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    February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    Hey there Feb 27 group, Does anyone have advice about being hellllla hungry every day? I'm HUNGRY between meals. I think that probably means I'm not eating enough protein/fat/etc., but I have been eating large portions and I eat until I am absolutely full feeling. Like I can't have another bite. However, without fail, I feel hungry within about an hour of my meal. For example, today I had the following: *Breakfast: almond milk w/ chia seeds and berries; leftover sweet potatoes; coffee with almond milk (I know this was too low on protein, and possibly on fat?) *Pre-workout mini-meal: a few pieces of pineapple and about 8 pecans *Post-workout mini-meal: beef jerkey; a couple pieces of pineapple and about 8 pecans *Lunch: kale and veggie salad; guacamole; chicken/pepper/onion fajitas (no tortilla, of course) with guacamole *Now: I've been hanging on until dinner but, would it be bad for me to have a couple of apple slices with almond butter? Or a piece of prosciutto with some bell pepper and jicima? I don't think I'm craving sweets. Just HUNGRY. And I'm not going to start snacking mindlessly, I promise. If you read this far, thank you. What do you think about this? Help! <3, Miasofia