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  1. Rachie037

    Starting March 6

    The sugar cravings scare me too!! And I can't tell you the last time I even bought ice cream - I am a lover of the salty snacks. But recently I can't stop thinking about chocolate chip cookies and I had a dream about pumpkin pie piled with whip cream!!
  2. @kirbz I get what you mean....sometimes I am just so tired thinking about what I can/cannot eat that I am over it. But this too shall pass! Like another user said, you may just be experiencing some of the symptoms from the timeline. I changed my mind set a little bit about my meal preparation and instead look at it like an experiment and something fun. I am learning new ways of cooking, adding my own spin on it and cooking bulk. My roommates probably wonder what the heck is going on in our freezer because I am cooking 2-3 different meals at a time and putting them in there so I have a grab & go if I need it. My work has an omelette contraption for the microwave and it is awesome. I cut up a tupperware's worth of veggies on a Sunday and throw a handful of that and some egg whites in, topped with an avocado and Trader Joe's salsa verde and have a very yummy breakfast. Takes 1 min and 15 seconds in the microwave and easy clean up.
  3. Rachie037

    Starting March 6

    @Sara13 Update: I had the BBQ sauce for lunch and brought a jar of it to work as there are a couple of us doing the Whole30 and we like to try each other's stuff and exchange recipes. Everyone LOVED it. Even the none whole30 people. I think the nutmeg is a secret ingredient and letting it sit over night so the flavors blend well. Might just stick with this instead of buying the Tessemae's.
  4. Rachie037

    Starting March 6

    @Sara13I got the recipe here: http://www.happywifestyle.com/blog/whole30-bbq-sauce It is not a dipping sauce, I repeat, NOT a dipping sauce! haha. Its good on something that requires a bit of marinade/sauce but no way am I making some sweet potato fries to dip in that. I had a little incident with the chipotle, it came in a delicate plastic bag and it just tore open all over the place, so it turned out quite spicy. I added some nutmeg to have some sweet/warm flavor to it. That being said, I think I would like to try the Tessemae's BBQ sauce next time.
  5. Rachie037

    Starting March 6

    I made a meatloaf last night and it was AWESOME. I found it here; http://www.everydaymaven.com/2013/paleo-meatloaf/ I left out the hardboiled eggs because it wasn't really my style....I added a grated zucchini and carrot and made some homemade Whole30 BBQ sauce. Side of steamed broccoli and 1/2 a baked sweet potato. There was so much meatloaf left over so I put a couple slices in the freezer. Definitely will make again!
  6. I requested the facebook page
  7. Hey there. This is my second attempt at Whole30. I made it to 12 days on Friday and messed up on St. Patrick's day...I restarted yesterday. The crashing in the afternoon my first time was very apparent to me as well. I was also very sassy...then day 3 hit and I was even irritating myself! Just hold on and it definitely will pass. Just try to get as much good sleep as possible. I did have insomnia days 5-7 my first round.
  8. Rachie037

    Starting March 6

    I dont think weighing myself helped me fall off - it actually was a huge factor in me staying on!! I was feeling so good and before I fell off the wagon I had done various events that I was able to turn down alcohol. I think Friday was just too much with already having a lunch that was slightly non-compliant, it being St. Patricks day, out with a client who was adamant that I drink etc... *sigh* Oh well. Overall, I think it was one of the best lessons though because my body really enjoys and feels great being on the Whole30.
  9. Thanks for the info! I have been craving BBQ sauce!
  10. Rachie037

    Starting March 6

    My coworkers have been amazing, but like you said, friends and family not so much. I just get an eye roll here or there or "it's only one sip." Also, the family member who had the party on Saturday was initially extremely offended about my inability to eat her food (I am part Middle Eastern and I might as well have slapped her in the face). It made her so happy to see that day of I was actually eating it. Thanks to everyone here for your support about me recommitting. People at work are saying I should just continue and pretend the weekend never happen, but I am trying to explain to them that defeats the whole purpose of this!
  11. Meal prep is THE KEY to this. Seriously. But, I haven't come across a recipe I didn't like yet. The books are very helpful but there are many blogs around the internet that have great Whole30/Paleo recipes (just double check the paleo ones). I made big batches of about 3 things at one time and threw a lot of it in the freezer so I could keep variety going because nothing kills my momentum more than eating the same thing 741876 times in a row.
  12. Rachie037

    March 20 is Day 1 - Here we go!

    For my coffee I have been using a coconut cream/almond milk mixture from Califia Farms. I put a sprinkle of cinnamon and unsweetened cocoa powder in to give it some flavor. It's an acquired taste at first, but now I really enjoy it!
  13. Rachie037

    March 20 is Day 1 - Here we go!

    Good luck! I am restarting my Whole30 today.
  14. Restarting today! I made it to day 11 on Friday and I ate some non compliant things. I gave myself the weekend and now back at it today.
  15. Rachie037

    Starting March 20th Newbie

    Welcome. I am restarting my Whole30 today. I made it to day 11 on my first round. Hopefully we can support each other and make it the whole 30!