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  1. Chattygirl

    Gastric Bypass Surgery

    Hi! Any tips for fellow RNY Whole30ers??
  2. Chattygirl

    Gastric Bypass Surgery

    Thanks for the info here! I'm 14 years post RNY WLS. I have experienced yo-yoing weight gain/loss since about 5 years post surgery. I'm on day 4 of my first Whole30 attempt and doing well. I do have to eat more often than the 3-meals-a-day template just because my stomach is still smaller than normal. (Possible TMI ALERT ahead) The food changes have affected my digestion and bowel movements. I was wondering if anyone else on Whole30 and post RNY had any input as far as their experiences? Does it stay this way? About what day do you see changes, if any? Any feedback is welcomed!