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    Starting March 1st

    Here it is! We subbed roasted butternut squash for the pumpkin (I couldn't find any), frozen broccoli for the peas, fresh ginger for the ground ginger and chicken broth for the beef broth (couldn't find any compliant) . We actually made this recipe twice, once with ground beef and once with ground turkey. You couldn't even taste a difference. It is one of our favorite finds!
  2. neelyerin

    Starting March 1st

    I am new to the thread, but started March 1st as well! My husband and I are doing the program together and are absolutely loving it. Before Whole30, he was the cook and I tried hard to steer clear of that responsibility (often volunteering for dish duty). Since we started however, I have loved cooking! We have found the most delicious new recipes (Curried shepards pie, gumbo, chili, chicken pad thai), and found that cooking together has been such a treat. We now sit down for a full breakfast and cup of coffee together before each running off to our busy work days. Around lunch (which is usually left-overs) we often send each other a message commenting on how yummy our lunch is. Dinner is my favorite. We turn the music up, and find ourselves singing and dancing our way around the kitchen. We are seeing so many victories everyday and since we started out Whole30 with my personal label of "chubby but happy", I know we are losing weight. I've nicknamed my husband "the disappearing man", and I'm seeing benefits too. My skin is clearer than its ever been, my clothes are fitting better, no more headaches, and my energy is through the roof. We aren't going to start the reintroduction process until after 90 days. I have autoimmune issues, and have read that a longer "elimination" time would be beneficial. My husband is happy to continue with the strict rules too since he is feeling so great! Even though I've never posted on this thread before, it has been a wonderful resource to me on this journey. I have loved reading about shared experiences and gaining the advice of others. Keep up the good work, everyone!