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  1. captainninjapeters

    Starting Tomorrow 8/17 - Anyone Else?

    Macadamia nuts really worked for me. I tried to avoid them, and snacking in general, but on days when the time from lunch until dinner stretched a little too far they worked well. One of the really cool things that happened during my Whole30 was the dramatic increase in how long I could go without eating (if I needed to). Without all of the sugar, you don't crash and you also stay fueled for longer. I really didn't need caffeine (tea for me) by the end of it. I'm writing this and trying to remember WHY IN THE WORLD I EVER STOPPED??!!!
  2. captainninjapeters

    Starting Tomorrow 8/17 - Anyone Else?

    I'm down. I finished my first whole30 back in January and miss how good I felt. Going to try and keep it up for longer this time. I still remember how terrible that first diet coke tasted at the end of the month and how sickeningly sweet that first gummy bear was.... WE CAN TOTALLY DO THIS!
  3. captainninjapeters

    Commitment = Success!!

    I shared your story with some of my friends yesterday... I so happy for you. Your work and results are amazing!
  4. Now that is exciting! I lost 1/3 of the weight I was trying to lose over the next 16 months in only 30 days. More importantly, I was eating enough good food to perform well during my fairly-rigorous workout on most of the 30 days. I never had to count a thing and I was never starving. The bigger win is actually kicking my terrible and profound addiction to Diet Mountain Dew. I was up to 2L of the stuff everyday before my Whole30.... now I know I can make it days without caffeine. The surprising thing for me was how much more stable my energy was without caffeine. I never reached a point where I woke up before my alarm but after only a few minutes of waking up-- my brain kind of cleared and I felt awake. My favorite part of this was that I was awake and I was calm. I am not sure I realized it but all the caffeine was creating an anxiety-ridden, heart-pounding awake that was actually pretty stressful. This calm-awake feeling stayed with me through the day, my job and school performance has been better, I stopped crashing at 5pm everyday and it took less than a page of reading for me to fall asleep when it was time for bed. My skin definitely did clear up some. AND, my stomach never hurt. I have confirmed allergies to soy and milk protein, as well as Celiac disease, and despite eliminating these foods from my diet for the last few years my stomach rebelled on a fairly regular basis. In fact, after eating a bowel of GF, soy-free cereal with almond milk this morning (I start on day3 of reintro since I am not adding back dairy and gluten) my stomach is mad. So.. that's annoying, But, moving on... This lifestyle was VERY gentle on my wallet. I saved a ton of money by not eating out, not buying multiple 22oz Diet Mtn Dew bottles during the day for $1.25, and by avoiding expensive drinks at the bar on weekends. I also gave up my favorite online shopping site for my Whole30---temperance. I am going to take a break for a while. Due to my allergies my diet is already intrinsically paleo to a degree. I am giving up soda of all varieties for the rest of the year. I am going to try to make food choices that fuel my body and my ridiculous schedule. AND... I am coming back for a Whole45 on March 18. Thanks for all of the support!
  5. captainninjapeters

    I want chicken nuggets.

    This may seem anti-climatic but... I decided to avoid the almond flour and make Bora Bora Fireballs (Well Fed) instead. I used ground chicken instead of pork. They are DELIGHTFUL! I haven't had a "real" chicken nugget in years (Celiac disease) so this was a really special treat for me. Thanks for all of your help guys!
  6. captainninjapeters

    I want chicken nuggets.

    You guys are awesome! Thanks! Also, I had to google SWYPO.... did a spit take while drinking my tea this morning. I'll let you know what we come up with.
  7. captainninjapeters

    I want chicken nuggets.

    I think we're going to try it. Chicken, coconut, egg and some chili powder. Thanks!
  8. captainninjapeters


    Awesome! We eat at Chipotle every 4th Saturday of the month (there is a legit reason for this) and I was literally, just now, trying to come up with an alternative for tomorrow. No need!!!
  9. captainninjapeters

    I want chicken nuggets.

    Anybody have a recipe or suggestions for how to make chicken nuggets with approved shredded coconut?
  10. captainninjapeters

    Well Fed Pad Thai

    I actually did use almond butter in mine. Definitely works as a substitution.
  11. captainninjapeters

    Well Fed Pad Thai

    I am loving the concept of a "weekly cookup". I have never done that before and it has saved us so much time this week. It should really help when classes start up again. Cook for a day... eat for a week!
  12. captainninjapeters

    Well Fed Pad Thai

    OMG. This is so good! If you guys haven't checked out this cookbook... it's magical.