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  1. I start March 15

    Greetings to All, I am 53 years old, I weigh in around 302, and I don't know why my feet hurt me like they do. The last phrase in that sentence is from a joke told by comedian James Gregory, but the pain in my feet, wrist, and shoulder is no joking matter. I researched the Whole30 because a friend said following the the plan had eliminated her joint pain. Everything I've read on the website and in the book resonates; more importantly, I believe the plan will work and I believe I can do it. I tell people I have lost a thousand pounds, but I have gained 1100; that is an exaggeration, but not a huge one. I have lost weight multiple times counting calories. Ditto for Atkins and WW. After only a few minutes on the Whole30 website I realized that one of my biggest problems has been SWYPO issues. I have never made the CLEAN BREAK required by Whole30. I have read of a group "whose god is their belly". My words categorically deny being a part of that group, but my actions.... Looking forward to starting on the 15th and to going the Whole 30!