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  1. Sourcing food in Australia

    Yep bacon is a big problem! Haven't found any yet, let me know if you do
  2. Day 1 done!

    Don't be scared, it's just food
  3. Hello there, i wish I had read this post before my mistake lol! I too was going great, similar story so I won't reiterate, I made a fab curry and then realized that one of the spices had chickpea flour in it! I actually decided to ignore said mistake, so I ploughed on for another 5 days but it was playing on my mind and annoying me, so I have decided to restart today, like you I now plan on a whole51 (maybe a whole 81) instead of a whole30. Non whole30 people would think we are mad lol! Beth.
  4. Sourcing food in Australia

    Hello fellow sunny coaster! I make my own sausages, 1kg decent pork mince, 1 tblsp mixed herbs, 3/4 tblspn sage, 3/4 tblspn salt, Mix in food processor, make into patties (or use sausage maker if you have more patience than me!) makes about 18-20 patties. Enjoy.