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  1. Just what factors figured into these fruits being on the list and others being off the list. For example, I love apples. Why are they not on the list? I have heard berries are high in sugar and some people say to avoid them for that reason. How did Melissa determine which fruits are on her list? Does it have anything to do with glycemic index?
  2. Thanks. Still looking for a more specific answer if anyone can provide - thank you!
  3. I read in It Starts with Food that the best fruit choices are: Apricots Blackberries Blueberries Cherries Grapefruit Kiwi Melons Plums Strawberries Raspberries Is there a post here in this forum or an article somewhere else that explains why these are the fruit that Melissa recommends? Thanks for your help. My family is finished with our first Whole 30 and trying to implement all that we learned in our new "food freedom." =)
  4. I am not trying to demonize gluten or imply that all medical issues can be cured by not eating gluten so I am a bit confused by both of the replies above. I am merely sharing information that was incredibly relevant to me as a mother of 2 kids who struggle with attention issues. The MD I talked to last night has seen so many cases where eliminating gluten has led to total turnaround in very extreme behavior/psychological issues she now recommends all of her patients at least try eliminating it to see the effects. Coming from an MD, this carried a lot of weight with me. I am hoping other parents read this and look into it and it helps them as it has alerted me to a gluten concern I was not even aware of.
  5. We are in reintroduction and my daughters both had very emotional and volatile reactions when we reintroduced gluten. Luckily, I found myself next to a child psychiatrist last night at a sport event and we got on the topic of the Whole30 and gluten sensitivities. She told me it is actually well-known in the medical community that gluten can lead to a large range of psychiatric issues - including psychosis and suicidal thoughts (which she has witnessed personally with her patients)! She recommended I go to the Pub Med website and search on gluten psychosis. I found this one article as an example: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26184290 There are many more articles on this site. I wanted to share this info since this was earth-shattering to me! We are clearly going to avoid gluten as much as possible for our whole family, not just the girls, after this discovery.
  6. So, we reintroduced gluten grains yesterday and both of my girls were so emotional. My 8 year old had her first major eruption in weeks & didn't sleep as well. My 13yo was also very volatile. It was very enlightening. I did a little research and learned that gluten sensitivity can have emotional symptoms as well. Just curious if other Whole30ers have witnessed this as well?
  7. Thanks, Shannon. Appreciate your response.
  8. I am really hoping to get some advice - I need to move forward with the reintroduction tomorrow. Thank you.
  9. So, we just re-introduced non-gluten grains to our 3 kids (ages 8-13) on day 27 of the Whole 30 (I needed to start reintroduction a few days early due to a trip to Grandma and Grandpa's house next week). My 2 girls both had negative affects - my son was fine. Here is what I gave them yesterday (the same for all 3): meal 1: non-gluten waffles (later discovered it had soy lecithin) meal 2: gluten-free pretzels (later discovered it had soy lecithin) meal 3: gluten-free pasta (brown rice-based) My oldest daughter felt nauseous after eating meal 2 yesterday. My youngest daughter said her stomach hurt this morning (before breakfast). I had planned to give them legumes tomorrow (because I really need to get further down the reintroduction path before the trip so I was going to do an every other day reintro schedule), but now I am stumped. Should I do gluten-free grains again but this time make sure there are no soy ingredients? Also, am I really tampering with our results if I don't wait the prescribed 2 clean days inbetween reintro days? I am very worried they won't be successful at trying to eat cleanly at Grandma and Grandpa's or else I wouldn't even be pushing the envelope by asking the question. Thank you for your help!
  10. We are on day 26, but because of an upcoming trip to my parent's house on 4/8, I need to start the reintroduction process tomorrow for my kids (ages 8-13) so I can do it in my own controlled environment. My husband & I will stick with the program the full 30 days. Anyway, I am wondering what is the downside to only waiting 48 hours between reintroducing items? I was thinking of introducing non-gluten grains tomorrow (Day 1) and then legumes on Day 3, dairy on Day 5 and then gluten grains on Day 7. That way we are hopefully done with reintroduction before we fly to Texas and things becoming much harder for me to manage! I would love to hear experienced folks' recommendations on this. We have a put a ton of discipline and effort into this Whole 30, and I know this part is important (especially since I know my youngest has a sensitivity to something!). However, my mom is not very mobile and I just can't ask her to accommodate our Whole 30 requirements 100% while we are visiting. Thanks in advance.
  11. mbrinva

    doTERRA's carrageenan claims

    This is a question I have that goes beyond the Whole30. While the Whole 30 is what made me decide to stop using any carrageenan for now, based on what I've read so far, I am wanting to eliminate it entirely from my family's diet going forward (beyond the Whole30) unless there is a basis to the claims made by doTERRA (shared above). So, I'm wondering if anyone has expertise in the area of carrageenan specifically. Thanks.
  12. mbrinva

    doTERRA's carrageenan claims

    I have been using doTERRA for about 6 months and have enjoyed some benefit from their products. I had to stop using their On Guard soft gels and beadlets as well as the Omega soft gels once I started the Whole 30 due to the fact they have carrageenan in them. My friend sent this link to me to demonstrate to me that I should not be worried. I am skeptical but would love for someone with relevant knowledge to sound off on this notion that there is a type of carrageenan that is not a concern since it is "not absorbed by the intestinal tract." Thank you!