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  1. diamonds422

    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    Hi guys. I've been on my food freedom journey since February 2017. I've done several Whole30s before this one (I think!) but my last full one was a year ago. I did pretty well over the year but slipped up a lot in December. I'm already feeling pretty good, although I did have a couple of days of fatigue. I wanted to share some of my all-time favorite recipes with y'all. I make these even when I'm not on a Whole30 because they're just amazing. In no particular order: 1. No-fuss salmon cakes in the original Whole30 book. I highly suggest making the tartar sauce in the same book to go with. For that, I sub the pickles for capers. I forgot to buy the pickles but the capers were so good that I haven't ever made it with pickles haha. 2. These are great but involve more "fuss" than the above option. I'll alternate between the two recipes. 3. The best chili ever (do it on the stove): 4. The best beef stew I have EVER had. I am not a stew person or a meat and potatoes person, but I think this is incredible. 5. Drool-worthy amazingness. Hope this helps some people out. Keep it up, everyone!
  2. diamonds422

    The crazy things people say

    I have read this thread over time, laughing, sighing or shaking my head at all the stories. People can be so rude! I'm going to share a very unpopular idea that would have prevented many (but certainly not all) of the stories on this thread from happening: don't tell people you're doing the Whole30 unless you have to. Especially at work! Don't broadcast it on social media, either. It'll save you a lot of grief. If you need to tell people for support, tell your spouse/partner, close friends, and/or family members who truly care about you. Yes, at some point, you will be at a gathering of some sort and the subject of why you aren't eating what's there will come up. Melissa Hartwig has a lot of tips for dealing with these moments. But generally speaking, the more you share, the more unpleasant situations you will encounter. No one at work ever had any idea I was doing a Whole30 because I'd pull things like chili and beef stew with potatoes out of my bag for lunch, and those aren't "diet" foods. Everyone should do what works for them, but I just finished my fourth and I've avoided a whole lot of "crazy things people say" this way.
  3. diamonds422

    Starting January 2!

    We did it, guys! Since this was my fourth Whole30, I'm going with the slow roll introduction this time. My husband and I are going to dinner tonight at this Thai place in our new neighborhood that we've wanted to try for months. I will go for more veggie and protein dishes, vs. noodles and fried things. We're gonna stay pretty much paleo overall. I'm going to do what I can to keep my sugar dragon in check, so there won't be much dessert for me, or even grains. At least that's the plan. I'm going to start reading "Food Freedom Forever" along with the Whole30 community this month, so hopefully I'll be on my way. Best of luck to all on your respective journeys!
  4. diamonds422

    Starting January 2!

    We're approaching the finish line! I made Mel Joulwan's Bora Bora fireballs last night and they were a hit. They're quick to make and it's a relatively inexpensive recipe (yay, ground pork). I also bought a bottle of Tessemae's for the first time ever, the avocado ranch. OH MAN is it good. At $5.99 a bottle, it won't be a regular purchase, but it's nice to know the brand lives up to the hype. Woo hoo, we're almost there!!
  5. diamonds422

    Starting January 2!

    The money thing is interesting. My husband and I cook at home 95% of the time whether we're doing a Whole30 or not. So our grocery bills do get more expensive doing a Whole30. But during a W30 we don't buy beer or wine, and we don't go out to eat. Maybe the odd emergency Chipotle run, but that's it. In the end, we spend a little less money overall on a W30. But for people who buy lunch every day and go out a lot, the W30 makes a huge difference! We use our savings to travel. Sometimes people ask how we're able to go on an international trip every year. I tell them to calculate how much they spend at restaurants/bars/coffee shops per month, and then get back to me. We spent ten days in Italy last year and are headed to Seoul, South Korea next month. We're not wealthy. We just cook at home and don't buy random stuff we don't need, for the most part. **edit** We're also fortunate enough not to have student loans or medical debt like many people here. #Americanproblems
  6. diamonds422

    Starting January 2!

    The smell of maple syrup is wafting up to my office from the break room, and I wish it weren't. I was in a huge rush and didn't get to have more than a few bites of breakfast, so that's the only reason I'm having such a strong reaction. It's not even real, it's the Aunt Jemima stuff, I'm sure of it. Ahhhh and five seconds ago my boss, who just got back from a convention in Switzerland, plopped some Swiss chocolates down on my desk. I've had them before, and they are soooo good. The real thing. The kind of thing I might decide is "worth it" after my Whole30. Deep breaths. I think I'll give them away. He always brings them back with him, so it's not like these are the only ones I'll ever have the opportunity to eat. But in other news, my husband is getting an offer letter for a new job, so I'm just going to focus on how happy we are about that and ignore all this non-food!! I got "It Starts With Food" and "Food Freedom Forever" in the mail yesterday. I already started the first one, and I am blown away. It's incredible to read the science behind why I feel so great going into week four, and so not-great when I fall off the wagon. I highly recommend this book, even if you've done multiple Whole30's!
  7. diamonds422

    Starting January 2!

    The marinade was good, but other than that, this was pretty meh. And the avocado crema, which had some coconut milk in it, tasted strongly of coconut. The taste wasn't camouflaged by the other ingredients at all. Next time I would sub mayo for the coconut milk. Oh well, there's something for everyone! I know people who do the Whole30 like this. I keep my mouth shut because at the end of the day it's none of my business, but sometimes I am tempted to tell them that what they are doing is not the Whole30, it's just paleo.
  8. diamonds422

    Starting January 2!

    I remembered as soon as I posted that I had gotten that recipe from someone on here. I've had the tab open to the recipe at work since you mentioned it to our group haha. Thanks for sharing it!
  9. diamonds422


    Has anyone else found chorizo to be discontinued at their Chipotle? We don't have it where I live anymore, it seems. Carnitas is the only meat option. It is not cooked on the grill (at least I was told that); rather, it's steamed in its own bag. So no worries about grill contamination there. But as always, ask at your Chipotle! Still waiting for the day they cook their fajita veggies in a compliant oil...
  10. diamonds422

    Starting January 2!

    That's wonderful. The Whole30 helps me with my mental health, too. It's not a complete cure for me either, but it makes a huge difference. Y'all, I would just like to echo again how freaking amazing Mel Joulwan's chocolate chili is. I made a double batch a couple days ago and usually I freeze half, but this time my husband and I are just eating our way through it! Let it simmer as long as possible and you will really taste the difference. I like to throw a big handful of fresh spinach in my bowl and mix it in to get more veggies in there. Tonight I'll be making Nom Nom Paleo's sheet pan chicken fajitas with avocado crema. I'll report back and let everyone know how it is. It's only now, on my fourth Whole30, that I'm getting the hang of cooking on a schedule without it taking over my life or randomly running out of food in the middle of the week. Practice makes perfect, I guess!
  11. diamonds422

    Starting January 2!

    I have done the burger in lettuce at Red Robin and it is tasty. I think I got a side salad with it. I wasn't doing the Whole30 at the time, or I would have taken dressing with me. That sounds like a nice way to celebrate the halfway point! I am starting to feel the lift that comes with getting to the second half of the program. My energy levels are much higher and I have laser-sharp focus. My mood has improved and I'm enjoying the food I'm eating. I don't have to choke down my breakfast anymore. I'm proud of myself for being better with veggies this time around. It definitely helps that it's been colder than normal this season, so I can just roast two big pans every Sunday and enjoy the fact that it heats up the house! Stay strong, everyone. We can do this!
  12. diamonds422

    Starting January 2!

    Yesterday was tough and probably my worst day template-wise. I had two compliant hot dogs and a couple strawberries for breakfast, slow cooker turkey, olives and more strawberries for lunch, and for dinner, a cut-up hot dog sautéed with mushrooms and onions. I also had an apple and almond butter with dinner. Oh veggies, where art thou? I'd been doing so well with veggies this time. Oh well, everyone has an off day, right? Anyway, yesterday was our wedding anniversary and we wanted nothing more than to pop open a bottle of bubbly and/or go out to dinner. My husband gave me his I-wanna-quit face, but we decided that we're already one third of the way through, and it's normal to want to quit around this time, so let's keep going. Last night after my hot dog meal I made Mel Joulwan's classic beef stew while watching the Tonya Harding interview on ABC. It is AMAZING. I am not a meat and potatoes person at all, but this stew is heaven. Highly recommended!
  13. diamonds422

    Starting January 2!

    List a few days of what you ate and drank (be as specific as possible) in the past few days and one of the mods will give you guidance. Try not to focus on the weight loss. In my experience, you don't notice much of a difference until later on, anyway. And as for all the non-scale victories, many of those come later as well. Hang in there! Week three is where it all picks up, at least for a lot of people.
  14. diamonds422

    Starting January 2!

    Not sure if it's the same as in the thread I'm linking to, but you may want to check the ingredients on your mayonnaise just in case. If it's made with canola oil or soybean oil, it's not compliant.
  15. diamonds422

    Lives Abroad, Needs Help

    I lived abroad in three different countries for five years. One of the biggest adjustments I had to make as an American was learning to live without prepared or pre-packaged foods. I had to learn how to cook from scratch, and fast, or I was going to spend way too much money on food. And this was before I found the Whole30! Since you're on a budget, try to see where non-wealthy French people shop in your area. A whole chicken from a chain grocery store in a middle class neighborhood is probably going to be cheaper than a whole chicken at a farmer's market in a wealthy or touristy neighborhood, for example (not sure if your market is or not). Another adjustment is that some of your favorite compliant ingredients may be a lot more expensive than they are at home. I love avocados, but they were expensive in Argentina, so I learned to live mostly without them. It's all part of the living abroad experience! Your diet will change in one way or another, no matter what. I didn't live in France, but when I lived in Madrid I'd go to the Carrefour (French chain grocery store) in my neighborhood since they tended to have lower prices than some other stores. So check out the different supermarkets and compare. I'm sure you'll learn a ton of food vocabulary in the process with all the label reading. It's all part of the adventure! Enjoy.