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  1. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    Hear you on the coffee! It seems to upset my gi track so I switched to caffeinated green tea which has 25 to 50 percent less caffeine than coffee for a few days then to decafeinated green tea and actually like it just as well as coffee. I put a slice of lemon in and it's nice and warm like the coffee. Hope this might help you.
  2. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    I will be continuing. Just saw a functional health dr for some intestinal and autoimmune issues. I had scheduled this appt prior to the whole30. Much of my intestinal problems have already resolved on the diet but I need some tweeking. Found out I have a yeast issue as well as high sulfa. So eggs are now out for me as well. Will be having lab work and sending in a sample of my stool. Yay! So thankful for dr like this. He was very pleased with my whole30 and said I am on the right track. Just need a little extra help with some of the detox.
  3. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    My daughter is coming home from college next week and was cleaning her room when I found a little dish of MnM's. started to reach for a few and stopped myself! Our kids are grown or in college and with hubby doing the whole30 as well none of that stuff is around. Scary how mindlessly I reached for those! A definite habit to break...yikes!
  4. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    A friend wants to meet tomorrow for lunch at Panera. Anyone know of anything compliant there to drink or eat? I was thinking a salad and bring my own dressing... maybe tea?
  5. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    Just blew up butter in the microwave tying to make clarified butter!
  6. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    I have a question. Silk almond milk unsweetened has locust bean gum in it. That means it is not whole30 approved. Am I correct? Haven't used it since starting because of that. Only use it in my coffe in the am. Thanks
  7. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    Hi guys, started the whole 30 on April first with my hubby. Couple of questions. Everyone seems to be sleeping really well. I have been the opposite. Difficulty falling asleep(not my norm) and waking in the middle of the night(not uncommon for me). Took some camomile tea last night and 2 250mg magnesium before bed and that helped but then 3 hours later wide awake. Husband has been sleeping great. I am starting to get a little stressed about it as I know how important sleep is. I drink one cup of coffee a morning(used to be two) with coconut cream milk after/with my breakfast. For during the day I have non caffeine iced tea. Would appreciate any suggestions.