13. Hello everybody. I decided to try a Whole30 because a dear friend of mine, also overweight, lost 15 lbs. and decreased her A1C level considerably. She feels much better, looks better, and is happily continuing on another Whole30. I don't have Diabetes and am not pre diabetic, but I am about 60 lbs. overweight with knee problems, back issues, mood issues and insomnia. I am happy to say that my insomnia is gone, my knee issues are much improved, I am a lot less bloated (wedding rings and watch fit better) and my bathroom habits are considerably improved-many non-scale victories as you call them...BUT I only lost 8 lbs. I know this is far better than gaining or staying the same and I am going to do another Whole30 starting Sunday BUT here's the real part...I have been told repeatedly that my health complaints will improve significantly with weight loss so I want and need to lose weight. Thats the reality for many people I have spoken to who have decided to start eating clean. I have been told never to eat only 3 large meals with no snacks in-between (by doctors and trainers)-the Whole30 says don't snack in between meals or have 6 smaller meals.... I have been told by doctors not to eat fruit WITH a meal or right after because it ferments or causes digestion issues-Whole30 says don't eat fruit between meals. I know that fruit is healthy and low glycemic choices like apples and oranges should be included in a healthy lifestyle diet. So...what to do? I am not willing to eliminate fruit-I have tried to limit it as best I can, but this doesn't work for me. Does that mean I am a Whole30 failure and its not the plan for me despite my non-scale victories? I live and work overseas, so our main meal happens at 3:30 in the afternoon. We usually do not eat after that meal-maybe an apple with cashew butter occasionally before 7. I sleep at 9:30. I work in a school so I eat breakfast at 6am before I leave the house (no, I cannot eat when I get to school). If I don't eat something before 3:30 I am starving and I cannot function effectively so during my Whole30 I ate an orange or berries, and carrot, cucumber, pepper, and celery sticks with Whole30 ranch dip at 11 or 12-no protein. Can this be considered meal 2? I really don't know how to manage under these circumstances and I need to lose weight!!! I didn't go on the scale for the entire month, but weight loss, despite your suggestions, was always and will continue to be in the back (sometimes front) of my mind as it is with many other Whole30ers (who might not want to admit it). So...any suggestions of how to make the Whole30 work with my schedule while losing weight? Also-no Coconut Aminos in this country-can I use compliant vegetable broth instead or is there another substitute? Thanks for any advice forthcoming and please don't get me wrong-the program has done a lot for me and I want to continue but I need someone to tell me how to be 100% (or even 97%) compliant considering my schedule and unwillingness to eliminate fruit at noon...
  14. malamusa

    Are you new here? Welcome!

    Thank you Shannon. It really helped to read that information again. I am definitely going to write down my non-scale victories which are considerable. I am trying...
  15. malamusa

    Are you new here? Welcome!

    Hi All, I am new to this forum; however, I just completed my first Whole30. I was feeling a lot better, but even though I wasn't supposed to focus on weight loss, it was always in the back of my mind. I decided a week ago, BTW, that I would be continuing for a Whole90! Anyway, I got on the scale this morning (day 31) to find that I had only lost 8 lbs. I am only 5 feet tall and was 205 pounds when I started-HUGE. I expected to lose at least 10 lbs and so I am very disappointed. I am trying to fight the feeling of disappointment, but I cannot seem to do that right now. I have always had a weight issue and in my lifetime of 58 years I have lost and gained at least 280 lbs. so I am sure this has had a negative impact on my metabolism. I cannot do high impact exercise due to arthritis in my knees and spine as well as disc herniation and degeneration at L4-L5 and L5-S1. I want to continue eating clean like this and I certainly have experienced other improvements in my health, but I cannot stop feeling this sense of defeat and disappointment. Is there any way I can continue on the Whole30 and continue to lose a substantial amount of weight weight? PLEASE help me...