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  1. I must say I'm with CAK91, this thread was very triggering for me, and I was afraid to come back and see the responses until today. It's not the OP, for there is weight loss talk almost *everywhere*, online and IRL; I've just learned to avoid it, for the most part. I think that accepting myself as a fat person first is what is allowing me to do a W30 without going on a binge, or hating my body the entire time or feeling desperate because what if I "fail" again? If we can do this without calling ourselves things like "disgusting" or "lazy", then we are helping our emotional bodies, too. And this speaks to the "Whole" part of the W30. Fat is correlated with a lot of illnesses, but is not necessarily the cause. Please refer to Gary Taubes' work. Most of these can just as well be attributed to the SAD of refined carbs, causing inflammation, etc.
  2. I see body acceptance as living my life to the fullest no matter my size. I will not wait to do things "when I'm thinner", I do them now. I think that's what weight watcher's does not teach and what you came to realize at the end. Your use of the words "sick and fat" are disturbing, because I don't think obesity causes very much illness. I suspect Golda goes to the doctor when she's sick. There are very few things that are caused simply by being a different size than someone else. And whole 30 is all about healthy eating and knowing that your body will adjust to the weight it should be. I'm doing a whole 30 even though I never diet because I know how much weight loss dieting f*cks with my mental and emotional health. I'm doing it because I have annoying allergies. I still accept my body as it is, as it ever will be, fat or thin, because it's the only one I've got and it's doing its best. It is OK to be fat, if that's who you are. There is no moral imperative to be healthy or thin.
  3. A lot of Chinese cooking methods are meant to disguise gamey flavors. Things like boiling meat twice, frying with aromatics like ginger, etc.
  4. blissing

    W30 and "morbid obesity"

    I have the same issues (and I'm fat--I hate the term morbidly obese cuz I'm alive!), too much restriction triggers me in the opposite direction! I know I can't do it, so I don't torture myself trying. There a fine but distinct line between being on a weight loss diet and nourishing myself with foods that heal. Maybe not in terms of the health effects but in terms of my mental health and well being.