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  1. Starting March 6

    Remembered to weigh myself this morning - couldn't believe I was 7.5lbs down! I've been working out the past two weeks too, so I am feeling toned and healthy. I went back to my eggs and veggies this morning, a doughnut didn't even sound appealing now that I've had my one..I'd call that a huge NSV!
  2. Starting March 6

    A sign this program has worked for me? I completely forgot to weigh myself this morning. I got up, made some veggies to take for lunch, scrambled two eggs with some more veggies, and then went and ate a doughnut. I'm not going to lie. It was wonderful. However, I consider it a treat now instead of a normal breakfast. I know I'll be hungry in an hour or two, so I'll eat my eggs and continue to follow W30 the rest of today. And then maybe remember to weigh myself tomorrow!
  3. Starting March 6

    @frogtox I did! I used a can of coconut milk because it always confuses me to split the solid from the liquid - I'll just use the solid next time as it didn't set up as well as I wanted. I also skipped the raisins because I love raisins on their own but hate them in food! I think I might add some crispy bacon to it next time (when I'm not in W30, because compliant bacon is nearly impossible).
  4. Starting March 6

    Happy Day 30 everyone! I tried a delicious new breakfast this morning...a sweet potato, apple, coconut milk, and egg bake that I whipped up last night so I could go to hot yoga this morning. I never would have said all of those things before Whole 30! I'm doing a slow intro as well...I'm a little afraid of diving right back into my old lifestyle so I think that continuing to eat as close to Whole 30 as possible will be good for me. I'm looking forward to adding some whole grains back in though. I'm waiting to weight in tomorrow so I can say I was good all 30 days! My goal definitely wasn't weight loss but I'm curious to see what is on the scale! NSV - I went shopping this weekend and got some clothes a size down! Great job everyone - and thanks for the awesome support on this forum. I was doing this solo and it was so much help!
  5. Starting March 6

    I need to try the mini guacamole packs. I have it in my head that I don't like guacamole but my taste buds have changed so much during this! I find myself liking things I didn't like before. So I listened to some sound advice from you guys and did some grilled chicken and almonds before refereeing today. Unfortunately it was at I ate some more chicken, carrots, and an apple when I was done. It was pretty satisfying! I'm definitely hungry for dinner but I think that is because of the time of the game. Tomorrow I referee at 1 and 3, so I'll take some grilled chicken (made a bunch of coconut flakes crusted this morning!) and almonds to eat after game 1. I'll still take a banana too if I need it. Hopefully a good breakfast and lunch with this added mini meal will help me start to figure out energy levels while working out! I am making my grocery list for next week tonight and keeping things relatively the same. I am going to try making the salmon cakes everyone has raved about tomorrow! I did sign up for a free membership at thrive (first 30 days are free, set a calendar reminder to cancel) and ordered a few post W30 items like organic BBQ sauce and the Tessamaeas honey mustard. I've missed those and figure I'll choose the healthiest option and see how my body reacts. I'm excited to keep eating healthy. I like that I'm one of those people who goes to the farmers market and has a ton of fresh food in their basket at the grocery! i haven't had a chance to pick up FFF - need to do that next week!
  6. Starting March 6

    I've been doing a mix of leftovers for lunch and something I make to specifically bring. I did salads a lot at the beginning of W30 but found that I would be hungry during the day. One of my favorites it to make chili on Sunday and then I have three/four lunches for the week. I'll bring some carrots or an apple or something to eat with it as well. Sometimes lunch is whatever I can throw together as well...I wasn't as good with meal prep this week so I'm out of food. Today I have some compliant hot dogs (no cooked meat I could bring) and a ton of random veggies. I've really ramped up my work outs and feel like sometimes I'm struggling to stay well-fed. I read a good thread about how you shouldn't be scared of fruit, especially when you're in training. I'll be honest, I hate hard boiled eggs. I struggle with the mini-meals or pre work out meals. So this morning I made a quick smoothie (just 10 oz) with a few frozen pineapples and a banana. I know smoothies aren't recommended. But thinking of making it when I got home after hot barre (crazy work-out if you haven't tried it) is the only thing that stopped me from getting a doughnut. I still made a veggie filled omelette with some sweet potatoes for breakfast with it, so no sugar crash. I'm still amazed at how much of a difference eating better food has made in my life. I will probably have a doughnut on Day 31. I'm hoping it makes me feel awful, doesn't taste as good as I think it will, and I'll crush that craving once and for all. Other than that, I'll keep meal prepping and slowly add things back in as I want to. It will be nice to feel like I can participate in social situations again. It gets old defending, deflecting, explaining, etc. I'll still make good choices, but it will be nice to have a few more options.
  7. Starting March 6

    So I have to say - I thought the Tiger Blood thing was a bit hokey...but I'm definitely starting to feel so much better. I worked out last week and this week. Went to hot yoga last night and didn't die. I'm waking up before my alarm every morning and getting out of bed with energy. I'm feeling these NSVs today - hope everyone has a great Wednesday!
  8. Starting March 6

    I need to order FFF - I almost wish I had ordered that and the Whole 30 book instead of ISWF (not a scientist, I skipped the parts that it told me I was allowed to skip). Right now I don't really miss what I thought I would, so I think I'll just do a slow reintroduction and see what I really want. I have found that most days I just want the food that I've prepped, and find it satisfying. I primarily did my Whole 30 to force myself to start eating healthier, so that's my main goal at the end. I'm still counting down though...anyone have a first meal planned out already?
  9. Starting March 6

    Hahaha - I just booked a spray tan and a pedicure to reward myself for not eating a doughnut! The sugar cravings definitely scare me. The smell made my mouth water just walking into the kitchen. I've been eating unsweetened applesauce with some cinnamon at some meals (not as dessert) and I worry I'll quickly replace that with ice cream after my meal when I can. Even though I've been truly enjoying what I'm eating and I think it is more the habit then the craving most of the time. Is it too early to start thinking about reintroduction? I can't decide if I want to do the slow, only eat it if you really want it, or the structured, add food groups back in over 10 days. @foxtrot - what have you done in your Whole 30 ventures previously? Also - if you can make a cake while on Whole 30 and not eat it, you're my hero. I agree on the isolation - my friend in CO is doing this with me remotely, but everyone else doesn't get it. I have been trying to alter my social habits - I met with a friend last night and her kids instead of at a bar for a glass of wine. Good luck to everyone this weekend! I think my only challenges should be eating enough while refereeing and avoiding beer at a soccer game. I'm going to the movies as well, but this will be my second time and I'll have my carrot sticks in my purse with a La Croix
  10. Starting March 6

    Ugh. I woke up this morning with a huge pimple AND there are there are two types of doughnuts at work today. One is my absolute favorite...from a little Amish store that people bring back after a rare trip to our northern office. I'm hiding in my office eating my eggs and veggies. Stay strong this Friday!
  11. Starting March 6

    Awesome! I'll have to try it! I made a honey mustard tonight that I'm pretty happy with. It went well with my roasted potato wedges. I had a crock pot malfunction today but luckily have enough quick meals on hand. Whole30 confession to this group - I go to bed earlier now to avoid stress eating. I've been going through a rough time personally, and it's nice having the success of this program as a positive. Plus - my new habit means I get 8 hours of sleep and actually woke up right before my alarm this morning! At least I'm recognizing the stress, so I'll take the NSV.
  12. Starting March 6

    I had an egg scramble with red peppers, onion, and spinach this morning. Leftover pork carnitas with a delicious spicy salsa for lunch. Chicken is in the crockpot for tonight...probably with some roasted asparagus. I cooked asparagus for the first time (I never cooked before this) earlier in the week and overcooked it, so trying again! @Rachie037 Please share your BBQ recipe! I've missed that quite a bit. I think I'm going to attempt honey mustard tonight (no honey of course). I'm adding the meat loaf to my menu for next week! @DaskiMom - I completely agree! I had a banana this morning that tasted so good. I'm still missing my old chips...etc, but I'm hoping that a slow reintroduction will show me that they aren't as great as I thought!
  13. Starting March 6

    @Rachie037 - Congrats on recommitting and starting over! That's a huge step to take, and you should be quite proud of yourself! It amazes me how much people want to peer pressure you into food/drinks. Sometimes it feels like college all over again! Luckily my coworkers have been really supportive and warn me if there are treats in the break room so I can avoid it if I'm not feeling strong. My friends and family on the other hand...they don't understand why one drink or one meal will hurt. I try to explain I'm just being strict for 30 days, not forever, but it is hard. Fortunately, I can avoid those type of situations for the next 15 days!
  14. Starting March 6

    Loving all the new advice and activity on the board! I'm feeling pretty good half way through but I need to read the information out there for athletes. Soccer season has started, and I refereed four ninety minute games yesterday. I ate a good breakfast and packed a lot of food for lunch, but still felt so hungry by the end of the day that it made me feel sick. Still feeling it a bit today, but hoping it passes quickly as I get back to normal eating. I second the carrots and Almond Butter squeeze packs noted above. I pretty much always carry carrots with me now. I also like Epic beef jerky or uncured bacon from Whole Foods. It is pricey, but the best protein on the go that I've found so far. My friends still think I'm crazy as I travel with all my food, but my fellow referees were pretty jealous of my lunch yesterday while they all ate fast food. I've been better about relying on nuts since we started, and trying to find new ways to incorporate veggies. Super jealous of the person above who isn't tired of eggs. I guess I'm not tired of eggs, but more tired of the egg muffins I had made. I scrambled eggs and veggies this morning, and those were okay. Luckily I had some precut veggies on hand (I love that I'm a person who always has precut veggies on hand!). I'm loving my crockpot right now too. I cooked a pork shoulder on Saturday and had some delicious carnita tacos on Saturday night in lettuce shells. Trader Joe's had a delicious spicy pico de gallo that I smothered them in. Tonight I'll have leftovers on sweet potato buns. I'm going to do some chicken tomorrow in a wing sauce I found at Whole Foods. My goal this week is to start branching out. I was very careful the first two weeks and didn't get out of my comfort zone much. So I picked up some asparagus, the pork shoulder, and ingredients to attempt to make a homemade honey mustard (sans honey of course). I've rambled quite a bit - still a bit hungry hungover from yesterday! Congrats to everyone for making it this far and good luck this week!
  15. Starting March 6

    Does anyone have a favorite recipe to share? I'm making my shopping list and meal plan for next week and looking to add something new! I did a sweet potato hash for breakfast as something different this week. One diced sweet potato tossed in cinnamon, one diced granny smith apple (recommended to toss in ginger, I had none, more cinnamon), and blueberries. Steam the sweet potato with a bit of water for about five minutes, add the apple for another five minutes, and then stir in the blueberries. Sweet potato should be mushy and apples will still be a bit crisp. Add your favorite protein and you have a great breakfast! I was so tired of I added some chicken sausage I lucked upon at Trader Joe's (the only one that was compliant!)