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  1. diamonds422

    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    Hi guys. I've been on my food freedom journey since February 2017. I've done several Whole30s before this one (I think!) but my last full one was a year ago. I did pretty well over the year but slipped up a lot in December. I'm already feeling pretty good, although I did have a couple of days of fatigue. I wanted to share some of my all-time favorite recipes with y'all. I make these even when I'm not on a Whole30 because they're just amazing. In no particular order: 1. No-fuss salmon cakes in the original Whole30 book. I highly suggest making the tartar sauce in the same book to go with. For that, I sub the pickles for capers. I forgot to buy the pickles but the capers were so good that I haven't ever made it with pickles haha. 2. These are great but involve more "fuss" than the above option. I'll alternate between the two recipes. 3. The best chili ever (do it on the stove): 4. The best beef stew I have EVER had. I am not a stew person or a meat and potatoes person, but I think this is incredible. 5. Drool-worthy amazingness. Hope this helps some people out. Keep it up, everyone!
  2. diamonds422

    The crazy things people say

    I have read this thread over time, laughing, sighing or shaking my head at all the stories. People can be so rude! I'm going to share a very unpopular idea that would have prevented many (but certainly not all) of the stories on this thread from happening: don't tell people you're doing the Whole30 unless you have to. Especially at work! Don't broadcast it on social media, either. It'll save you a lot of grief. If you need to tell people for support, tell your spouse/partner, close friends, and/or family members who truly care about you. Yes, at some point, you will be at a gathering of some sort and the subject of why you aren't eating what's there will come up. Melissa Hartwig has a lot of tips for dealing with these moments. But generally speaking, the more you share, the more unpleasant situations you will encounter. No one at work ever had any idea I was doing a Whole30 because I'd pull things like chili and beef stew with potatoes out of my bag for lunch, and those aren't "diet" foods. Everyone should do what works for them, but I just finished my fourth and I've avoided a whole lot of "crazy things people say" this way.
  3. diamonds422


    Has anyone else found chorizo to be discontinued at their Chipotle? We don't have it where I live anymore, it seems. Carnitas is the only meat option. It is not cooked on the grill (at least I was told that); rather, it's steamed in its own bag. So no worries about grill contamination there. But as always, ask at your Chipotle! Still waiting for the day they cook their fajita veggies in a compliant oil...
  4. diamonds422

    February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    Wow, today is Day 30! I still have one more day to go tomorrow because of my mess-up on Day 1. But I feel so great that I've come this far. I truly feel that my relationship with food has changed, and physically and mentally I feel spectacular. Don't know how much weight I've lost, but it wasn't really about that for me (although it has been a nice side effect). Learning not to use food as comfort has been life changing. On the other hand, I'm ready to have more balance in my life again. I work full time, study, have a husband with a different work schedule and a dog, plus friends and family I've barely seen this month. My husband, while very supportive, didn't do this with me, so I was on my own with the shopping and cooking. Because I am not willing to pay for expensive compliant food items (Tessemae's, etc.), everything really and truly was from scratch. I bought one emergency dinner from Snap Kitchen, one salad bar lunch from Whole foods and nibbled on a couple things at a baby shower, but other than that every single meal this month was something I prepared 100% from scratch. Pretty intense to do it alone. I don't think that's entirely sustainable for me, not right now anyway. Is this just my brain trying to rationalize going back to an unhealthy lifestyle? I'd like to think that it isn't. But with my history, I know I have to be careful. I will probably be back for a Whole30 (or at least a Whole20) after my Italy trip, and I'd like to stick to a lot of template eating in the future. I am so glad I did this. See y'all in the reintro section!
  5. diamonds422

    February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    I am feeling nervous about reintroduction because of my Italy trip coming up in a month. I am praying that I don't have gluten or dairy sensitivities! I don't think I do, but I've also never felt this good, so clearly something about this lifestyle works for me. I don't want to get to Italy and suddenly feel like crap with no energy. I don't plan to go nuts and eat everything in sight, but I would like to eat some pasta, you know? Let's keep posting as we reintroduce! I love reading how everyone else is doing.
  6. diamonds422

    February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    I thought I submitted a post yesterday, but maybe I never hit sumbit. I plan to do the sample reintoduction from the book. Fingers crossed that I have few sensitivities. My meat fatigue has mostly gone away for now, but I'm ready for some more variety. I will probably always be really strict with added sugars and I was almost exclusively eating whole grains before this when cooking at home, but I will wait and see what my body says. Looking forward to that first reintro night and my glass of red wine!
  7. diamonds422

    February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    I had a very busy weekend so my own meals suffered, and I definitely felt the consequences. Saturday I had to work and then afterwards went to a friend's house, so that day was out for cooking. Sunday, I had to make lemon bars for a baby shower that day. I was very pleased that I wasn't tempted at all to sneak a bite or even a lick while baking. However, it didn't give me time to get any sort of lunch ready so I munched on some pickles and almonds and headed out. (My husband had made some scrambled eggs with leftover rib meat for brunch, but I am so sick of eggs and meat at this point I could only get a few bites down). Of course, once I got to the baby shower and saw everyone eating I realized I was truly hungry. I had a small amount of fajita meat with some grilled onions, guacamole and pico de gallo and that was it. Didn't trust the salsas. Do I know if everything was 100% compliant? No, and that's why I haven't eaten outside of my own home this whole time. I just don't trust outside food to be compliant, even if I ask about it. I have waitressed in the past so I have some insight as to what goes on in kitchens... I still have meat fatigue, but the New York Times had an oven roasted chicken shawarma recipe that looked really good, so I prepared that last night and invented a Whole30 garlic sauce to go with it. Hopefully, having some new flavors will get me out of this slump. I just don't think eating meat as the main component of a meal twice or three times a day is doable for me forever. I really hope I don't have a reaction to legumes upon reintroduction! I need beans in my life. Here is the shawarma recipe: (I am going to eat this as lettuce wraps) Here is my garlic sauce recipe: Prepare one batch of Whole30 mayo (from the book) exactly as instructed. Add the juice of half a lime, 2 tbsp dill, 1 tbsp mint (didn't have mint and mine is still tasty), and 4-5 cloves of minced garlic. Blend in food processor (or whatever) until smooth. Yum! I was going to add some coconut cream, but I forgot. Will try that next time.
  8. diamonds422

    February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    I really appreciate you sharing this. I have a background of disordered eating (bingeing) and using food for comfort. I also feel truly changed, and I do not want to go back to how I was. I felt so powerless with food sometimes. I had made improvements in recent years, but the Whole30 has been like hitting a crazy fast forward button with my progress. I did not expect these results, but I am thrilled!
  9. diamonds422

    February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    I am experiencing full meat fatigue plus loss of appetite. No cravings, just...boredom. I've never been a vegetarian, but I can go one or two days without meat no problem. I read about this feeling being a possibility, so I'm not too worried and will just push through it. But I have made red pepper mayo, tartar sauce (twice!), herbed mayo, sunshine sauce, you name it, I've made it! And none of it appeals to me right now. Not even roasted sweet potatoes appeal to me anymore (blasphemy!) I really don't think I would have made it this far without the Whole30 book and online resources. But I am getting nervous about "life after" because my husband and I are going to Italy for 10 days in late April. Worst case scenario, I'll just do another Whole30 when I get back. I don't want to feel like crap during the trip, but I also don't want to miss out on amazing food. It's funny, the book always mentions a trip to Italy as an example of when you need to ride your own bike and that's exactly where I'm going haha. :/
  10. diamonds422

    February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    Haha! I have been perplexed by most of the Whole30 "my experience" blogs and magazine articles I've read. Most of them don't really follow the rules of the program (lots of snacks, smoothies and SWYPO) and/or they admit to one or more cheat days. That is not doing the Whole30 and I'm not saying that to be holier than thou--it just isn't. Kinda funny.
  11. diamonds422

    February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    WE'RE HALFWAY, BABY! I faced my first actual challenges this weekend. Or at least I thought they'd be challenges. Saturday morning I had a training at a five star hotel where they provided breakfast. I ate a big Whole30 breakfast beforehand, so once there I drank some nice compliant hot organic tea they had (ingredients listed, yay!) and drank a fancy obscure Italian sparkling water. It actually wasn't hard to avoid the food, and I wasn't even the only one not eating. Surprisingly easy! Then Sunday I had a lunch with some friends of mine. We have a monthly meal club where we always try a new restaurant, but I just ate a big Whole30 meal beforehand and didn't eat anything at the restaurant. I thought I'd get more questions, but I only got two: Friend 1: "Is that some vegan thing?" (My answer: a simple no). Friend 2: "Oh! Some of that food is really good!" (Me: Yes, it really is!) And then, miracle of miracles, the conversation moved on and everyone forgot about it. Generally, I am finding food prep much less overwhelming. I guess at this point I've built up enough ingredients in the pantry and always have leftovers of one thing or another, so it's not so bad. No tiger blood yet...
  12. diamonds422

    February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    I am having real cravings for the first time, possibly because it's that time of the month. Hadn't really had any until now. Energy is way down, I suppose for the same reason. Not much else to report! And I see I'm the first post of the day, so I suppose we are all just chugging along and happy to be out of the early phase. I already feel better in just about every way overall, but I am ready for some tiger blood! Hope that happens for me. Have a great weekend, all!
  13. diamonds422

    February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    Thanks! I think that would help a lot of people. My Google search turned up quite a few forum threads about caramel coloring, so I suppose this comes up a lot. I also just want to throw out a general thanks to all the mods on the forum for helping keep us on the straight and narrow. It must get old answering the same questions over and over again, but know that your assistance is invaluable to us newbies and we appreciate it so much!
  14. diamonds422

    February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    Well, I messed up. I was getting my lunch out in the break room and decided to read the label on my balsamic vinegar again, and thank God I did. It doesn't have sulfites in the ingredient list, but it does have caramel coloring. That's a no-no because it's made with sugar, I learned after a quick Google search on my phone. Thankfully, I hadn't eaten any of it yet today. But I did eat some on Day 1 with my protein salad. No big deal, I can tack on another day at the end. It could have been a lot worse. I had already been considering extending my month to a Whole35 or Whole40, so what's one more obligatory day, right? That's what I'm telling myself, but I am sitting here at my desk wanting to cry a little. I bought that bottle long before the Whole30 was even something I knew about, so why I didn't examine it more closely before starting, I do not know...I wish caramel coloring were on the sneaky sugars cheat sheet!!
  15. diamonds422

    February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    Stay strong! Last night I had my first feelings of wanting to quit. I made a double batch of the no-fuss salmon cakes** and they are definitely not no-fuss. I didn't sit down to eat until 8:40 p.m. And I didn't have parchment paper so I used foil, and even with the cooking fat brushed on the foil they stuck like glue. Argh! So frustrating. At least they were delicious, and so is the homemade tartar sauce (didn't have pickles so I used capers--yum). But yeah, trying to flip those stupid stuck-on salmon cakes when I was tired and hungry damn near made me cry. Why did I think foil would be the same? Sigh. This morning I worked out for the first time since starting and I felt amazing. The difference was incredible. That is definitely helping with the negative feelings. ** To my fellow canned sweet potato searchers-- Take two sweet potatoes with peel still on, prick them all over with a fork and put them in the microwave on a paper towel. Microwave 5 minutes, flip, then 5 more minutes. Let cool while you're doing other stuff, then cut in half and scoop out the insides. Voila! Yes, you can always roast, but I live in a one bedroom apartment in Houston and roasting makes it too hot inside, even in early March, so I try to keep oven use to a minimum.