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  1. Alcohol and Whole30 Issues

    I'm gonna pop in here from a purely non-Whole 30 perspective to say, first-- CONGRATS on the 55 days without a drink! Second, I kicked a pretty bad "functional alcoholic"/boozy-executive-level drink habit back in 2013 (and a not-as-bad-but-getting-worse habit 196 days ago, because some of us are slow to learn.) I never craved sugar, ever in my life, until I quit the booze, and then I was like a sugar vacuum. I caught myself one day trolling the cabinets for errant Red Hots that I'd used for Christmas cookie decorating two years earlier, then found a bag of decorating sprinkles that I ate some of right out of the bag, said "this is crazy", threw them in the trash, then was distracted by them all day so moved them from the kitchen trash to the garage trash, then went out there later in the day and ate them out of the garage trash! Humble moment, but as I was there in the garage with the decorating sprinkles I flashed back to a few weeks earlier being out there with an extra bottle of dinner party wine that I chugged before tossing the bottle. Same pathways, my friend! As soon as I started treating sugar the same as I treated booze, it hasn't come back-- and, as I learned coping skills around "trying to escape from myself" or just "take that wiggly/uneasy edge off with something/anything" in general, be it through booze or through sugar, I was on the path to feeling a million times better (and, when I say "a million", I mean not drinking is, for me, the ultimate life hack. It is BRILLIANT. You basically double the hours in your day and supercharge your productivity. Just wait, you'll be on fire!) I did need to find some support for the crazy thinking and drinking-specific stuff, though, and knew I wasn't "the AA type." I found a huge amount of support on the Reddit Stop Drinking sub. The people over there are great, and all types of people-- from the "seemingly normal drinkers who just want to cut back" to the "weekend bingers" the "chardonnay housewives" and the down-and-out "woah, dude, now THAT'S an alcoholic" types. Some of them do AA, a lot (I daresay most) of them don't, many of us have found meditation, but we all share tools and ideas and zero judgment. It's a great place to be, and, what you learn from that is that we're all mostly flavors of the same thing. And, without exception, everyone who comes back at 90 days, 180 days, one year sober and says "my god, this is awesome, why did I not do this sooner?!" Anyhow, much love to you and continued success in all you do. You got this!
  2. I wanted to pop back and thank everyone for the thoughts and wisdom. Since yesterday afternoon, I've done more thinking and more research and come up with a couple things: - I certainly fall on the sword for a fair bit of ignorance about what Whole 30 has become. My concept of Whole 30 is from my original introduction to it back in 2008/2009 as just a "whole foods, super-clean paleo" reset period. I hadn't realized it had become so much of a "food sensitivity"/elimination protocol concept. Doing some reading on here over in the re-introduction phase forum really highlighted what I was selectively overlooking. Given that food sensitivities and uncontrollable cravings aren't something I'm working with (weren't part of what had me undertake a program), I probably had my heart in the right place (whole foods reset), but just picked an unnecessary limiting protocol. But, I will say this-- if what happened to me with the nuts and the coconut happens to the rest of you with gluten and dairy, seek out those answers! Because, dang, that was unpleasant! - I am probably a case where "a little bit of knowledge in the wrong hands" is a bad thing. My husband owns a gym, I'm a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach (did it for the book learning, not to train clients) with a medical background who's worked in the sports nutrition industry now for 6+ years. I am a self-experimenter who's tried many times over the years to transition to high protein diets. My body just revolts. When I saw that fruits and starches were allowed, I thought I could get the benefits of the whole-food cleanse without asking my body to process huge amounts of protein (I describe it like throwing a bunch of greasy brown paper bags in the furnace for me... I feel markedly bad on high protein protocols.) I should have done the program exactly as written or not at all. There are plenty of whole food cleanses, or I could have just gone "single ingredient" for 30 days. Lots of things I could have done, but I really wanted to try out some of the Whole 30 stuff I saw online, I recently was gifted an Instant Pot, and, hey, who doesn't want "tiger blood"?! Anyhow, thank you again to everyone for letting me ride your coattails a bit... I wish you all the best of success and hope you find the answers you seek, whether via Whole 30 or elsewhere. Remember, food is supposed to make you feel amazing. It's supposed to feed that beautiful, resilient body of yours and fuel you through amazing feats. If it's not, don't stop looking until you find answers. <3
  3. Baby Led Weaning

    Your doctor sounds seriously old-school. They went on what they knew back-when, it's not a judgment. Some of the best "family doctors" are the old curmudgeonly types that would suggest something like Karo. I did BLW with both my girls, starting at 6 months with the first (when the best BLW minds said "wait until 6 months no matter what!) and at 5 months with my second, when even the BLW minds changed to "start whenever baby is ready." My older daughter's first meal was an avocado burger and sweet potato "fries." Littleg- I haven't touched a pureer in my life, order right off the menu at restaurants (babies just eat off my plate), zero jars or pouches. Nana. Zilch. It's brilliant!
  4. I have been tracking the whole Whole 30 process on Instagram and can PM you my handle- it's got all my meals since Day 1. I really feel like I've been eating A LOT. so the above might not be the best representation. But, I have been eating a lot of fruit, probably more than is allowed on this plan. And it sounds like more nuts.
  5. And, does it sound worth trying to get back on track to complete the 30, or at this point do I just call it quits and decide at a point in future if I want to try it again, maybe using a really prescriptive plan (I've piecemealed mine together from online Whole 30 menu plans, dinners, lunches-- I've never been any kind of a breakfast person so I just choke down whatever I can there- I'm never hungry for it, so it's a challenge for me.)
  6. I thought that I was following the template-- but looking over the above I see that these don't look like I have been. Not sure if that's because I picked bad examples or because I think I've been doing something different than I have. The "eat more nuts" advice came from other Whole 30ers (not on this site, elsewhere), who said I needed to bolser my calorie and fat intake, so that's why I went crazy on nuts, coconut milk and avocado. I will try choking down more eggs tomorrow (though I am so barfy feeling about eggs that we'll see how far I get.) I'll back off fruit, but I feel like my brain is seriously going to short circuit without right now. When I say I'm feeling on the edge of a breakdown, it's like... I can't even think my way out of a paper bag right now. Seriously firing on ZERO cylinders.
  7. Hi Gang- I've been lurking here for the duration of my Whole 30. I'm on day 22 and have been thoughtfully (somewhat scientifically) considering pulling the plug for a week now, but have been trudging along. Today, though, I'm in a deep pit and just not seeing the value. Background: I'm a healthy eater 80/20 "clean eating" (probably closer to 90/10) and a non-drinker. I'm an ultrarunner ramping up for the season, currently working out 5 days/week, a combination of long/easy runs and HIIT/strength work. I have no food sensitivities and was feeling great before my Whole 30 (no digestive issues, skin issues, etc, relatively fine mood though I'm prone to depression), etc. I took on the challenge of a Whole 30 not to fix anything, but to just really clean up my diet for the springtime and pre-season, mix up my menu options and feel GREAT. Like, make sure I was training on the purest fuel possible and getting the biggest nutritional bang from my caloric buck, etc. Week One: Felt good, but weight was dropping some so I added in more fats (coconut milk in the coffee, etc.) Week Two: Started feeling really crummy. Days 11 and 12 were super tough. I was powering down all the stuff I was told I need to ramp up on-- coconut milk, coconut oil, avocado, nuts, etc. Finally, one day I felt so crummy I said "no more" and took out all the "you need to add it in on a Whole 30" stuff like coconut oil and loads of nuts and just went back to my usual diet, just without the beans and alternate grains that I usually eat. I felt a little better after making this switch. Also, a friend advised that I salt EVERYTHING. That seemed to help some, as well. I also started a magnesium supplement. Week Three: This week- mood is taking a nosedive again. Completely depressed. totally crabby. zero energy. zero interest in food but strangely I'm up a few pounds. I am having to force myself to cram food down my face just to get calories in, but none of it is appealing. constant headache. Just feel totally off and wanting to go back to my usual way of eating-- after all, I did this to feel great, not to feel like absolute horsepoop. Week One example: Breakfast: Hardboiled egg, banana, coffee. Lunch: Veggie scramble, side of compliant bacon and a medium/large fruit plate. Dinner: Pizza Quiche with Power Greens salad (beets + walnuts + avocado) Week Two Example: Before cutting out the "super Whole 30" stuff: Breakfast: Bananas and strawberries with coconut milk, walnuts, cinnamon and a Hardboiled egg. Coconut milk in coffee.; Lunch: bunless burger with bacon, onions, mushrooms, avocado and homemade mayo; apple; Dinner: pork chops over sautéed cabbage, onion and apples. Snack: Sweet potato, dates, walnuts, coconut milk, coconut oil, salt and cinnamon. After cutting out the extras: BREAKFAST: Hardboiled egg, Cutie, black coffee. SNACK: 5-6 Brazil nuts. LUNCH: Broccoli soup (a major win!) and leftover chicken breast. PRE-WORKOUT SNACK: half a banana. DINNER: Tritip with parsnips and carrots and a kombucha. Week three (yesterday): Breakfast: Banana, hardboiled egg, black coffee. Lunch: Plain chicken breast (zero interest!) Snack: Leftover kale salad with cashews. Snack: apple, driet apricots. Dinner: Pork chop, sweet potato, asparagus. So far today, I'm just trying to power down anything compliant to get myself out of this funk so I can think clearly enough to decide whether I pull the plug: Breakfast: Plum and hardboiled egg, coffee with coconut milk. Lunch: I just threw whatever compliant I could find in bowl and forced myself to eat it: broccoli slaw, blackberries, avocado, tuna, tomato, spaghetti squash, sweet potato, lemon juice and EVOO. I can't figure it out-- it's not calories, it's not macros, I'm drinking loads of water and tea. I just don't get it and am just a million times more miserable than usual (I'm sure you can tell from the gripey tone of this.) I feel like I've tried all the usual fixes-- adding in stuff, no, taking out stuff, no, eating more, no, eating less-- that worked for a while.-- I just don't get it. I have a workout in an hour and can barely get out of the chair. Thanks in advance for any help!