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  1. EileenRBe


    Finished yesterday because of January 2 start. I'm proud of myself for doing this, my second W30. (First was January 2013.) I didn't know if I had the resolve, but turns out I had it! Lost 3 pounds, but I felt my metabolism reset on Day 25, and I believe I can keep up the downward trend. Doing reintroductions starting today, and going forward I want to learn to eat so as to stay fat-adapted. Best to everyone on the Post W30 side!
  2. EileenRBe

    food dreams

    Fun thread! My first food dream, about a week in, I don't remember what noncompliant food it was. The second, about three weeks in, I was at an event where there were food stations. I remember a pasta station and a pizza station. Of course I went to the build your own pizza station. Got my crust and was carrying it all around the venue on a sheet of foil looking for arugula to put on it. So strange!
  3. EileenRBe


    Hi all, I'm planning to start my second Whole30 on January 2, delay due to January 1 Rose Bowl party (rooting for our Iowa Hawks). Location: Eastern Iowa. Age 61. Health: iffy (adrenal issues, dry eye). I loved my first Whole30, and although I still avoid gluten, never drink soda or juice, and rarely eat sweets made with refined sugar, I've strayed from the lifestyle. Reasons include: - Kitchen remodel in 2014 meant I ate out a lot and slacked off from good habits. - Social eating of (paleo) sweets and breads. - Trying to please our picky 4-year-old grandchild with treat foods. - For my blog and recipe column for my local paper I sometimes want to please the masses with dessert and bread recipes. - Husband (celiac) is intolerant of cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, onions, garlic, raw greens, which are some of my favorite Whole30ish foods, so I pout about the limitations and fill up on other foods that aren't good for me. Goals: - Lose 10 pounds to achieve a healthy BMI. - Better energy. - Break the sugar habit. I don't feel like my resolve is strong, so I'll be on the forums gathering support. I'll be rooting for you, too!
  4. ... when they bring their immersion blender along when they travel. So, I saw this post before leaving for a week's vacation where we'd have a kitchenette and thought, "I'll get by without my hand blender. I'll buy olive oil mayo and try whipping butter into my coffee with a fork." [i'm actually post whole 30 and can tolerate a little dairy.] Wrong. I didn't find any olive oil mayo, and the fork thing left greasy butter blobs on the surface of the coffee. Three days in I found a Proctor Silex at CVS for $20. It was so worth it. I will always pack one in the future!
  5. EileenRBe

    The crazy things people say

    LOL x 2. When I read about healthy fats it's so often referring to canola oil. But they don't specify, so I could probably get away with using olive oil. I don't suppose they'd like it if I used lard.
  6. EileenRBe

    The crazy things people say

    LOL Physibeth that is a great idea. The rules do say "healthy fats."
  7. EileenRBe

    The crazy things people say

    Two AARGH moments today related to crazy things in our culture at large. (1) My employer wants us to help make our state a Blue Zone state, which supposedly means we rank as healthier. We're supposed to agree to "pledges" available online. Some of the actions are using smaller than 10-inch dinner plates (but then where will I fit my veggies), keeping a scale in a prominent place, putting snacks like pretzels into smaller portion-sized bags (yeah, I'd better do that with my pretzels), and dedicating the top shelf of my refrigerator to fruits and veggies (how about all of the shelves). (2) a recipe contest through a local grocery store requires the recipe to use local ingredients, to "make half your grains whole grains," and "select lean proteins" a la the ChooseMyPlate.gov guidelines. Guess I won't be entering that one. I'm out of step with so much of what's considered healthy, yet oddly I'm healthier than I've ever been.
  8. I like this one that I developed. Has mustard, no tomato. http://everyoneeatsright.com/2013/07/16/grilled-whole-chicken-with-mustard-date-barbecue-sauce/
  9. EileenRBe

    The crazy things people say

    Me to my sister-in-law, whose unhealthy weight concerns me (when she asked about my eating): I used to binge eat, but I don't feel the need to any more because I get satisfied with what I'm eating at mealtimes. Her: My problem is portion control. Me: When I was eating grains and sugar, It seemed like I always wanted more. Now I can feel when to stop and at the end of the meal I'm full. Her: Yes, but my problem is portion control. Me: [sigh; change subject]
  10. EileenRBe

    Crazy things kids say

    Jennrider, that is so cool that your son is open to learning from you and changing his habits! And pjena, so great that your sons are absorbing lessons. I love the Crazy Things topic, and jennrider, it's fun that you started one for kids. Here's mine: I care for my 1 1/2-year-old grandson one day a week. My daughter-in-law sends meals and snacks with him--"healthy" low-fat food including bread, crackers, pastas, and low-fat or no-fat dairy. And of course, he's always hungry. So I give him good fats sometimes, such as buttering his toast with ghee. When we have breakfast together I share little chips of my coconut cream (coconut butter). He loves it and asks for more, calling it "co-kee," which sometimes comes out sounding like "co-caine." I had to let my daughter-in-law know that I was sharing the coconut cream and what the word meant in case he babbles it when he's with them. (He also calls blueberries "boo-bies," and buttons, such as on remote controls, which he also loves, "butt.") He sure keeps us laughing.
  11. This is a great topic! One more: ...be able to eat all I want without gaining weight.
  12. ...feel so good after eating ...WANT to stay off of refined sugar, grains, and wine ...still be eating compliant 6 months later
  13. EileenRBe


    Has anyone tried making mayo in a Magic Bullet? Does it work?
  14. EileenRBe


    My mayo failed every time in my Cuisinart blender. It works every time in the food processor or with an immersion blender.
  15. KellyF that sounds yummy, thanks! Maybe a way to use frozen/thawed bananas. It might be treading close to the pancake line for those on W30.