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  1. My experience has been similar, I'm on day 29 today. I didn't really feel like I had tons of energy until Day 24/25...and I was REALLY crashing day 22 & 23 (also the end of the week for me) Day 26 I seemed to be getting some type of cold. although that has turned into a 3 days long acute asthma attack that I am trying to break right now. However, despite feeling obviously out of sorts because my chest is tight and I can't stop coughing, I can tell my energy is up up up. I'm sleeping extremely well. It just takes longer for some of us. My delay in high energy is one of the reasons I've decided to keep going past tomorrow, mostly because I want this feeling to continue (minus the breathing issues of course!)
  2. ladunn

    Soooo sick of oil/vinegar for salad dressing...

    I just made buffalo chicken salad...but didn't like the dressing with it, so I made this one instead (instead of milk, I used coconut milk)....yummy!
  3. ladunn

    Sleep! Glorious Sleep!!

    I've been using the app since early December. I love it, although there has been a night or two when I've registered 95%+ and I think....seriously? It's only happened twice. Last night I sleep SOOOO SOOOO SOOOO good (I'm on day 25 today) and I knew as soon as I woke up I'd register at 100%. I love the notes you can add to it too. My husband works nights/overnights some times and I love seeing how that impacts my sleep. I don't think it's as accurate as some other devices, like Zeo (I think I have the name right) because it doesn't measure heart rate, but it's a hell of a lot cheaper!
  4. ladunn

    Homemade mayo - how long is it safe?

    Holy crap...Just made some mayo and I've NEVER had it come out perfectly. The first time I made it, a hot oily nasty mess....the second time (and last) it was soupy and never really got thick. That was about a year ago. Today I figured I'd give it a go after reading this post and AMAZING! It was perfect within seconds. My stick blender even had a hard time incorporating the last bit of oil because the mayo was so thick. I am SOOOOO excited. I've read on here that a lot of people use apple cider vinegar instead of lemon....which was only difference for me. I'm sold...and it tastes better too.
  5. ladunn

    best dish for a potluck?

    There's a thread on here somewhere about someone going to a work pot luck, a lot of good suggestions. We had a work potluck on Friday and I brought pulled pork and homemade bbq sauce. Someone had brought a tray of veggies, so I was pretty set. Other suggestions: chili, deviled eggs, veggie platter with guac or paleo mayo dip, meatballs (I found a good looking recipe recently and wish I had save it). I've also done a broccoli salad- chopped raw broccoli, with diced chicken, raisins, bacon, some coleslaw or broccoli slaw, sometimes I'll add sunflower seeds, all mixed with evoo and balsamic vinegar. Have fun!
  6. ladunn

    Homemade mayo - how long is it safe?

    I love this post. I'm also freaked out by foods at their expiration date. I've only made mayo once and only ate it once. I got too freaked out. The acidity makes sense and I wish I knew that sooner! I might make some tomorrow since I feel a little better about eating it now. I can't tell you the number of times I decide not to make a recipe because I don't have a substitute for the mayo
  7. They send out an email once a is the newsletter and I don't remember what the other one is....but either way. Check for an article by Dr. Sears. You'll have to click on the link to read the actual article on their site, not the one on your email (it's a shortened version). It seems, based on when I got the last one, that it may be coming out this Sunday.
  8. If you sign up for their newsletter there is a hidden code about twice a month. Its always in the article by Dr. Sears, each letter of the code is in red.
  9. ladunn

    Kombucha Recomendations??

    Check out Its the site I went to when I wanted to start doing my own. I started in August and do about a gallon a week. I'm not sure if that site tells you, but you can grow your own culture if you don't have a friend who can give you one. You can google how you do it, but I think I just brewed a cup or two of strong black tea, added a lot of sugar- maybe 1/2 cup (although that seems like a lot) and a bottle of GT's organic kombucha (the original, not the flavored variety) In a few weeks I had a nice scoby to make my own tea. Each time you do a new batch, you'll double your scoby. I've read some people on here do a continuous ferment (if I'm calling it the right thing). I don't know anything about that.
  10. ladunn

    Can I have rotisserie chicken?

    You'd have to check the ingredients. Its rare I find one that's compliant. Whole Foods sometimes has one- usually plain. We have Wegmans here...not sure how big the chain is, and they also do a plain rotisserie. Otherwise, I've never found a compliant one.
  11. wow, this is hard....I have easy access to grass fed beef, otherwise that would be my first choice. I might choose eggs, although I agree with Renee...a dozen wouldn't go far. It would be a toss up for me between chicken & ground pork I think.
  12. ladunn

    Solid can of coconut milk??

    I get so bummed when my cans are combined...I love it when the fat is solid on top of the can!! I use coconut milk to make creamy dressings, horseradish sauce or paleo desserts (when I'm not on Whole 30), when the can is all mixed, none of these things come out right.
  13. ladunn

    What's your grocery bill look like?

    oh...and forgot to mention, I'm hoping to do a cow share this Spring. There's a good program near me (but the priciest I've seen), 1/8 of a cow is $400 for about 43 pounds. They estimate that would feed 2 people for about 6 months (obviously with also factoring in chicken, pork, fish, etc. into my diet as well). The cow share prices are cheaper with some other farmers and cheaper in other areas of the country. Definitely worth looking into if you can spend chunk of money up front. I do a veggies CSA 1/2 box from May-Nov. Which is about $13/week and more than 1/2 the veggies I need for the week. Again, this is $$ up front too. They also do eggs, $4/dozen for pastured which is cheaper that I've seen elsewhere.
  14. ladunn

    What's your grocery bill look like?

    One big thing I do- Amazon subscribe & save. I buy my Nutiva coconut oil, Native Forest coconut milk, organic sunbutter, coconut cream, and coffee. I've also ordered coconut flakes from amazon. I have amazon prime as well, which is $80/year, but I would spend more than that just in shipping (I love amazon!). I've made cuts in my budget in other areas- I'm big on all natural household/beauty products, which I know are not for everyone. I make my own tooth powder, body lotion, dry shampoo, I use baking soda to wash my hair & acv to condition, I make my own deodorant, laundry detergent....don't buy bottled water, we have about 50 white towels we use for cleaning, which cuts down on papertowels...I'm sure I'm forgetting some things. We don't eat out when I'm doing really strict Paleo, so that saves $$. We also cancelled our cable recently and purchased a Roku, which streams netflix & hulu plus (as well as Amazon and various other programs) directly to our TV via wireless internet. I LOVE IT!! It cuts back on not only $$, but the time we're up late catching out favorite shows. My husband and I don't have "move night" on Fridays anymore, we have "TV night" where we watch a bunch of our shows from that week via Hulu. As far as my budget (for two people- although my husband doesn't eat dinner with me about 2-3xs per week and I don't cook him breakfast or lunch), I budget $60 to spend at the market each week. This gets me my veggies, eggs, and whatever random non-perishables I need (which isn't much because of my amazon purchases). I also usually shop Saturday night and pick up a cooked whole chicken- my store (Wegmans ) does a plain chicken- and if I don't need any non-perishables, I plan a seafood into the menu for the week, or buy any other meats I might want, they have a decent selection of organic grass fed & pastured beef, chicken, pork and lamb. For most of my meat- I shop through US Wellness. I wait until I get a 15% coupon code in their newsletter (comes twice a month). We could probably do about $200/month from there. My lunches are pretty much always leftovers from dinner the night before, so I don't have to buy different "lunch food." I keep a couple cans of tuna in the house for the rare times I need lunch and don't have any leftovers. When I have extra money from my "market budget" I splurge at a health food store near me on pure wraps and stock up on macadamia nuts. So...I think that puts me at under $500 for food. My food budget is a bigger priority to me that having cable and buying toxic beauty products, so I go without things when I need to squeeze out some extra $$ to get grass fed meats.
  15. ladunn

    Kombucha Recomendations??

    If you do a forum search for kombucha, the compliance issue is addressed in several other posts. I know the culture feeds off the sugar you add, so when it's ready to drink, the sugar content is very very minimal...or not at all if you like the vinegar effect