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    church,flower gardening, yard art, embroidery, sewing aprons, crocheting rag rugs, thrift stores, letter writing, collecting
  1. Start date April 10!

    I started today. Had a great breakfast, later than I wanted, but I'll be ok.
  2. April 3rd start date...new to whole30!

    It's nice to have help. I know I'm going to need it.
  3. April 3rd start date...new to whole30!

    I'm starting April 9....for the coming week, I'm going to be making plans on things to buy and things to get rid of in my kitchen! My daughter will be my official cheerleader! Hope you have a great 30 days.
  4. Starting April 9

    @rosiereal2001......sometimes, if we're working together with someone on something hard, and they fail, it can help make us more determined! I'm not a huge meat lover, but I can do anything for a month!
  5. Starting April 9

    Nanners.....I'm going to try to learn to like sweet potatoes, and use them often. I probably need to stay away from white potatoes. I have seen the chocolate chili recipe, sounds yummy. I went to our little town store today and their chicken prices are low, and their meat is always fresh. They have good produce also. Preparing.My.Mind!!!!!
  6. I'm committing to a healthier me!

    It helps to keep reading all the positive things on this forum. Don't give up.
  7. 6 kids, little to no cow milk in their diet. They're grown up and fine.
  8. Standard Restaurant Questions

    I always order real eggs instead of scrambled, that way I know there isn't any dairy in them....I'm lactose intolerant.
  9. Starting April 9

    I graze, I stand up while I eat, I put dry creamer in my coffee, I don't like sweet potatoes or cantaloupe or tomatoes, I don't have lots of natural type stores close by to get some ingredients, I am not a great lover of meat....but I'm excited for my first day. Another problem I might encounter....I only have a kitchen because it came with the house. I'm no cook. I like to grow flowers and sew aprons. I've never liked to cook. I have three lovely crock pots, a kitchen designed by ME and paid for by our son, I have a newish stove, I have grocery $$$ to cover this.......but I don't enjoy putting things together and reading recipes. I am lactose intolerant so I'm already used to not having dairy ingredients. I have some mild medical conditions I'd like to clear up by losing some weight and stop the sugar issues.