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  1. I'm at day 19, and I really appreciate some of what the Whole30 has delivered: more steady energy, better sleep, and no more reliance on sugar as a reward and/or source of comfort. Those are really great benefits to the program. However, my jeans keep getting tighter and tighter. I know this is not a weight loss diet. Although I'd hoped to lose about 5 pounds, right now I'd be thrilled with maintenance. But I really do not want to outgrow my whole wardrobe in a month. I was not overweight to start with, but I was definitely not underweight, either. I have the dreaded potbelly that has gone down in the past with low-carb diets (that make me feel ill) or strict WW (which leaves me hungry). Here's a typical menu: B: Two or three eggs cooked in olive oil, assorted roasted veggies, coffee with Nutpods L: 4-5 oz turkey burger or 1 1/2 chicken apple sausages, another large serving of roasted veggies, small sweet potato or similar amount of butternut squash D: Similar to lunch I've tried not to snack, but most afternoons I've had an apple and 1 or 2 T of almond butter Early on, I ate some nuts and one or two pieces of fruit in addition to the above. I cut that down to one piece of fruit and the almond butter in hopes the perceived weight loss would stop. I do weight training twice a week and try for about 5-7K steps a day. Between work, commute, and kids, not much time for anything more. Any advice, particularly from other middle-aged, small-boned women? Maybe the suggested template is just too much food for someone my age and size?
  2. Great to see all the detail here. I'll try it and report back. Thank you!
  3. Just adding: I'm looking at the whole30 FODMAPS list, and I've been eating many veggies listed there, including some that were not on other lists I'd seen. So it probably is worth cutting them out for the next couple weeks and seeing what happens.
  4. Thanks for the reply. The veggies are mostly cabbage, carrots, green beans, broccoli, and cauliflower. I looked into FODMAPS, but I have always eaten those frequently and not had issues. I could cut out high FODMAPS for the remainder, though, if you think it would help. I will say this all feels like real weight gain and not just bloating. I hadn't thought of the Nutpods as "counting" as nuts--I will limit that and certainly cut out the almond butter for the reminder. Thanks for these suggestions. Oh, I forgot to add (and this is important): I always add olive oil or avocado to my meals. The first 10 days, I probably exceeded the thumb rule. Cutting back didn't seem to help, though.