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  1. April 11 Re-Intro Start

    Non-gluten grains had no effect on me. Looking forward to tomorrow as I have decided to do legumes. Celery & peanut butter for breakfast some refried beans at lunch and brown beans for supper. I'm sure I'll have lots of gas but really want to know if it was the peanut butter or waffles that used to make my joints ache. We are almost through the re-intro people. I saved glutens for last as my Pastor's wife was a pastry chef in Romania and she makes goodies about every Sunday in between our early service and Sunday School. Can't wait to see what she has this Sunday as I've refrained from them since March 12th.
  2. April 11 Re-Intro Start

    I reintroduced non-gluten grains today with no effects to date. I to find myself being a little scared of eating non whole30 compliant foods. My granddaughter had a softball game this evening and we went to Wendy's after the game. Glad they cater to us if you ask for low carb. Hang in there everyone! alexd8 I too do not want to lose all the extra energy and greatness I gained from whole30. I think moderation is the key and limited amount of the foods we know cause us to feel bad is the only way to maintain. I want to do another whole30 in a month or so if anyone is willing to go it again.
  3. April 11 Re-Intro Start

    I did dairy yesterday and noticed immediately that my stomach bloated and I had gas. Had a headache this morning. I will definitely be doing dairy on a limited basis. Hope everyone has a great Easter and Passover.
  4. April 11 Re-Intro Start

    Day 31 I did sugar. I had stevia in my coffee, honey mustard with my lunch and brown sugar on my sweet potato at supper. Glad to see so many of you coming over to this forum for our re-intro. Thanks alexd8 for creating this forum for us. I lost 7.4 pounds and 9 inches with a whole lot of NSVs. I think I may do another W30 after I go through the re-intro and find out the culprits that make me feel bad. I know I could have lost a whole lot more weight if I had not been nursing this foot injury. Hopefully, the next round I can exercise more. I did mow the grass at our farm last night and had a stressful day so I didn't sleep as well plus a little pain in my leg while in bed. Have a great day today!
  5. Starting March 12

    Can't tell you all how much easier this has been being able to read what everyone else is going through. My allergies are better than in the past springs. I found Wendy's will do low-carb sandwiches but not Arby's. I got a burger from Wendy's that they put in a plastic container with lettuce wrap. Arby's just gave me the meat in a plastic container. More restaurants need to cater to use low carb people. I'm really disappointed in Chick-Fil-A as it is one of my favorites. My reintro is mapped out as follows: Tuesday sugar (stevia in coffee, honey at lunch and brown suger on a baked sweet potato) Friday beans maybe peanut butter (but probably not because I think it was bothering me. I started eliminating foods before I started on the 12th & peanut butter was one I stopped and noticed my aches & pains eased up when I quit eating it. 17th non-gluten grains (gluten free oats if I can find them, rice & corn) 20th gluten grains (whole wheat bread, wheat pasta) 23rd dairy (milk, yogurt, and cheese). Don't stop posting everyone let's share how our reintro goes!
  6. Starting March 12

    Day 26 is in the books, I got some antibiotics yesterday because my allergies were not getting any better and I was coughing so much I was not getting much sleep. I got the most sleep last night that I've had since I started Whole30. I'm in bed for over 8 hours every night but usually only register 5 to 6 hrs sleep on my Fitbit. Last night I had over 7 hours of sleep! Going to read about the re-intro to decide what I want to try first. I fixed a turkey breast last night that we are eating on. I think I'm learning to distinguish between cravings and actual hunger. So excited to be this far in our journey! I love reading everyone's posts.
  7. Starting March 12

    Day 22 Took a hike on our farm with my 7 year old grand daughter - it was fun. Got a Wendy's hamburger with mustard & pickle - I threw the bun away. Day 23 Had a lamb roast for dinner with asparagus and baked potato. I understand now why they fixed the whole lamb at Passover there is not a lot of meat on a lamb. I have a lot of NSVs but improved sleep is not one of them. Clothes are definitely not as tight as they were when I started and I have way more energy. So far I have been able to talk myself out of any cravings and my daughter taunting me to go off track. Still looking forward to the re-intro stage and I plan on doing a slow re-intro so I can figure out which foods are bogging me down. Thanks for the input about the nuts I'll definitely slow down on them. I bought some almond butter at Sam's the other day, it is okay but I can't say I'm a fan. I do on occasion eat a couple of Brazil nuts in the afternoon if I get hungry especially if I'm going out on a service call and think I'll be gone for a while and may be late getting dinner ready. I hope we all stay strong the last 7 days! I know a couple from church who made it to day 28 then decided to bail since it was only two more days. For me it is more of a conquest to know I CAN do the full 30 days.
  8. Starting March 12

    I totally agree with you and can identify with the Dave Ramsey quote too, thanks for sharing it @elaes. So far, I've been able to resist all the tempting things my family has brought home to eat so I can relate to Karib52. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend we are nearing the end of our journey so hang tough!
  9. Starting March 12

    Day 20 down with 10 to go way to go everybody! I made a fruit salad today with frozen fruit, fresh strawberries, cantaloupe, mango, unsweetened coconut and almond slices. Tried my first almond butter today, not to bad. Fixed shrimp, and brocolli for supper. Polished off some leftovers for lunch. Going to make some more sausage tomorrow morning with ground pork. @elaes
  10. Starting March 12

    Day 19 is history! I ate lunch with a friend who completed Whole30 in January and has already slipped back into her bad habits. She really struggled doing the Whole30. She knows she needs to do it again but doesn't want to give up everything. I'm reading Food Freedom Forever and shared some of the insights I've gained from reading it. According to the book you can do partial Whole30s just giving up the things that make you feel bad after you slip if you don't want to eliminate everything. Sounds like a good thing especially when we find ourself slipping which according to Melissa happens to everyone. Only 11 days to go to the Re-Introduction phase. Hope everyone had a fantastic day 19!
  11. Starting March 12

    Day 18 down 12 to go folks! I had a rough night last night my daughter got the stomach bug & I had to go take care of my 1 yr old grandson, needless to say it was a long night. Is anyone else suffering from extra plaque on your teeth? I just had my teeth cleaned last month & I feel like I haven't been to the dentist in a couple of years. I spoke to a dental hygienist at church tonight & she said when you start eating healthier you will have more plaque build up. Bummer! She recommended flossing more and rinsing with 1.2 peroixde & 1/2 water.
  12. Starting March 12

    Day 17 in the bag! I almost messed up at Texas Roadhouse, I ordered a garden salad but forgot to tell them no croutons or cheese. I gave my husband the croutons and picked the cheese out. My hubby said maybe I should do that more often so I would eat slower. Made a chicken salad for lunch with leftover chicken from my baked chicken last night, olives, celery, fresh dill, and of course mayo. I made some sweet potato buns, it was pretty good. So glad the dinner party went well and that you can go on vacation and still Whole30. Like so many others I'm looking forward to the re-intro phase to find out what foods make me feel bad. Definitely feeling more energy and am cleaning up the kitchen at night instead of waiting til morning.
  13. Starting March 12

    Day 16 is here! I found a Best Ever Chicken recipe and it was great only my grill did not get hot enough so I had to finish it in the oven. The Moroccan dipping sauce was great! Last two days I had an emergency situation with one of my clients (I'm a computer tech) and 10 hours working over the weekend. I didn't get home last night until 1 AM and didn't want to eat anything before I went to sleep BUT I paid for that this morning. I got weak trying to fix my granddaughter pancakes before she went to school and had to sit down and eat a grapefruit. First time that has happened to me since I started. I was going to grab a boiled egg but someone else ate it. Lesson learned. I'm hoping to get extra sleep tonight to make up for last night or at least take a nap this afternoon. Happy Day 16, we are on the downhill slide!
  14. Starting March 12

    Happy Day 13! I was so disappointed today. I had to take my granddaughter to softball practice & thought I'd stop by the store & pickup a rotisserie chicken for supper. WRONG! I got home with it and then discovered it had sugar in it, bummer. It is so amazing how much stuff has hidden sugar in it. I found it a little bit of a struggle to make it past the deli with all the cookies, & cakes laying out calling my name, but I resisted. I found an app today call Sift that lets you scan bar codes and then tells you what ingredients are in it. I tried to buy ground pork at the store & it had sugar in it too. I to am noticing that I am a bit grouchier than normal. Still waiting for the sleep to improve, the sinus infection to leave, and my foot get better so I can walk. Tomorrow I'm going to mow the grass (push mower) which is my all-time favorite chore. Clothes feel tighter today.
  15. Starting March 12

    Day 12 and still going strong! Sausage, eggs, & red bell pepper for breakfast, leftover meatballs, tomato sauce & spaghetti squash for lunch. Lamb chops, sweet potato, & carrorts for supper. I'm trying to make some kale chips now. I talked to someone to today that said we probably won't see any real drastic improvements until we get toward the end. She is doing her re-intro and found peanut butter broke her out. My Pastor did it for 45 days and lost at total of 30 pounds. Let keep the ball rolling folks!