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  1. Coffee Creamers

    Never thought of it that way. When I drink my water after the coffee, I feel less dry inside. I feel hydrated.
  2. Coffee Creamers

    I like the creamer. I tried drinking it black and if I had to drink it black forever I wouldn't drink it.
  3. Coffee Creamers

    have you heard of coffee booster? it is a certain kind of ghee for your coffee?
  4. Coffee Creamers

    I tried the coconut milk and it is not that great. I guess it is because I do not like coconut. But does tone the coffee taste down. Now, I am starting to get a headache in the mornings after I drink coffee. I am going to log on to the website now Nutpods what type of consistency does it gives to the coffee?
  5. Easy lunch recipe

    that sounds delicious.
  6. About the creamers and headaches on day Two

    Thank you
  7. About the creamers and headaches on day Two

    Thank you. I am on the hunt for it.
  8. About the creamers and headaches on day Two

    I loved my heavy cream in coffee just didn't like buying it every week because of not lasting long enough. Is the Canned coconut milk or Thai Kitchen compliant? Nikki1973 are you saying your taste bud changed after not drinking the heavy cream? I hope not
  9. About the creamers and headaches on day Two

    That's what I thought. What can I use
  10. I am looking for a good creamer someone mentioned Nut Pod but I read the reviews and they said it makes their coffee clunky. New Barn almond milk did the same thing too (in the green container) I also bought Califia which is a combination of coconut milk and Almond milk I haven't used it yet because I am not sure of the ingredients. This is day 2 for me and I have a headache and I've been running to the bathroom. I am guess my body is getting rid of the bad carbs and sugars. I feel bad for day two but I am hanging in there. For breakfast I had 2 eggs over easy 1 slice of paleo approved bacon -no sugars and 2 cups of sautéed kale with 1/2 of avocado. Lunch will be 2 baked chicken thighs with 1/2 sweet baked potato with ghee and salt and pepper. right now I am drinking my coffee black but I would lovvvvvvve to add some creaminess to it Califia ingredients Here is says: Other Ingredients: Almondmilk (water, almonds), coconut cream, pure cane sugar, natural flavors, calcium carbonate, sunflower lecithin, sea salt, potassium citrate, locust bean gum, gellan gum.
  11. skipping Meals

    Thank you for your guidance. I have to remember this is not a diet and it is ok eat. I will use the template.
  12. skipping Meals

    I've been on fad diets where my calories was restricted. I've been on all types of diets recently low carb. Calorie restriction eventually became the focus and then I ended stalling and not losing weight.
  13. skipping Meals

    I am thinking the fat is in the beef tips I cooked in the slow cooker. I need additional fat?
  14. skipping Meals

    I am drinking 98 oz a day
  15. skipping Meals

    breakfast was at 9:20am