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  1. Rene1963

    Starting March 1st

    What towns are you near in NW AR? I have family in that area & love it! We visit as often as we can get away!
  2. Rene1963

    Starting March 1st

    Yes, coconut flour is acceptable. However, make sure that it's not as a treat. You can't have baked goods.
  3. Rene1963

    Starting March 1st

    I'd love a FB group!
  4. Rene1963

    Starting March 1st

    Here's my somewhat unique situation. I've been low carb/keto since 7/11/16. At that time, I gave up grains, sugar, potatoes, rice & legumes. I do use stevia, peanuts & limited dairy (heavy cream in coffee, a couple teaspoons of halo Top ice cream each day & a slice of extra sharp white cheddar cheese a couple of times a week). I don't drink alcohol. I haven't been super-vigilant about hidden sugar, but would say that I'm 99% sugar-free. I drink maybe one diet soda every 2-3 weeks, if that. I dont really have sugar or carb cravings now. So I'm not trying to reduce cravings. I'm looking for the health benefits. I do have T2 diabetes, but it's well under control with my low carb lifestyle. I've lost 54 lbs since starting in july & 139 lbs since being diagnosed with T2 8 years ago. I've got maybe 25 lbs more to lose. I'm at a standstill on that & just generally want to be healthier & feel better. I do have some aches & pains. I log my food to be able to track changes in blood sugar. I can stay off of the scales for 30 days, but I will continue to log food. Also, I don't eat potatoes or fruit due to their impact on my blood sugar. I'll have strawberries on a rare occasion, but not often. I guess those are what I call my nonnegotiables. And I just don't like sweet potatoes. Not prepared in any way, shape or form. Same with avocados. I've given both solid honest tries for many years.
  5. Rene1963

    Starting March 1st

    I'm also starting March 1.
  6. Rene1963

    Starting February 20

    I'm in the same situation. I started low carb July 11, 2016. I've lost 54 pounds & am stalled. I recently joined the gym & have worked out daily for 30 days (treadmill as cardio, abs daily, alternating leg & upper body days). I need to lose 20-30 more pounds with most around my stomach area. I also have T2 Diabetes & am experiencing my lowest fasting blood sugar readings ever since going low carb & adding exercise. I'm concerned about how Whole30 will impact that. I won't be eating fruit or potatoes at all. Also, I have to keep my carbs low. Carbs are carbs when you're T2, regardless of the source. I also drink Plexus Slim every morning. It's not a meal replacement. I've read that it's not compliant & others have said that benefits may be from other changes. But I made no other changes & I sleep comfortably through the night now for the first time in years. My energy level is good & I feel good. So I am still trying to determine how I'll handle that. I'm aiming for March 1 start date.