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    "Who's starting 1/1?" Reintro Group

    Reposting again with my NSVs and plan for reintroduction: NSVs Developed automatic habits for meal planning and grocery shopping. This led to eating out MUCH less, generally being more prepared for work (by having breakfast and lunch ready every day) and throwing out less food. Energy and sleep were markedly better. I always had trouble falling asleep in less than an hour and a half, and this has changed after Whole30. I also found I had more consistent energy and focus throughout the day. Elimination of gas and bloating, but unfortunately not a lot of progress in "regularity" (which has always been an issue for me). I feel much slimmer and lost 5 lbs (from 132-127). I haven't taken my measurements, but I think my body composition has changed for the better. Reintro Plan Day 1 - legumes. I had peanuts with breakfast, edamame with lunch, and black beans with dinner. Definitely noticed increased gassiness (bad sign), but also noticed on day 2 (today) that the fiber helped *ahem* move things along. So I think legumes might be good to add in, but in limited quantities (maybe only one serving a day). Planning to have a drink tonight with friends even though it's technically a strict Whole30 day. Is this going to really mess with my reintro? Day 4 - so torn! Since it's the Super Bowl, I'm debating which food group I want to add back in for indulgence purposes. Heavily leaning towards dairy so I can have my beloved cheese again... any ideas?