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  1. Bethany Stewart

    Bethany's Whole 30 Log

    Day 11 (Feb 15) Didn't have my normal poo this morning, except for a little splotchy one that came out after breakfast. Pretty tired upon waking, even though I slept like a rock. Breakfast: 1 cup of black coffee before breakfast 1 cup of coffee blended w/a couple teaspoons of coconut butter, a scoop of VP collagen, and 1/2 tsp adaptogen blend during breakfast leftover sauteed pork and veggies (from lunch yesterday) w/fried egg on top forkful of homemade sauerkraut raw cucumber and red bell pepper Once again, I feel weird after breakfast - sluggish, tired, mentally foggy, kind of negative about this whole process - thinking that I'll never make it over the hump and find the Tiger Blood I've been hunting. Also a little uncomfortable from a digestive perspective - it's hard to describe other than just saying that my digestion feels sluggish. The past few days I feel like I've just been kind of negative overall. I want to make an effort today to consciously look for NSVs - I need some encouragement. Lunch: Raw cucumbers, carrots, bell pepper Leftover sweet potato chicken poppers About a cup of homemade cashew milk blended with about half a cup of mixed berries and 2 tsp chia seeds I'm guessing that what I'm feeling so far today is a food sensitivity - this just feels like more than the typical Whole 30 adjustment phase - loose stools, digestive discomfort (not quite nausea, just an unsettled feeling), fatigue and sluggishness to the point that I feel like I'm sleep-walking. I think I've been having too many eggs lately, considering that these are similar symptoms that I had a couple of months ago as a reaction to eggs. Game plan: cut out eggs again and see if things improve. Dinner: lamb stew (Description: sparkling water w/100% juice handful of roasted nuts
  2. Bethany Stewart

    Bethany's Whole 30 Log

    Day 10 (Feb 14): last night's bloating was gone upon waking up, pooped after morning coffee (loose stools) Breakfast: coffee w/homemade cashew milk, coconut oil, collagen, cinnamon, 4 Sig 10 Mushroom Blend mixed w/Adaptogen Blend leftover sweet potato chicken poppers Description: dip: homemade mayo w/chili pepper powder, cumin, cilantro raw red bell pepper and cucumber kiwi Felt a little weird about an hour after eating - minor bloating, lethargy, a little nausea - this might just be PMS! Update: 12:30pm - About to eat lunch. I've been dragging all morning...just feel overall very tired, brain foggy. Wish the Tiger Blood magic could start to kick in soon! Lunch: lemon water sauteed ground pork, onions, bok choy, and carrots with homemade balsamic/olive oil dressing forkful of homemade sauerkraut a few strawberries Felt better after lunch - pretty consistent energy/decent mental clarity throughout the afternoon. Dinner: hot pot at a restaurant - no rice, lots of veggies cooked in a (very salty) broth, lamb, shrimp, clams, and an egg as protein orange after dinner Felt good after dinner too - no significant bloating or energy crash.
  3. Bethany Stewart

    Bethany's Whole 30 Log

    Haven't posted here lately because I've been too busy (and tired in the evenings) to journal, but I need to keep better track of what I'm eating after some digestive symptoms flared up last night. Here was my dinner last night (day 9): leftover fish from the Thai restaurant (this could be the culprit because I'm not sure about what they use for their marinade/soup) leftover homemade red Thai curry soup ( steamed potatoes and spinach w/coconut oil, salt, pepper (the potatoes could also be a culprit because I had some headache/lethargy after potatoes on day 3) sautteed apples with pumpkin pie spice and coconut oil Symptoms: abdominal bloating/distension (lower abdomen felt hard) Of note: my period should be starting within a day or two
  4. Bethany Stewart

    Bethany's Whole 30 Log

    Days 5 and 6 have been a lot more difficult. Out of nowhere, I started feeling extremely tired and physically weak, waking up exhausted no matter how much sleep I'm getting, and feeling a bit more emotionally up-and-down than usual. My goal the past couple of days has been to just hang on and make sure I'm eating enough - my gut (and the Whole 30 timeline) tells me that this is going to pass pretty soon.
  5. Bethany Stewart

    Bethany's Whole 30 Log

    Day 4 Today's NSVs: I've been maintaining regular bowel movements, which I'm really happy about because I typically struggle with constipation after making changes to my diet (it was a problem during my first Whole 30). Also no lethargy/headaches after dinner, like yesterday! It was a good, pretty normal day. Like yesterday, I'm having decent, consistent energy throughout the day. I'm still having two cups of coffee per day but am hoping to cut it down to one after I get past the first week or two of Whole 30. Sleep wasn't great last night - woke up a lot and felt restless. Hope that improves tonight. Another day in the bag!
  6. I'm on day 3 of my Whole 30 and have been feeling good overall. However, I noticed after dinner tonight that about 30 minutes or so after the meal, I got a dull headache and started feeling really tired and lethargic. I know these are common symptoms the first few days of the Whole 30, but this happened right after eating - I felt pretty normal throughout the day otherwise. Here's what I ate for dinner right before the symptoms started: chicken "nuggets" (recipe) - 1 total chicken breast paleo ranch dressing for dip steamed potatoes and broccoli, tossed with coconut oil (I probably ate about half of a potato and half a head of broccoli) half of a (fairly large) papaya Does this sound like a blood sugar reaction? Maybe too many carbs for one meal? I estimate that I probably had around 30 grams of carbs or so for this meal and didn't have a lot of physical activity to offset it. Or does it sound more like a food sensitivity? Does anyone have any insight? I think my plan is to see if these symptoms show up again in the coming days and make note of what I ate. I know it's impossible for anyone to tell me for sure, but I just thought I'd throw this out here. Thanks!
  7. Bethany Stewart

    Bethany's Whole 30 Log

    Day 3 - my favorite meal today was the Paleo "Chick Fil-A" recipe by Steph Gaudreau: I thought about whether this would qualify as SWYPO or not, and decided that since chicken nuggets aren't a "trigger" for me by any means, using this recipe would be fine. I made the Paleo Ranch Dressing linked in the recipe as well and it was AMAZING. The flavors were on point, the texture of the chicken was just right. Along with the chicken and ranch dip, I steamed some potatoes and broccoli and tossed it with coconut oil, salt, and pepper. I had a half of a papaya on the side and I'm feeling full (in a good, satisfied way) now. Energy-wise, it was a pretty steady day - no drastic ups or downs. I know I can feel better than this, but I'm encouraged because it feels like I'm heading in the right direction. The sugar cravings have died down a lot today. Overall, I'm feeling very content with the delicious food I get to eat and the limitations aren't bothering me much psychologically, even when I go to the grocery store and see all the stuff I "can't" have.
  8. Bethany Stewart

    Detox February - NEW

    Well this is a fun thread! I'm on the February Whole30 train as well. Wishing everyone the best!
  9. Bethany Stewart

    Bethany's Whole 30 Log

    Day 2 - SO MUCH BETTER THAN YESTERDAY. It's like I can feel my body breathing a sigh of relief and coming back into balance. I still needed two cups of coffee today, but I can feel my energy returning already. Got a lot of outdoor time today (the weather was really mild and sunny today) and I think that really helped me feel more grounded. The meals have been really simple these two days - my favorite was loaded baked potatoes that my husband made for dinner tonight, with ground pork, coconut oil, sauteed onions and garlic, and tomatoes as toppings. I've also been making coffee "lattes" with homemade cashew milk, collagen peptides, coconut oil, cinnamon, and 1/2 tsp of Four Sigmatic's "Adaptogen Blend" and it really helps with satiety in the mornings (the latte supplements my breakfast, rather than replaces it - I still eat "real food" alongside it!). My sugar cravings are still around, but it's like my brain is realizing that it's not going to get the hyper stimulation it's been getting way too often lately. Weirdly, I'm much more sensitive to sweet soon as I get a whiff of something that smells even remotely sweet, my brain perks up. Day 2 in the bag!
  10. Bethany Stewart

    Bethany's Whole 30 Log

    Today is day 1 of my second ever Whole30! My first Whole30 was two years ago and it literally changed my life. I never knew I could feel as good as I did at the end of that 30 days. And for the most part, I've kept that going in the two years since. BUT...the bottom has kind of dropped out here in the past couple of months. I've been feeding my Sugar Dragon way too consistently and my cravings are starting to run my life again. I've had digestive symptoms off and on (constipation, stomach pain after eating, bloating, a random and sudden development of egg intolerance) and for the past week or so I wake up in the morning feeling like I've been hit by a truck. I'm needing more and more coffee and sugar to keep me going throughout the day. I just really loathe living like this, especially when I know I can feel so much better. I'm so grateful that the Whole 30 helped me realize that I DO have control over's just a matter of buckling down and getting back to ground zero. I'll probably be doing a "slow roll" reintroduction as well - I really want to make the most of this month and start to rediscover where my limits are. If anyone else is doing a February Whole 30, I'd love to hear about it!
  11. Bethany Stewart

    February Starter ♥️♥️♥️

    I'm starting in February as well, along with my husband! We live in Taiwan so we want to start after Chinese New Year - our first day will be February 5th. Good luck to everyone!