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    Long walks, gardening, reading, hanging out with my fabulous husband!
  1. Starting 2 weeks from today, April 17

    Day 8 was okay for me, but it made my daughter crazy. She's on this too and was so tired and grumpy (her words!). I do not snack, as a rule. Last evening I wanted a muffin that I'd bought my kiddos (just a mini...) so I had a handful of blackberries and the desire for the muffin was gone. Schedule your meals. Today for me 830-130-630. My breakfast was late, not till 9. But I'll still eat lunch at 130 to keep my dinner on target, since end of day is hardest for me. I've been leaving fruit and nuts off my plate in case I need a pick me up along a day, I use those. If your plates are full and you eat slowly, and enjoy it, you should really be able to get through 5 hours without snacks. Read the way your plate should look in the book...protein, healthy fat, veggies galore, maybe fruit/nuts. Also, get fruit infused seltzer and drink, drink, drink. And I read...if you want a snack, offer yourself a hard boiled egg. If you don't want to eat that, it's a craving, not hunger. Go outside with a water and wander around for 5 minutes. The craving will pass. If you want the egg, then you've eaten great protein and should feel satisfied. So, I use that trick and I always talk about my meals as fuel...fueling my body. It runs best on 5 hour fuel pit stops. Put the right stuff in to get the most out. You wouldn't put salt water in your gas tank, right? Good luck! #ICanIWillRock30
  2. Starting 2 weeks from today, April 17

    Is it because you feel like you snacked? The food you ate appears to be compliant. You are at the beginning of your Whole30, so some snacks/mini meals may be necessary to get you through. It sounds to me like you are in great shape, rule wise. Now, get in great shape with your confidence. Be your own cheerleader! You are on Day 5 and sounds like you are paying close attention to the details! You've got this. Happy Friday and be strong this weekend :-) -Nancy
  3. Starting 2 weeks from today, April 17

    Of course! I am on Day 5 and feeling very very good. Last night I wanted to eat at about 9:30. Roamed the kitchen and came up with an apple and seltzer water. Still felt annoyed that I was eating so late, regardless of what it was. Good news - 2 apple bites and I was "cured"! My body is getting in the groove. Good luck!
  4. Starting 2 weeks from today, April 17

    Kenzie- Scroll through this page and read the success stories. Look at the pictures. Read what pizza and junk food do to your insides. The thing that has hands down helped me the most has been EDUCATING myself. While your roommates are eating those things, read about them. Off the top of my head, I recall that peanuts are the only protein nut that we digest very poorly. So while it does have protein, it's creating problems in your gut that to me make it so easy to say no thanks. Also....I took about a week and "practiced". I worked up to coffee with only almond milk. I cut out carbs almost exclusively. I didn't eat treats but still there was sugar in some of my food. I stopped drinking except for one night at the beach. It is truly an education and a discipline. If you haven't read the book Whole 30, stop what you are doing and go to Amazon and get it. It will help you immensely. One other ditty from the book....if you can't tell between hunger and craving - in your mind, offer yourself a boiled egg. If you eat it, you were hungry. If you don't eat it, it was a craving. Chug water and go outside. Cravings generally pass in about 5 minutes. I don't have any now.....NO KIDDING! Would I enjoy a glass of wine, yep. But I would not have one now, because I'm so excited to see what 30 days of Food Freedom looks like on me. Good luck and keep chatting. Facebook has a great page Keep Calm and Whole 30 On. Find it and ask to join. It is amazing encouragement and support. You chose to do this - remember why! What you eat is completely in your control. Don't give that control to your roommates or your psyche! YOU DESERVE THIS 30 DAYS!
  5. Starting 2 weeks from today, April 17

    I know we are still at the VERY BEGINNING -- but so far, so great! I had a good Day 1, my hubby is eating like me, just adding creamer to his coffee (he knows he can't be 100% compliant) and Day 2 will be excellent! Have a good one, all you Day Two-ers!
  6. Starting 2 weeks from today, April 17

    I have had crazy skin rashes for a month or more now. I've been to the derm 3 times and have an allergist appt next Monday. I am hopeful W30 helps me to improve the health of my skin. Wouldn't mind a little weight loss too, but I thin the NSV's are going to be what makes me very happy~
  7. Starting 2 weeks from today, April 17

    Amy and Karen - Can't wait to have real live support of others going through the same daily challenges! Just prepping now and introducing lots of the food to my system now. Trying hard to cut out all sugar and carbs now, so it's not a complete shock on April 17th. Good luck getting ready!
  8. Hi! My name is Nancy and I am beginning the Whole30 on Monday, April 17. We have a family trip planned for Easter and it will be sounder if I wait until that is behind me to start my 30. But, I am prepping for it already. Today I did my first shopping trip armed with my Can Have list. Made a dijon mustard purchase error (it has sulfates) but I will rectify that next trip out. I am beginning a walking routine, similar to one I've done before. I'm excited to try new recipes and develop a healthy relationship with food. I have terrible digestion issues, bathroom struggles (TMI?) and for the last 3 months have had some pretty significant skin rashes and problems. I firmly believe realigning my eating habits with the life I want to live is exactly what I need to be doing FOR ME right now! Looking forward to support from those who've already gotten started!