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    Cooking, playing softball, basketball, volleyball, swimming, choral singing, reading.

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  1. KTinBK

    What did you have for supper last night?

    Last night was the sloppy joe and ancho-spiced butternut squash from the Whole30 Cookbook. I highly recommend it; so far I've made about 5 of the recipes and I've loved all of them. Great for mixing up your usual routine.
  2. KTinBK

    Started Yesterday, March 25

    Oh man, I wrote up a whole review of the Whole30 cookbook pot roast in the instant pot/pressure cooker, but it looks like it didn't post! In any case, I DID have success with it--I used a boneless roast and ended up doing it in 2 batches due to the size of my cooker. 30 minutes at pressure, and the extra liquid (you need at least a cup in pressure cookers). I absolutely recommend it if you want to try it again! The meat turned out super tender. I've also made 2 of the "remix"/leftover recipes from the master pot roast. The potato pancakes with poached eggs and tomatillo salsa were amazing, and I ate the leftovers for breakfast the next day. Last night my husband made the ragout since I was busy till later in the evening. We did it over butternut squash instead of spaghetti squash since that was on hand. It was absolutely delicious, and I highly recommend it! I just ate leftovers from that for lunch today. Tonight I will make the last remix recipe with the final portion of meat--broccoli slaw lettuce cups. I'm excited to try some Asian flavors and use my brand new coconut aminos. So far I've been really pleased with all the recipes, both in flavor and in logistics. I love that I essentially cooked once and am going to get 4 completely distinct meals out of that one roast. A lot of those types of recipes with spinoffs all sort of taste the same, but with these, I really didn't feel like I was eating the same boring leftovers. Each spinoff has a different flavor profile, and I have not felt "deprived" once while eating these meals.
  3. KTinBK

    Started Yesterday, March 25

    Good luck! I am starting today and also planning the pot roast, so I'm glad you mentioned the trouble with the meat. I was thinking about converting it to use in my electric pressure cooker, which requires a bit more liquid than just plain slow cooking, so I wonder if that will help keep the meat moist? I'll let you know.