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  1. Junebug2015

    Who's starting 1/1?

    I would start small to get yourself used to eating first thing, then gradually make the meal bigger as you become used to it. I would also try some "unconventional" breakfasts outside of eggs dishes. For me, sometimes it can be difficult to stomach eggs in the morning, but a fresh salad with protein might be a bit more palatable. This is my second Whole30, and I find that my breakfasts are always small at the beginning (only two eggs) to get myself used to eating a lot of calories in the morning. By the end, I'm usually okay with eating 3 or 4 eggs.
  2. Junebug2015

    Jihanna's Journey - Whole30 in January 2019

    Nice to meet you Jihanna and best of luck! You should consider checking your local library for a copy of "It Starts with Food" or any of the other Whole30 books. I found it easier to cut certain things out when I had a better understanding of what they are doing to my body.
  3. Hi everyone! I started the Whole30 1/1 and have been feeling great so far. Tomorrow, I’m having a few girlfriends over to give them a tour of my new house and to host brunch. I’m looking for ideas for a low maintenance but delicious brunch menu for four. Anyone have any favorite “special” recipes? I make a lot of baked egg and veggie frittatas for myself, but I’d love to do something a little different to make it richer (Maybe add coconut milk, if it wouldn’t affect the flavor too much?). Also looking for some yummy sides and such. Let me know your best brunch ideas!
  4. Junebug2015

    Who's starting 1/1?

    How's everyone doing? Halfway through Day 3! I made these great buffalo ground turkey patties for work lunches this week (mine were easier to flatten than mold into meatballs), paired with sliced green peppers, celery, baby carrots, and a half of an avocado. They traveled very well and were super easy to pull together last night. Yum! Recipe at link (IGNORE the addition of blue cheese at the end, which is obviously non-compliant, and subbing out ground turkey for ground chicken was delicious). https://physicalkitchness.com/whole30-baked-buffalo-chicken-meatballs/
  5. Junebug2015

    Who's starting 1/1?

    Hi everyone! Checking in because I also started the Whole30 yesterday. I've attempted one Whole30 before in 2016, but only made it to Day 21. Even though I didn't finish the program, it had major effects on how I ate and shopped. I'm ready to make it through the entire 30 days this time and to have a successful reintro period. I'm feeling very motivated, especially since I was travelling home from a NYE wedding yesterday and was not entirely sure I would even be able to start on 1/1 as planned. I was able to find compliant food in the airport (hardboiled eggs and some fruit) and cobble together lunch from my pantry / freezer (frozen riced cauliflower with tuna and kalamata olives) before getting groceries later in the evening. It was empowering to know I was able to make compliant choices even in the absence of ideal circumstances. Let's do this!
  6. Junebug2015

    Compliant sore throat remedies?

    Thanks! And sorry about the repeat!
  7. Junebug2015

    Compliant sore throat remedies?

    Came down with a nasty sore throat over the past few days. Normally, I would put honey in my tea, eat creamy oatmeal with milk and lots of fruit, stock up on popsicles, pop throat lozenges, etc. All these things are forbidden on the Whole30. Any suggestions on sore throat remedies that are compliant (and also actually soothing)?
  8. Junebug2015

    April 3rd start date...new to whole30!

    I’ve listed out typical meals below, as well as water consumption, meal timing, and some other info that I thought might be healthy. Typical breakfasts 3 eggs in some form (hard boiled, in egg bake, or fried - always pastured eggs) 1 cup of veggies (usually spinach, peppers, onions, or mushrooms - if I'm not eating veggies via an egg bake, then I just eat power greens dressed with olive oil and lemon juice) 1/4 to 1/2 avocado with olive oil and salt and pepper Sometimes will have a bit of fruit, like a couple strawberries or half a green apple (I'm generally not a big fruit person) Typical lunches 1 cup of chicken salad (slow-cooked organic chicken thighs marinated in olive oil, balsamic, and lemon juice with chopped celery and onion) Butter lettuce wraps (about 8 "leaves" of lettuce) and celery and carrot sticks 1/4 to 1/2 avocado Two Applegate Farms compliant chicken sausages One green pepper and 1/2 onion, sautéed in olive oil 1 cup power greens with 1/4 to 1/2 avocado dressed with olive oil, orange juice (squeezed myself) and apple cider vinegar Typical dinners 1/2 pound meatballs (grass-fed ground beef, an egg and some almond flour, pan seared in olive oil) 1 cup homemade marinara sauce with tomatoes and carrots One whole zucchini (spiralized), sautéed in olive oil *This is the meatballs and zoodles recipe on the Whole30 website) 1/2 pound hake brushed with basil pesto (made with olive oil, melted ghee, and basil), pan seared in olive oil One head of broccoli, roasted with olive oil and garlic Riced cauliflower cooked in about 1/4 cup homemade beef bone broth I’m pretty liberal with olive oil and other fats when I’m cooking – I usually use about two tablespoons when roasting vegetables and one to two tablespoons when marinating and cooking meat. Typical snacks Epic pork jerky bar Green apple or banana with mini packet of almond butter (I know this isn’t ideal) A small handful of almonds (again, I know this isn’t ideal) Slices of prosciutto or compliant roast beef with carrot sticks and celery Water consumption 2 cups (about 16 ounces) of green tea or coffee in the morning About 36 ounces while at work Can of La Croix for lunch 16 ounces at night when at home Meal timing I wake up around 7:30. I eat breakfast either at home around 8:00 or when I get to work at 9:30. I usually eat lunch 4 hours after my breakfast (so noon or 1:30 depending on when I ate). I usually eat a snack around 5:00 because I work out right after work. I eat dinner around 7:30 or 8:00 and have a cup of non-caffeinated tea before bed at 10:00. I’m usually in bed by 10:30 or 11:00. The only time I really feel hungry is at the end of the work day just before I work out. Exercise I work out 4-5 times per week for 30 minutes. I either run at a 9:30-10:00/mile pace or do calisthenics circuits. Before starting the Whole30, I wasn’t working out regularly, so this workout routine is new as of 18 days ago. I was previously very active, so this type of exercise does not feel overly strenuous to me (aside from the pains of starting up again J) Water consumption 2 cups of green tea or coffee in the morning About 36 ounces while at work Can of La Croix with lunch 16 ounces at night when at home 1 cup of non-caffeinated tea before bed And thanks for the optimism @fitzgeraldm92 ! I think yesterday just knocked me down a bit, and the fact that I haven't felt a HUGE difference since starting the Whole30 is a little frustrating. I should mention that I definitely feels slimmer and less bloated in the stomach region, but I was hoping for more positive effects on my sleep (which has always been bad). EDITED: For reference, I'm 5'5'' and about 135 pounds (it may be helpful in evaluating portion sizes).
  9. Junebug2015

    April 3rd start date...new to whole30!

    First Whole30, first forum post, day 18. I'm feeling incredibly frustrated and deflated. Although I've noticed some positive effects throughout the process (calmer stomach, more energy throughout the day), my sleep actually began to get worse during last week (I'm waking up in the middle of the night with aches in my hips and otherwise restless legs). I'm also having trouble looking forward to meals because of the amount of time I'm spending cooking (even though I love cooking!) and what feels like a LOT of food to eat in order to avoid snacking. Sometimes meals feel like an obstacle to overcome and I'm enjoying the food less. Yesterday was my most challenging day yet. I had to travel via train to a work conference up and back in one day. I was able to have a normal breakfast, but lunch and dinner were a hodge-podge of food that was scraped together based on what was available and what was compliant. I stayed compliant for the day (success!) but the food I had was wholly unsatisfying and the proportions of vegetables, protein, and fat were totally out-of-whack, so I felt terrible. Lunch was undressed salad with the inside of a sandwich scraped out, fruit (probably too much, but it was all that was available) with coconut flakes, and a beef jerky bar. Dinner was a plan train station burger (yuck) on undressed greens with a Larabar and more coconut flakes straight out of the bag. Thank god I planned ahead and brought supplemental snacks that were compliant, but it still felt like a bad day food-wise. I felt starving and awful when I got home, and this morning I'm having trouble motivating myself to stay on for the remaining twelve days. Anyone care to chime in with some motivational words, or other tips to fend off my misery? Maybe it's just my mood today.