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  1. diamonds422

    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    Hi guys. I've been on my food freedom journey since February 2017. I've done several Whole30s before this one (I think!) but my last full one was a year ago. I did pretty well over the year but slipped up a lot in December. I'm already feeling pretty good, although I did have a couple of days of fatigue. I wanted to share some of my all-time favorite recipes with y'all. I make these even when I'm not on a Whole30 because they're just amazing. In no particular order: 1. No-fuss salmon cakes in the original Whole30 book. I highly suggest making the tartar sauce in the same book to go with. For that, I sub the pickles for capers. I forgot to buy the pickles but the capers were so good that I haven't ever made it with pickles haha. 2. These are great but involve more "fuss" than the above option. I'll alternate between the two recipes. 3. The best chili ever (do it on the stove): 4. The best beef stew I have EVER had. I am not a stew person or a meat and potatoes person, but I think this is incredible. 5. Drool-worthy amazingness. Hope this helps some people out. Keep it up, everyone!
  2. diamonds422

    The crazy things people say

    I have read this thread over time, laughing, sighing or shaking my head at all the stories. People can be so rude! I'm going to share a very unpopular idea that would have prevented many (but certainly not all) of the stories on this thread from happening: don't tell people you're doing the Whole30 unless you have to. Especially at work! Don't broadcast it on social media, either. It'll save you a lot of grief. If you need to tell people for support, tell your spouse/partner, close friends, and/or family members who truly care about you. Yes, at some point, you will be at a gathering of some sort and the subject of why you aren't eating what's there will come up. Melissa Hartwig has a lot of tips for dealing with these moments. But generally speaking, the more you share, the more unpleasant situations you will encounter. No one at work ever had any idea I was doing a Whole30 because I'd pull things like chili and beef stew with potatoes out of my bag for lunch, and those aren't "diet" foods. Everyone should do what works for them, but I just finished my fourth and I've avoided a whole lot of "crazy things people say" this way.
  3. diamonds422


    Has anyone else found chorizo to be discontinued at their Chipotle? We don't have it where I live anymore, it seems. Carnitas is the only meat option. It is not cooked on the grill (at least I was told that); rather, it's steamed in its own bag. So no worries about grill contamination there. But as always, ask at your Chipotle! Still waiting for the day they cook their fajita veggies in a compliant oil...