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  1. EileenRBe

    The crazy things people say

    LOL x 2. When I read about healthy fats it's so often referring to canola oil. But they don't specify, so I could probably get away with using olive oil. I don't suppose they'd like it if I used lard.
  2. EileenRBe

    The crazy things people say

    LOL Physibeth that is a great idea. The rules do say "healthy fats."
  3. EileenRBe

    The crazy things people say

    Two AARGH moments today related to crazy things in our culture at large. (1) My employer wants us to help make our state a Blue Zone state, which supposedly means we rank as healthier. We're supposed to agree to "pledges" available online. Some of the actions are using smaller than 10-inch dinner plates (but then where will I fit my veggies), keeping a scale in a prominent place, putting snacks like pretzels into smaller portion-sized bags (yeah, I'd better do that with my pretzels), and dedicating the top shelf of my refrigerator to fruits and veggies (how about all of the shelves). (2) a recipe contest through a local grocery store requires the recipe to use local ingredients, to "make half your grains whole grains," and "select lean proteins" a la the ChooseMyPlate.gov guidelines. Guess I won't be entering that one. I'm out of step with so much of what's considered healthy, yet oddly I'm healthier than I've ever been.
  4. EileenRBe

    The crazy things people say

    Me to my sister-in-law, whose unhealthy weight concerns me (when she asked about my eating): I used to binge eat, but I don't feel the need to any more because I get satisfied with what I'm eating at mealtimes. Her: My problem is portion control. Me: When I was eating grains and sugar, It seemed like I always wanted more. Now I can feel when to stop and at the end of the meal I'm full. Her: Yes, but my problem is portion control. Me: [sigh; change subject]
  5. EileenRBe

    The crazy things people say

    In my grocery cart: two beautiful bunches of asparagus, ten avos ( on special), six yams, one clamshell each strawberries and blueberries, a bunch of bananas, a red bell pepper. One woman: "I want your shopping cart! Such healthy food!" (What I didn't say: "You just need to put stuff like this in your own cart!") Guy ahead of me in checkout line said he was jealous because he wished he could afford food like that. The second one was more sad than crazy. I referred him to look up the Whole30 site and told him how lots of people are finding ways to eat healthy on a budget. It seems to me some of the best food deals are in the produce aisle.
  6. EileenRBe

    The crazy things people say

    I'm enjoying this topic! My contribution: Today a young woman and I were talking about my W30 and her experience with a similar program, The Blood Sugar Solution. She said she felt great while on it but it was a problem because as she went off it she'd get sick after having processed foods. I didn't ask her whether that might be telling her something important....