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  1. KTinBK

    Finished and happy

    I finished my very first Whole30 on April 24. I knew I was sleeping well and feeling generally great and never overstuffed after meals, but I was delighted to find that I had lost 11 pounds! I won't say "without trying," because of course the W30 takes effort and planning, but the fact that I was never truly hungry (not the way I have been on actual "diets") and that I wasn't counting calories or worrying about my overall volume of food? Liberating. I didn't work out at all the first two weeks of my W30, and reintroduced some rec sports and a "proper" workout or two the second half. Now that I'm done, sports season is ramping up and I'm finding myself more energized to work out and work hard. I have a better sense of how much sleep I need, and how much recovery. It's still hard to get up to do my 6:45am boot camp, but I know when I have to get to bed if I want to make it and maximize it. I haven't found any really obvious intolerances since going through the reintroduction period, but I will say this: after eating some rice with my Chipotle and feeling heavy and overstuffed afterward, I can see that the real "danger" of grains, for me, is how easy they are to overeat. They go down so easy while you're eating them, and then you finish and regret the volume. Also, added sugar makes you hungry. Especially if that added sugar is in the form of alcohol. The greatest joy I've discovered is the actual cooking. My husband and I both like to cook, but had gotten out of the habit of doing it daily (the siren song of Seamless is so tempting in NYC). It's so nice to get back in the swing of things. Oh, and if you haven't tried it, the recipes in the Whole30 Cookbook are EXCELLENT. We haven't had one we didn't love. Just last night I made the sloppy joe recipe just because we like it--I see it being a go-to resource even post-whole30. I love that I'm now "allowed" to indulge in the occasional treat or put some milk in my coffee (I adore cheese, but the thing I missed most was real milk in my coffee. Not much, not even often, but nondairy milks just don't compare for me). But it really feels more like a deliberate choice, and I'm able to enjoy it far more than I used to when it was just an everyday occurrence to eat whatever I felt like. Also? I saved some Easter candy for myself, and when I ate one the other day it was just...not worth it. All I could taste was sugar, not even proper chocolate. So now I know, if I'm going to eat candy, I'm going to eat the fancy stuff. The plan going forward is to cook dinner (mostly w30 compliant) on weekdays, and save eating out for the weekends. There will be leeway for special occasions, but so far it's been really nice to just make something home made in 20 minutes instead of ordering delivery or going out. I feel so much more in tune with what is good for me, and so much more in control of what I eat--all without losing my intense love and enjoyment of food. Thank you, Whole30.
  2. KTinBK

    Bride to Be Help Needed!

    If it were me, I'd rather do it earlier. Take my partner's word for it on the food from the tasting but be able to enjoy the winery/bachelorette party later.
  3. KTinBK

    What did you have for supper last night?

    Last night was the sloppy joe and ancho-spiced butternut squash from the Whole30 Cookbook. I highly recommend it; so far I've made about 5 of the recipes and I've loved all of them. Great for mixing up your usual routine.
  4. KTinBK

    Starting March 26th

    Ok with me!
  5. KTinBK

    Started Yesterday, March 25

    Oh man, I wrote up a whole review of the Whole30 cookbook pot roast in the instant pot/pressure cooker, but it looks like it didn't post! In any case, I DID have success with it--I used a boneless roast and ended up doing it in 2 batches due to the size of my cooker. 30 minutes at pressure, and the extra liquid (you need at least a cup in pressure cookers). I absolutely recommend it if you want to try it again! The meat turned out super tender. I've also made 2 of the "remix"/leftover recipes from the master pot roast. The potato pancakes with poached eggs and tomatillo salsa were amazing, and I ate the leftovers for breakfast the next day. Last night my husband made the ragout since I was busy till later in the evening. We did it over butternut squash instead of spaghetti squash since that was on hand. It was absolutely delicious, and I highly recommend it! I just ate leftovers from that for lunch today. Tonight I will make the last remix recipe with the final portion of meat--broccoli slaw lettuce cups. I'm excited to try some Asian flavors and use my brand new coconut aminos. So far I've been really pleased with all the recipes, both in flavor and in logistics. I love that I essentially cooked once and am going to get 4 completely distinct meals out of that one roast. A lot of those types of recipes with spinoffs all sort of taste the same, but with these, I really didn't feel like I was eating the same boring leftovers. Each spinoff has a different flavor profile, and I have not felt "deprived" once while eating these meals.
  6. KTinBK

    Starting March 26th

    Update on the pot roast: doing it in the pressure cooker was a smashing success! Some tips if anyone wants to do it: 1. I used a boneless chuck roast, which may have affected things. I lowered the cooking time since it was longer and flatter than your average bone-in roast. 2. Due to the size of my pressure cooker, I had to work in 2 batches. I browned the entire roast (mine came in two giant chunks) and then did half the veggies and one half of the roast (cut into halves once again). I cooked each batch for 30 minutes at high pressure, and let the pressure release naturally once it was done (i.e., let it sit about another 20 minutes until there was no more pressure when I released the valve). 3. I used a full cup of broth, since pressure cookers need more liquid to function. I also didn't add the tapioca until the end, per a recommendation on hippressurecooking.com. Because of this, I took about 2/3 cup of the liquid out and reduced it (with a small amount of the tapioca) in a sautee pan until it was a nice glaze consistency. Doing it this way yielded soft veggies and fall-apart-tender meat. If I were to do it on the slow cooking setting, I might add the extra liquid anyway, since it may give it some good moisture if it's more of a braise.
  7. KTinBK

    Starting March 26

    This one appears to have been enriched with some vitamins and minerals but the only additives I'm seeing are guar gum and xanthan gum. I will be sure to re-read the labels whenever I buy, though, thank you! (I feel like a lot of chicken/beef broths are like this as well, but soon enough I'm just going to make my own).
  8. KTinBK

    Starting March 26

    Haha, fair enough! Honestly it was a bit TOO intensely fatty-tasting for me, a bit like how I felt about bulletproof coffee. I found it hard to finish. I got myself a lighter coconut milk (the kind they market as a replacement for dairy milk/putting on cereal, vs. the creamiest stuff in cans) and I think that will work best for me.
  9. KTinBK

    Starting March 26th

    I'm also starting today! Sorry I didn't see your post or I wouldn't have made my own. Excited and a little nervous, over here.
  10. KTinBK

    Started Yesterday, March 25

    Good luck! I am starting today and also planning the pot roast, so I'm glad you mentioned the trouble with the meat. I was thinking about converting it to use in my electric pressure cooker, which requires a bit more liquid than just plain slow cooking, so I wonder if that will help keep the meat moist? I'll let you know.
  11. KTinBK

    Starting March 26

    Starting my very first Whole30 today! I woke up from a horrible dream that I botched it immediately by going out for barbecue chicken, so apparently my subconscious is worried! Planning a big brunch of eggs, avocado, and salad. Had a snafu with the compliant vanilla coconut milk I bought to put in my coffee (it arrived from the grocery delivery service opened already) but luckily I had cans of coconut milk and put a little bit in the coffee. It's honestly a richer taste than my usual milk so I may just go black from here on out--I don't want it to be too indulgent-tasting, right? The plan for today is to get a giant chuck roast at Costco and make the recipe from the Whole30 Cookbook, then make the various leftover recipes for the next few days. I spent the past week alternately "test driving" compliant meals and saying goodbye to a few favorites. The recipes I'm seeing all over the place all look SO good, so I'm hoping I don't struggle with the lack of grains too much (I can live without added sugar, no booze for 30 days is fine, I will miss dairy but not overly; it's gonna be the carbs for me, I already know it). I'm also hoping being forced to meal plan and cook for myself will get me into some healthier habits--I eat out far too much. Being in NYC, there ARE decently "healthy" options (compared with McDonald's or Panera) but it's definitely not TRULY healthy. It'll be a challenge not to have that crutch, but I think I need it. Anyone else starting up now? Any old-timers have tips, especially for NYC options for when I DO need to go out? I'm honestly terrified to touch anything but a salad bar and even then I don't know if I can trust the "plain" grilled chicken or not.