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  1. At my local grocery store I couldn't find a spiral cut ham for Easter without sugar. Does anyone know if Wegmans or Whole Foods or another place might have spiral cut ham without sugar? thank you
  2. Can I have Hint Water?

    Does anyone know if this is or isn't approved on Whole 30 please? it's called Hint Water. Thank you.
  3. Calcium?

    Awesome. Thank you!
  4. This is my 4th morning on whole 30 and my 4th morning without coffee. I have used sugar in my coffee until starting whole 30, but yesterday I needed my caffeine fix so I had tea. I had tea again this morning but I'm not a big fan. I cannot enjoy black coffee so tea is a better option. Is it at all possible to sweeten a coffee without sugar while on whole 30? thank you
  5. Calcium?

    With zero dairy in the whole 30, how do people get their calcium? Do people use a particular supplement?
  6. Can I have pickles?

    Does anyone know of a company who makes pickles without using sugar? Is that even possible? Thanks
  7. What type of salt to people recommend? thank you
  8. Starting March 1st

    My wife and I started march 1st too. So far so good. Glad to see we are part of such a nice large group on 3-1.